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WIROTH INTERIOR is an interior decoration company that has been around for more than 20 years and is constantly looking for unique and special interior items such as furniture, lamps, tapestries, textiles for both curtains and furniture as well as side screens and much more. Upholstery of furniture is taken care of as well as curtain sewing. Is also helpful with interior design suggestions.

The store has a selection of all our collections. Many of the goods are order goods.

Also send products please inquire at lena@wiroth.se or 070-7500196.

We also have a couple of rooms for rental B&B. The rooms have private bathrooms. Price on request.

A big thank you to all the customers who have visited the store on Ulrikagatan in Stockholm all year and what I have heard is that many people visit Österlen on the summer especially so very welcome and warm welcome.

Welcome to us!

With kind regards
Lena Wiroth

Wiroth Interior Decor & B&B
276 55 Hammenhög
070-750 01 96
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