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Most beautiful in Sweden.

Most beautiful in Sweden.
Written by Annika Olsson / February 26, 2019


Once, the rest area at Brösarps backs was named Sweden's most beautiful. And I think the appointment is still today.

2019 02 22 12 ö

Then they were not just about their magnificent nature. No one also saw the practicality around the rest area, such as toilets, care and everything else you want to be at a rest area. Clean and fresh of course.

2019 02 22 2 ö

Early in the morning Johnny and I stopped by the scenic hills at Brösarp. Not a cone was there more than we did. Me, Johnny and my old Volvo.

2019 02 22 11 ö

But then suddenly a red little car came. The village's own small living room. No, really he is not so small, because he is tall, really long dear Jan. "Lsteam as itt osrajn ", my Stefan had said. What now has rainfall with the length of people to do? Well and go he is, anyway, Brösarp's own fixer.

2019 02 22 1 ö

For a while we were talking, Jan and I. We have known each other since youth and then it is always fun to meet and talk for a while. Because then this is here at Österlen, everyone knows like everyone.

2019 02 22 17 ö

Then I and the dog Johnny went out for a walk on the slopes.

2019 02 22 24 österlen.se2019 02 22 25 ö

High up there you have a lovely view. You look far away at Ravlunda church. Yes all over the sea actually.

2019 02 22 20 österlen.se2019 02 22 21 ö

Here is always just as lovely at Brösarps slopes, although the place is probably best known for its lovely gulls. A flower that makes my own heart beat a little extra stroke. Yes when they bloom then there is really a reason to return here.

2017 04 30 nr1 021 590811399606ee1d10833888 ö

Quote of the day:

When city residents go out into the countryside and relax, it must work there as well. // Stefan Lövén

Without saying a single word more about politics, I wish you all a really nice day. And when the gulls bloom, I'll take you back here. Surely you want it !?

Hug Annika

2019 02 23 002 ö

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Living in a summer village.

August 28
to live in a summer village ö


Living in a leisure area is the best thing I think.

2019 08 21 15 ö

Here is life and movement in the summer, and quite empty and quiet in the winter. It fits me like the hand in the glove.

2019 08 21 6 österlen.se2019 08 21 9 ö

In Österlen there are many small cute summer villages. Most are located near the coast of course. But here in Gyllebo I think it's perfect. Here we are close to just about everything. The forest, our little lake and so we have cycling distance to the sea. It can't get any better.

2019 08 21 8 ö

When we moved here to Gyllebo for 20 years ago, here were many plots for sale. Properties that you could buy for a relatively inexpensive money. Then it was not yet poppis to build houses right here. But that has changed a lot over the years, and now there are not many plots left to buy.

2019 08 21 18 österlen.se2019 08 21 26 ö

Many new cottages and houses have been built here. In all possible styles and designs. It is a very cute and charming little summer village, I must say.

2019 08 21 19 österlen.se2019 08 21 24 ö

On one of my morning walks, I met some builders who were in full swing with the groundwork for an extension. It is built and fixed extensively everywhere, and it is a very well maintained little summer village.

2019 08 21 10 österlen.se2019 08 21 13 ö

Someone asked me if it wasn't getting very dark out here in the winter. Of course it will and I think it's wonderful. I love avoiding street lights and being able to light little lights in the windows instead. Or sometimes just put everything down and enjoy the darkness. Nowhere do I feel safer than in the darkness of the Gyllebos Forest.

2019 05 19 26 ö

2019 08 21 20 ö

This is one of my favorite places on earth, of course, and I enjoy every day! Whatever the weather or the season, I love this place.

2019 08 21 23 ö

2019 08 21 2 ö

Quote of the day:

As death you may enjoy death, but as long as I live, I intend to enjoy life.

Hug on you from me.


2018 10 13 002 ö

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Heather, heather and heather again.

August 27
heather heather and again heather ö


The lukewarms here at Österlen are quite magical this year.

2019 08 19 51 ö

Stefan and I drove one afternoon to Drakamöllan nature reserve to enjoy flowering heather. It is a reserve located a bit north of Brösarp, just above Maglehem's ora.

2019 08 19 27 österlen.se2019 08 19 25 österlen.se2019 08 19 28 ö

Stefan was terribly cold on this day, and not quite as captivated by the beauty of nature as I was myself. As soon as he got a chance, he gratefully dropped down on a rock and took small rest breaks. Snorting, he announced that he probably had a very high fever actually ...

2019 08 19 37 österlen.se2019 08 19 45 ö

I was completely taken aback by myself. So, you just see - heather just everywhere, as far as the eye can reach!

2019 08 19 48 österlen.se2019 08 19 56 ö

2019 08 19 50 ö

Horrified by all the beauty, I whirled around, filmed and perpetuated everything. At the top of a hill you got a wonderful view far out to sea.

2019 08 19 31 österlen.se2019 08 19 35 österlen.se2019 08 19 58 ö

On our way back to the car we met many other people who also wanted to enjoy nature's magnificence.

2019 08 19 34 österlen.se2019 08 19 39 österlen.se2019 08 19 59 österlen.se2019 08 19 60 ö

Yes, today it became a real photo bomb here on the blog… but god knows when it will be so beautiful again…

Quote of the day:

Love is not to look each other in the eyes but to look in the same direction.

… Even if one of us had a slightly feverish look… if now 36,8 is counted as any direct fever of course…

Hug Annika

2019 08 19 62 ö

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So beautiful at Drakamöllan.

August 26
said beautifully at drakamollan ö

Hello Hello

This year, nature has set all records in "heather blossom" and it would be just as much flowers at the Drakamöllan nature reserve.

2019 08 19 2 ö

Stefan and I set off for one of the northernmost corners of Österlen, in search of flowering heather. There we ended up at the wonderful Drakamöllans Gårdshotell. What a little jewel, in the middle of the beautiful nature.

2019 08 19 1 ö

We totally forgot about everything called heather and wandered around and enjoyed the fantastic farm instead.

2019 08 19 5 österlen.se2019 08 19 6 ö

A real idyll where I was more than happy to stay for several days.

2019 08 19 8 österlen.se2019 08 19 9 ö

Then I suddenly remembered why we drove here. We would enjoy the blooming heather.

2019 08 19 14 österlen.se2019 08 19 7 ö

Slowly we wandered along the marked hiking trail and enjoyed the sunny afternoon. Beautiful heather appeared a bit here and there in the leafy pastures.

-yeah, that was fine, I thought to myself ...

2019 08 19 10 österlen.se2019 08 19 13 österlen.se2019 08 19 11 ö

When we reached the sandy hill and swung out on the moor, I realized that the heather I first saw, that was just the beginning. It was a taste of the immense delights that would extend in front of me behind the crest.

2019 08 19 15 ö

Thus! So amazingly beautiful. All this heather deserves his own blog post which you will see another day.

2019 08 19 17 ö

Yes, it was like following a path through the heather straight up into the sky indeed!

Quote of the day:

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will lean your head back and laugh at the sky.

2019 08 19 23 ö

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The beautiful gardens around Gyllebo.

August 25
the beautiful pastures around gyllebo ö


Gyllebo is surrounded by large beautiful pastures and pastures. Especially now in late summer it is so nice. There is still beauty here.

2019 08 18 ö

It feels as if the animals are becoming a little more sociable and curious in the autumn. At the beginning of the season, they are more blissful and a little intoxicated by their free life. Then they have no time for anything other than eating, making friends and ruminating. Much like chewing gum teenagers, who are about to free themselves and conquer the world. Then, when the summer turns into autumn, then they have, as it were, matured a bit and look at life with other, slightly more mature eyes.

2019 08 14 183 österlen.se2019 08 14 192 ö

It's so beautiful here when the mists settle like cotton over the grass.

2019 08 14 189 österlen.se2019 08 14 216 ö

One evening when we were out for an evening stroll, my daughters almost looked like little fairies when they talked to the curious horses and cows.

2019 08 14 202 ö

Being able to live like this, close to animals and nature, I am so very grateful for.

2019 08 18 003 österlen.se2019 08 18 004 ö

Quote of the day:

I don't ask for the meaning of the bird song and the sunrise on a hazy morning. It's just there and it's beautiful.

Enjoy the season that is right now, it is so very beautiful.

Hug Annika

67957734 974330676235617 596101680697704448 n ö

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Extra everything!

August 24
extra everything ö


It was a weekend, as it was more like autumn than summer here on Österlen. An extra gray, rainy Saturday in August. Then a star came and lit up instead. An exuberant, wonderful artist in the form of the fantastic Marianne Mörck.

2019 08 17 018 ö

With our friends we started Saturday evening with going out and eating in Simrishamn. The main street was almost completely deserted and empty.

2019 08 17 002 ö

It almost felt like a magic trick that a small town could change so totally in just under two weeks. From full-fledged to desolate and empty. Well, we were here and revived a bit.

2019 08 17 003 ö

Then our trip to Skillinge Theater, which of course lies in Skillinge.

2019 08 17 010 österlen.se2019 08 17 009 ö

Skillinge Theater is located opposite the wingless little mill, which is surrounded by a wonderful garden.

2019 08 17 008 ö

The old barns that were converted into a charming theater with restaurant, various scenes and wine bar, sweet with life this evening. Everyone was there to experience Marianne Mörck's performance "Extra Everything"! And that was exactly it - just everything you could wish for.

2019 08 17 011 ö

2019 08 17 019 ö

As always, she offered all of herself. Beautiful, radiant and wonderful she stood on the stage together with a large orchestra and a choir from Löderup. She is a fantastic artist and I thoroughly enjoyed this evening at Skillinge Theater. Thank you! ♥

2019 08 17 017 ö

Quote of the day:

People without humor I find it difficult to take seriously.

Those words will be taken by Tage Danielsson once. Probably there is a rubbing truth in them. In every joke there is a little streak of truth, a truth that touches. And Marianne Mörck she touches, while laughing so tears flow!

Hug Annika

2018 07 17 nr1 003 ö

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The marshes at Brösarp's northern slopes

August 23
ljunghedarna at brosarp's northern slopes ö


In the spring, nature invited us to be unusually frugal with white sips. Now, it's a bit like Mother Earth apologizes for her stealth and makes us all happy with a rather overwhelming explosion of heather instead.

2019 08 14 68 österlen.se2019 08 14 174 ö

Up on Brösarp's north slopes, the heat of the evening sun was completely glowing. Of course, my daughters and I had to stop and snap some pictures there.

2019 08 14 161 österlen.se2019 08 14 178 ö

My girls happily photographed each other and ran around the slopes. I myself fell comfortably into the soft heather.

2019 08 14 136 österlen.se2019 08 14 177 ö

My thoughts went to the times in the winter that we have been here and gone skiing with the school. Lovely childhood memories. Maybe it is nature's way, now to predict a snowy wolf winter. A lot of rowan berries and plenty of heather will mean that it will be a severe winter.

2019 08 14 179 österlen.se2019 08 14 181 ö

In the middle of the heather stood a pigeon-blue old tub that would act as a watering hole for the grazing animals on the slopes. One would almost think that someone deliberately chose the color to match with the beautiful evening sky.

2019 08 14 180 ö

2019 08 14 176 ö

Sneakily, I took some extra pictures of my cute girls before we rushed on in the beautiful August evening.

2019 08 14 167 österlen.se2019 08 14 172 ö

Quote of the day:

I once asked an old man; what is most important in life; to love or to be loved? He answered me; what is most important for a bird; the left wing or the right one?

Feel good and take the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic nature.

Hug Annika

(all photos here are as usual taken by myself, except those where I am myself. They have my daughter Emmy Henriksson so professionally snapped)

2019 08 14 133 ö

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A chilly rain.

August 22
a cold rain ö

Hello Hello

After a hot summer with short trousers and bare legs, came that morning when it was time to once again root out the long pants.

2019 08 12 006 ö

During the night it had a cold rain and the forest felt cold and humid early in the morning.

2019 08 12 001 österlen.se2019 08 12 003 ö

My beloved Johnny dog ​​seemed to love the cooler weather and was like a young dog again.

2019 08 12 008 österlen.se2019 08 12 013 ö

The forest's own inhabitants also seemed more cheerful and more satisfied with the cooler and oxygen-rich morning.

2017 08 29 nr2 067 österlen.se2017 08 29 nr2 074 ö

I noticed the new tables that were being built at the small resting places around the lake. All new fragrant oak plank lay ready and ready, just waiting for the work to continue.

2019 08 12 016 österlen.se2019 08 12 017 ö

I love this time in the woods. And just as on request, the sun was looking forward for a while and I had to lighten my clothes a bit.

2017 08 30 nr1 018 österlen.se2019 08 12 005 ö

Quote of the day:

Live your life and forget your age.

Hug Annika

2018 08 12 nr1 002 ö

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Sunflower time.

August 21
sunflowers' time ö


Finally, the time has come for my pet flower. The proudest of them all. Sunflower.

2018 08 19 47 österlen.se2019 08 14 2 ö

Like last year I have my own small cultivation here at home in the garden.

solros18 ö

Although my own sunflowers have not yet come so far in flowering. Instead, me and my daughters gave us out on "sunflower self-picking". One evening a week ago we drove to Fågeltofta, where there was a whole field of brilliant yellow suns.

2019 08 14 3 österlen.se68759625 477424379758728 2599586203523088384 n ö

That these flowers were really happy, it felt all over the body.

2019 08 14 1 österlen.se2019 08 14 11 österlen.se2019 08 14 13 ö

A wonderful evening at Österlen.

Quote of the day:

One day at a time, that's enough. Do not turn around and mourn the past, for it is gone.

And now is the time of the sunflowers, and it is just so wonderful!

Hug Annika

68523660 937365666612423 3098950046595416064 n ö

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A faint scent of autumn.

August 20
a faint scent of cough ö


It is only August and I am very careful to remember that it is actually still summer. Late summer, of course, but a real summer month without a doubt.

2019 08 10 43 ö

But just as you can feel the scent of an approaching spring in March, the first heavy scent of autumn has been discernible in the air.

2019 08 10 36 ö

2019 08 07 006 ö

A heavy scent of soil, dried hay and cobabia lies over our dear Österlen. It feels like it's coming soon - the beautiful autumn.

2019 08 10 2 1 österlen.se2019 08 10 39 ö

A lone Admiral butterfly rested tiredly on an angel leaf. Maybe summer has been tough for it. In my garden the flowers of late summer have now bloomed in full splendor.

2019 08 10 42 österlen.se2019 08 10 41 österlen.se2019 08 10 40 ö

In my orangery, it looks terrible on the floor. No one has had time to sweep away all the dry leaves that this summer's splendor bloom has brought. It doesn't matter, I take that time now instead.

2019 08 10 35 österlen.se2019 08 07 013 ö

Now that the daily routines are here again and life is moving at a slower pace, then there is the time for small tasks and relaxation…. I hope at least ...

2019 08 10 37 ö

Quote of the day:

The most common forgery - to fake oneself.

In nature when life settles a bit, then you find your true self more easily.

Hug Annika

2019 08 07 016 ö

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It starts to slow down.

August 19
it starts slowly in ö


Österlen has softly grasped the handbrake and started to slow down. At least it felt so last weekend.

2019 08 10 64 ö

That night as I got up from the car in the square in Kivik, full of fatigue, I noticed how calm as well as beginning to settle over our building.

2019 08 10 51 ö

The week I planned my own vacation, it did not turn out at all as I had imagined. A great unexpected task was placed on my shoulders, and for a whole Saturday I sat deep in the sink at my desk.

"sweetheart, now you stay tonight, I'll bid you dinner," Stefan said as I sat stool all day.

2019 08 10 54 österlen.se2019 08 10 55 ö

One of my absolute favorite places here in Österlen is "Eva on the Square". Wonderful Eva and Åke, and their amazing food.

2019 08 10 45 österlen.se2019 08 10 59 ö

This evening the air was chilly and calm, so we chose a place outdoors. Actually, it didn't matter what dish I had chosen, everything at Eva is just as good. In any case, it became a burger and a Czech full beer that tasted heavenly.

2019 08 10 61 ö

I could feel the calm creeping in.

2019 08 10 47 ö

After paying for our food and thanking us, we set off down the hill towards the harbor. Small sweet waves foamed white and rolled towards "black stone".

2019 08 10 66 ö

For a while we sat there at the beach edge at Vitemölle and breathed in the peace and tranquility. I had come halfway through the heavy work in my office, that knowledge gave me a calm and a satisfaction.

2019 08 10 69 österlen.se2019 08 10 72 ö

For me, it is often not jobs and tasks that weigh on them, but having them waiting on my shoulders. Life has taught me that I feel best about getting things right. The less time I have, as well as having the job hanging over me.

2019 08 10 70 ö

Quote of the day:

Can't we just stop boasting about who has the most to do?

Instead of constantly telling us how much we all have to do… we work, we clean, wash and whine, so we should instead tell each other how we find calm, how to take advantage of the small moments that strengthen. How we best find the relaxing peace of mind. I think that what you focus on is the big thing in life.

A little spongy thought from me.


67844654 447365005860594 8119061427370590208 n ö

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