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Experience & Enjoy wonderful experiences in Skåne with Monica Frangeur. Guided walks in wonderful nature with locally produced food!
All hikes are Corona-custom!


Welcome to SkogsMatting near Degeberga - a unique guided hike where the Scanian forest and local delicacies can play the main role. At 8 places along the 9 km long road we stop to enjoy the delights of Skåne. SkogsMatting is a Scanian variety of food and drink. Turn off your mobile and let the forest and good food embrace you! Come hungry! A nice gift! Ideal for weekends near Österlen, Kristianstad's Water Kingdom, Skåneleden and Sydostleden.

SkåneVandring on the slopes at Brösarp or at any place in Skåne!

SkåneVandring is a fun-filled guided walk around Skåne. With a lot of humor and great knowledge, Monica Frangeur tells us about what makes this part of Sweden so special. SkåneVandring (original) starts from one of Österlen's most beautiful places - Glimmebodagården - and starts with a Skåne sandwich table. When everyone is satisfied and satisfied, we enjoy 4 km of guided walking in the exciting hilly nature. The whole event takes 3 hours and is outdoors. Clothes after weather are required. Toilet and parking are available at Glimmebodagården. Skånetrafiken's bus provides a few kilometers extra walk. Groups can always wish SkåneVandring at any place, day & time all year.

Photographer: Torbjörn Lagerwall

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