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Spring walk on Stenshuvud.

Spring walk on Stenshuvud.
Written by Annika Olsson / 21 April, 2019


For me, a Sunday cannot start much better than with a spring walk on Stenshuvud.

It was a guided tour, where Simon Lundin took us on a small walk in the wonderful nature.

Keeping up with and listening to the national park's own guide is always so very interesting. The very first thing he showed us was the little rare flower that neither of us would have noticed. The little strawberry finger.

Out in the field we enjoyed all the backsipps that stood in their fullest bloom. We were also told that it is for them to burn parts of the land early in the spring.

The morning was a little cold and windy, but the sun's rays did everything to defrost our frozen ears. On the sea white geese went and it looked wild and mischievous.

The tiny seeps and the resin acid did not seem to like the chilly morning. Stubbornly, they crawled together with their leaves close to the stalk, and the white scales hung out with their white petals straight down.

Nothing seemed to avoid Simon's eyes. In one moment he pointed in the sky and showed us a woodpecker that flew by. In the next moment he caught up some of the lush leaves that turned out to be a dead little beak. Interestingly, he informed us of everything.

We looked for bumblebees and bees, and we had to learn that if you only plant a single tree, you should choose a seal. There is nothing better for our bees and bumblebees.

Then I saw the first little gold viva of the year. Wonderfully.

Quote of the day:

Clean up among all the "musts", and you will have room with new "wants".

Have a nice day.

Hug Annika

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Wonderful Stenshuvud

January 1, 2019


First I want to wish you all a really good continuation !!

Think so lucky we are who live here in Österlen. Here is so much wonderful nature to enjoy. Obviously, we have, of course, throughout our long-lived country!

That early morning when the weather almost reminded of an early spring day, then my dog ​​and I walked all the way up to Stenshuvud.

At the Krivareboden the sun was on, so it looked as if the little booth was almost in flames in the early morning.

In the sky, the white line gossiped that there were people who were either going away or home. I enjoyed standing with both my feet on the ground this morning.

Naturum lay there on the hill and looked to proudly guard its beautiful nature.

I decided to walk up to the top of Stenshuvud. My legs felt light and every step went like a dance.

Up there at the top it is so strikingly beautiful. Up there on a stone I sat for a long time, immersed in my own thoughts. Johnny lay on my feet and enjoyed that I scratched it from behind my ear. Life becomes so simple here.

Then it was time to go all the way back. Though you always come down.

Quote of the day:

We open the book, the pages are empty. We fill ourselves in with words. The book is called "Opportunities" and the first chapter is New Year's Day.

I wish you all a nice day and a really good start to the new year. Keep in mind that the power of thought is stronger than you can imagine, so think positively. Hope that your new book will be a fantastic story. And just because a chapter is a bit sad, doesn't mean the whole book is boxed.

Hug Annika

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A really Happy New Year.

December 31nd, 2018


Today I just want to wish everyone a really happy new year. My wonderful family, my friends, colleagues, all you cute blog readers and the rest of the world.

Some of you are struggling with things you should not struggle with, and to you I want to send some extra love and thought and hope.

My tip when life gets stuck, it's to go out into nature, stretch your arms to the sky and smile the biggest smile you can. Feel the wind in your face and for a little while just be raving happy no matter what ... You can try it with you!

Happy New Year!

Quote of the day:

365 new days, 365 new chances

But one day at a time. Bams from me.


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Intermediate at Österlen.

December 30nd, 2018


Fighting with other people in the middle-aged, it's not my melody at all. Though here in Österlen it is a completely different thing. Here you are instead received with a big hug, and by the kiophyster does not feel a thief. Instead, there is calm and harmony. Much like when you pick berries in the forest. The enjoyment is the main thing and if you find something this is pure bonus.

Stefan and I were driving a round. Mostly to enjoy, and perhaps to find something "good to have". The first stop was fantastic Hylkegården.

I looked at the Odd Molly clothes that were put down in price, but instead it was Stefan who bought himself a fancy shirt. The last juggling jersey in navy blue, he had certainly spilled some claws on his stomach, so you can imagine how it now looks ...

Then came cozy Micke in his own high person snuggling in the store.

Our next interim hour stop went on Karl-Fredrik at Eklaholm. Half the price of everything Karl-Fredik proclaimed with such a happy voice that only he has.

We should have a bulky zinc bucket when we quenched the stove, Stefan said.

I myself found one on the roof for expensive pot, though it is half the price so it is. And I'm pretty weak for beautiful pots that you know. But most of all, I wanted a rusty thing for the garden.

For a long time, we sneaked around and enjoyed and smacked everything there was to find bargains.

Quote of the day:

Being slim is quite ok. Not being slim is also quite ok. Being curvy is quite ok. Not being curvy is also quite ok. But coming up with derogatory comments about how someone's body is designed is never okay.

Have a nice day and say good things to each other because it is always quite ok.

Hug Annika

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I love scents.

December 29nd, 2018

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Hello Hello

Yes, I really love scents. Most of all I love good smells of course. But I can actually enjoy a bit of a heavy fertilizer on an early spring day as well, although it would probably not be so pleasant to have that smell as eu the toilette in bottle.

Nothing smells good as flowers. Hyacinths I love very much. Right now, a lovely amaryllis that I received from Karl-Fredrik at Eklaholm boasts a vase at my home. Three cerise-colored hyacinths that come from "Sussie's flower corner" spread their fragrance throughout the kitchen.

Now that the darkness is sinking over our Austrian landscape, I should be able to crawl up on the sofa and click home a new perfume for myself from the net. One I haven't had in a long time, but I love ...

Tonight's quote:

Sometimes change can hurt, but when you change, you understand that the process was necessary.

Tip: One of my favorite perfumes is Clinique Aromatics Elixir, which you will find HERE. It is not a strikingly beautiful package, but the scent appeals to me, and I often return to just that. A true summer perfume that I also often return to is Dolce & Gabbanas Light Blue HERE it makes me think of sweet summer memories. Do you have any favorite fragrance?

Wet dog can also be a favorite fragrance ... but neither do the smell be nice in bottle I think ...

Hug Annika

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My king of sand

December 29nd, 2018


That wonderful morning now in Christmas, when when I walked on the beach in Knäbäck. The lovely morning my fine Johnny dog ​​also came along.

It is very rare that my Johnny is allowed to run loose and completely uncoupled in public place. Not at all because he's a dangerous or nasty dog. No, it is almost the opposite - he is extremely affectionate and he also loves people of all his heart.

Johnny is a guard dog in the defense and thus trained to find and tell where there are people. This training has meant that Johnny believes that everyone is equally happy that he comes stormy as the figurants who are on his service dog training. Because I have full understanding that people can be afraid if a big black man is coming against them, I choose with care those times when he can run loose as he wants.

That beautiful morning at Knäbäck didn't see a man. Then we took the chance and both I and Johnny enjoyed for full mugs.

Seeing Johnny take his little pussy "carpet dips" and then trying to dig holes in the sand that was always covered by the salt water from the sea was a lovely feeling. For a while we strolled alongside him and I and just owned the world. But when we approached Stenshuvud, it got leash again. Johnny seemed quite pleased with that as well.

Dog owners, for both small and large fur coats, must show respect I think.

Quote of the day:

Besides our own thoughts, there is nothing that we have full power over.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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The second day came as a spring day.

December 28nd, 2018


If I was a little bit sour on Christmas day's greedy weather, all of it was forgotten and forgotten on the second day. So, what a fantastic day!

Me and the dog Johnny started our day by the sea. The sun was coming up and the wind felt almost lukewarm against my cheek.

It was almost completely silent in addition to the harmonious sound of the ocean's still waves. That sound that touches the soul.

Even Johnny looked to be taken by the moment and on the border of religious ... if there is a dog god now. Of course it does!

Johnny and I walked quietly with our noses facing Stenshuvud.

It was Christmas Eve, but it almost felt like an early spring day.

Johnny and I enjoyed the morning and wandered for a good while this day, though the pictures I save to another post.

Quote of the day:

The mind says, continue. Heart says, stop.

Do it sometimes dear ones. Stop, breathe and take everything around. Everything wonderful just there.

Hug from me.


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An early Christmas morning at the Romans memorial site.

December 27nd, 2018


Taking a sleeping morning and lying under cover and the snout is nothing for me. Not even if it's Christmas day tomorrow. No, instead, my daughter and I ended up a little unplanned at the Romans memorial monument that is located at the marketplace in Kivik.

Seeking to meet yet another snowy and sunny day, we hopefully fired up from our beds. With whose thermos freshly cooked milk chocolate carried our journey to Kivik's market field.

But it was neither a winter-white landscape nor any beautiful sunrise. It was simply gray, wet and overcast. But still so adorable beautiful as a gray morning probably can only be on Österlen.

Instead of enjoying some sunrise, we walked away and visited the monument erected in memory of the Romans. And where does such a monument really fit better than on the market field where the Roma always have been a natural part of the annual market. Something that in my own childhood really belonged to the market.

After a morning walk across the market field, our chocolate tasted divine. And as soon as time goes by now, it is soon the market again and then I am back in this field, was so sure.

Although it is rumored that this year's market would have been the last one, I do not really want to believe it until I see it ... The one who lives must see and rumors should not be attached to.

Quote of the day:

I woke up. I have clothes to put on me. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I'm thankful.

Have a nice day.

Hug Annika

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Peaceful time.

December 26nd, 2018

Hello Hello

I hope you are doing well here on Christmas Day. I wish everything really got exactly as you wanted it on Christmas. I have had a fantastic Christmas with loved ones around me. That was exactly what I needed most.

At home with me, most of the plots and Christmas ornaments have been left in their coffin. Even the traditional nativity scene with the little Jesus child has been left in the hiding places. Not only a Christmas candy is made and even the liqueur cakes are not made after Mom's recipe.

My strengths already thawed this summer and after that I have really got to choose what to take my energy. But my new Christmas decorations have created a Christmas atmosphere so it splashes on it instead.

This year, flowers and candles have been responsible for the magic of Christmas, and really not much more than that.

And as a little Christmas present from Mother Nature, we also got a white winter at the bottom right in the right corner of Österlen. Even though we celebrate a white Christmas indoors with us, I love when nature also invites a little.

Tonight's quote:

All I want is

  1. to take photo
  2. to drink coffee
  3. to travel around the world
  4. to meet new people
  5. to be happy

Tip: I want warm clothes underneath. Comfortable, lovely underwear as KARI TRAA I love. Right now they are at gun prices and I intend to click home a new one. SWEATER and TROUSERS.

Have fun and hug from me.


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A white Christmas at Österlen

December 26nd, 2018


Then we finally got a white Christmas in Gyllebo. I just love it!

With some pictures from an early Christmas Eve, I just want to check in here on the blog and wish you all a wonderful continuation of Christmas.

I will devote my day to a little recovery in my own company. Maybe enjoy a lovely walk in the woods, me and the dogs.

Inside our house, this year's beautiful Christmas tree boasts. Of course an Österlengran from Jeppssons in Stiby. As beautiful as always.

Life is all good cozy.

Quote of the day:

Now I have set my wave in the closet and there it can stay until it has said sorry.

Maybe it's more than me who feels a little tense about the stomach like this at Christmas time. Although that usually balances up again when everyday life comes, I think. As genuine skånetös I enjoy all the traditional Christmas food that is offered these days. Yes, almost everything I like - except grilled "piglets", or pork pies that some call this delicacy.

Have a good time and hug Annika

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A time for retrospects.

December 25nd, 2018


I hope you have a nice Christmas day tomorrow. Perhaps you are left in your beds and think about doing so long or or you are sitting at a breakfast table and enjoying. Some of you may be heading to an early Christmas cave.

My camera and I have a few days off, so I offer some archive images.

Today I was going to take you on a small turn along the Österlenleden trail.

It was a day a couple of years ago that my daughter and I enjoyed a late summer day with some hiking here at home. Our journey went from Vitemölla to Brösarp.

We both love our Austrian nature. Beautiful beach flowers grew in the sand and in their place there was that special "black sand" which is a little rare for the beaches here.

We took a break at the wonderful chair by the lone tree a bit from Klammersbäcksmynning. The chair now nowadays has been joined and become two. We passed the old Ålaboden Stenören.

But the time goes fast when you walk and we were there at Haväng's bathing place and Verkeån's mouth.

Our legs were stiff so we continued smoothly with Brösarp in sight. Through the wonderfully beautiful Skepparp the trail that we followed went.

Our hike continued all the way to wonderful Hallamölla. But you might see more about another time.

Quote of the day:

To truly experience a landscape you have to walk through it. Even a bike goes too fast.
Now enjoy a nice Christmas day. Hug from me.
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