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Facts about Österlenbyn


Green fields. Clear blue sky. Two kilometers west of the very well preserved medieval castle Glimmingehus is Vallby. The village is around the intersection where one road leads from Glimmingehus to Hammenhög while the other, a rather narrow and winding road, connects the national road 11 with Borrby.

The buildings consist of farms and low street houses. The villagers can be said to be a mixture of farmers, artists, entrepreneurs and summer dwellings. The nearest major city with school and other services is Hammenhög a little half mile west and Borrby a half mile south.

Midway between Hammenhög and Vallby is the popular farm shop Gunnarshög where one presses rapeseed oil and refines into a wide range that attracts many visitors. Simrishamn lies about a mile northeast of Vallby. The distance to the beach at Borrby beach is also about a mile.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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