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Facts about Österlenbyn


Vranarp is located by the national road 9 just west of Järrestad, a stone's throw southeast of Tommarp. The surroundings are farmlands with the slope down towards Tommarpsån in the north. At the road a few meters west from the village stands a memorial remnant.

Here on the small triangular plot piece was once Holger Skreddare's cottage and there was born the Eastern writer Henrik Wranér. On the other side of Tommarpsån is the interesting wool spinneret, the family Hernedahl continues to keep the premises and the fantastic garden open to visitors in the summer.

In Vranarp, apart from the large farms, one of which is a farm shop, there are a few smaller single-family houses. A gallery is housed in one of the farms. Just outside the village is praised Vilhelmsdal's farm dairy where one among other things produces good goat cheese. Bus to the west and east is in the village.

The nearest town with service, such as schools, hospitals, pharmacies, retirement homes, shops, municipal services, is Simrishamn four kilometers east. Gärsnäs and Hammenhög can both offer good service and the distance there is under the half mile.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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