Excursions, experiences and new discoveries in Österlen »Osterlen

Excursions, experiences and new discoveries in Österlen

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Your guide to Österlen. Österlen is a difficult destination for excursions and holidays. In an often untouched landscape, there are experiences for everyone, from flea fans and walkers to families with children and foodies.

Österlen has both food culture and exciting nature, picturesque fishing villages and miles of long beaches. Here you will find art galleries, farm shops, theaters, restaurants, cafes, retro shops and yoga studios. You can swim, hike, cycle, take part in the rich cultural offer or just enjoy the famous light. In the summertime it literally bubbles out of activity in every village, with a sneak peek at Easter. At the same time, Österlen exists all year round, people have their everyday lives here in all seasons which gives a great variety even in the spring and autumn.

This guide describes most and the best of what Österlen has to offer. You get tips on both familiar classics and brand new experiences, village by village or based on these six themes: Bike tour with picnic, Swim and glass tour, A rainy day, Art trip with grandma, Österlen for foodies and Walk on Österlen.

Behind the book is freelance journalist Caroline Alesmark and photographer Peter Carlsson, both raised in Österlen and with deep rooted knowledge of this mythical corner of Skåne. Caroline has previously written, among other things, Hiking on Skåneleden, Trollskog and Älvdans and Gåtfulla Skåne. Peter has worked with various magazines and book projects for almost 25 years.

List of places where the book "Österlen - Excursions, experiences and new discoveries" is sold on Österlen:

  • Allé at Österlen, Svinaberga
  • Carin Dahl, Glemmingebro
  • Antikvariat Bok & Te in Onslunda
  • Pharmacist's garden, Svinaberga
  • Brösarps inn
  • Byvägen 35 in Sankt Olof
  • Cake Cowboy, Kivik
  • Animals & Nature in Lunnarp
  • Drakamöllan
  • The dream bakery, Komstad
  • The factory in Bästekille
  • Grandma's Happiness, Ravlunda
  • JHL, Östra Tommarp
  • Hasse o Tage Museum
  • The coffee house Alunbruket, Andrarum
  • Kivik's Garden
  • Lantmännen in Brösarp, Norra Björstorp
  • Life at Österlen, Sandby
  • Rörums Retro, Rarer
  • Simrishamns Tourist Office
  • Skillinge Enamel
  • Taste Celebration Residence, Andrarum
  • Tryde 1303, Tryde
  • The Wind House, Old Mälarhusen
  • Ystads Tourist Office
  • Zeke's Antiquarian, Simrishamn
  • Eastern Museum, Simrishamn
  • The Monastery of Ystad
  • Kiviks Trädgård by Tångdala
  • Animals & Nature, Lunnarp
  • Tranes Trading Company, Gislöv
  • Hylkegården, Brantevik
  • Karl Fredrik at Eklaholm, Hagestad
  • Reunion Home, Hagestad
  • Ekoliv, Southern Mellby
  • Leif Handlare, Smedstorp
  • All in all, Hammenhög
  • Solhällan, Löderup
  • Malmö Kunsthall
  • Form Design Center, Malmo

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