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Villa Gina - Ö

A luxury oasis for life lovers. A dream of a farm hotel for guests from far and wide became reality.

On an old Skåne farm surrounded by well-preserved cultural landscapes with pastures, beech forests, birds and wildlife and with a lifelong passion for interior design, antiques, and garden, we have created a unique accommodation. Here, every room has its history. Exclusive fabrics, hand-printed wallpaper and antiques. Personal details that breathe luxury and care.

The house with its 4 beautiful rooms breathes luxury, warmth and coziness. In the "secret" garden you will find relaxation for both body and soul - in the wood-fired sauna, the bath or the greenhouse. Our chips offer - one step away from your window - opportunities for wild relaxation or star view.

We love food and our kitchen is based on homemade organic and locally produced products and our wines are sourced from small carefully selected farms. The menu is composed every day. Maybe you are invited to a Skåne specialty or a secret family recipe.

Within easy reach are 3000's nature reserves with heaths, forests, rippling springs and a wild, mile-long coast. With us you just need to wish and we arrange day walks in beech forests or along the sea, bike rides on small winding roads, riding through apple groves or salmon fishing with one of Sweden's most experienced fishing guides.

Your days here can be filled with lovely laziness or breathtaking explorations all packed with quality and finesse. We provide everything you need. With us, we want you to feel at home.

Warm welcome to us
Gina and Bert

Villa Gina Österlen
Nöteboda 41
277 45 S: t Olof
+0708 - 199
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