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vilhelmsdal farm shop

Vilhelmsdals Gårdsmejeri & Gårdsbutik

vilhelmsdal farm shop

Between the green hills, the narrow gravel road winds up and after a little over a kilometer the four-lined old skåne farm reveals itself, which after more than 150 years has become farm dairy and farm shop.

At Vilhelmsdal we produce cheeses that we love ourselves. We buy the organic milk locally to get the fat and protein content required to produce the best cod cheese.

There is also a bunch of free-range chickens on the farm, a small flock of geese, two dogs and one cat. Here we lovingly produce an 10-number of different cheeses, all with different personalities, butter, yogurt and film milk. Our cheeses only contain milk, salt and rye as well as lactic acid culture. No additives or other trams. The work is done entirely by hand. All milk is pasteurized for high food safety and quality.

Vilhelmsdals Gårdsmejeri & Gårdsbutik
Vranarp Vilhelmsdal
272 NUMBER of East Tommarp
0414-48 17 00
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