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Vintage Corner Gladsax

Vintage Corner Gladsax

Vintage Corner Gladsax

Corona - plenty of space in the store! We estimate that 15 people can fit safely in our 300 sqm store and take this into account. But often you have the store to yourself right now. We have hand alcohol for everyone - come if you are healthy :)

Vintage Corner sells fine vintage clothing and accessories from 40 numbers to 80 numbers for men and women. Bridal dresses, prom dresses, dresses, skirts, costumes, costumes, hats, shoes, jewelry, retro textiles, underwear, ties, sharps and much more. Here are clothes for those who want a personal style!

Vintage Corner also sells furniture and furnishings, vintage and vintage style. Older, different and nice interior details for your home. Furniture, carpets, lamps, paintings, glass and porcelain, decoration, etc. You will also find interior details in a country style - among others. from Strömshaga.

We sell JDL Vintage Paint - completely environmentally friendly lime paint for furniture etc.

You will find us in Gladsax, Simrishamn municipality in Skåne, Österlen. We are located in Karossgården Antikt's old premises at Gladsax Bygata 44. Here is about 300 sqm shop for you :)

We now also have 2 small apartments for rent as holiday homes:

Vintage Corner Gladsax
Gladsax Bygata 44
272 94 Simrishamn
072-584 84 94
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Friday-Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

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