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Here, the stress runs off, in Vik, the charming old fishing village north of Simrishamn. Vik lies on a narrow beach strip below the high sandy slopes, surrounded by orchards. Vik is the oldest of Österlen's seven fishing villages and fishing has been of great importance over the years.

Already during the early Stone Age, people lived here with fishing as their main food hook and in Vik, the Nordic region's oldest fishing gear has been found. A workshop for the manufacture of stone axes - the bay axes, which are now sought-after objects - also shows Vik's former importance.

The streets of Vik are small, consisting of embankment and the straw. Through the fishing village a town street went in a north-facing direction (Rörum-Baskemölla). When standing at the harbor, you have an adorable view to the north, the sprawling mountain and also Sweden's southernmost national park: Stenshuvud. If the weather is clear, you can see the entire coastal strip right up to Åhus.

The priest's bathtub is a unique geological formation located just south of Viks fishing village. In Skåne, there are about a hundred similar formations, most of them in Österlen, but the Prästens bath is the largest, most beautiful and most easily accessible. There is no unambiguous explanation for how these funnel sinks were formed.

Vik has two golf courses, Djupadal and Little Vik and also restaurants, conference facilities and rooms. IN Rörum About 2 km north of Vik is the free school Sofiaskolan, whose basic idea is taken from the Waldorf pedagogy. Fruit farms are typical of the eastern part of Österlen and in Vik there are also strawberry and tomato cultivations of the highest class. This is where the rocky coast turns into sandy beach. North of Vik, the popular beach stretches out towards the national park Stenshuvud.

The buildings vary and there is a balance between old and new. At the harbor, the houses of the model are older and the strands are sometimes winding and narrow. To the west of the road, the homes are newly built and the architecture modern. The closest resorts with services like school, retirement homes and business are Ahus, seven kilometers north and Simrishamn six kilometers south. The hiking trail passes by.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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