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The small church village of Ullstorp is located one kilometer southeast of Tomelilla on the way to Bollerup. Here is a collection of farms and houses near the church. a popular farm hotel. The address of Tomelilla Golf Club nice 18 hole course and golf hotel Greensleep is also Ullstorp.

The oldest parts of the church are from the 1100 century. The church underwent a major renovation at 1890. The church is on the edge of the beautiful valley where the Örupsån river flows. Here, in the northern part of the valley, there are large pastures with hawthorn bushes, slopes and hazel. Here you can find the rare field nock, a rather insignificant yellow fibbla that is only found in a few places in the country. More common are gulls, almond blossoms and orchids. On the southern side of Örupsån, it is considerably more humid with scarves and limestone mounds with distinctive flora, orchids and half grass.

Down in the valley is the old Ullstorps Prästgård, where well-known church governor Curt Wallin, who among other things much else done outstanding research efforts around the Middle Ages in Österlen, lived.
Also the small collection of villas just east of the entrance to Tomelilla from Simrishamn is called Ullstorp. Here is located among other things. Ullstorps Garden Center, Tomelilla Flight Club Tomelilla Airport and a go-cart track.

The distance from "the two Ullstorp" to the central town of Tomelilla is less than a kilometer. From the travel center you can take the bus to Simrishamn, Ystad, Kristianstad and Lund. Pågatåg trains the track Simrishamn- Ystad via Tomelilla About 12 times daily in each direction.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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