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Two bright periods lasted for the FCC

Two bright periods lasted for the FCC
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 14 October, 2018

A very tagged FC Cimrishamn made two really strong periods against Lundalaget Teknologkårens IF on Saturday. This was enough to take the season's first victory with 8-7 at home in Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn.

After the series premiere last weekend, we were many who wondered how the team should get into a game of attack that can loosen up the opposition defense, who will help the last season's shooting winner Andreas Björborn with goal shooter and how the defense game will become more aggressive without it entailing expulsion minutes?

The answers came immediately in Saturday's home premiere in the Joneberg Hall and it was a hearty excuse for coach Fredrik Hennigor who founded the victory.

- After the away premiere, the players of the week have got a real leveling off, says Fredrik Hennigor.

The match against Teknologkårens IF started at a very high pace where FC Cimrishamn pushed back the guests with a loud and aggressive press play. The home team was drummed by the dedicated and strong home finish but it took 14.23 in the first period before the home team got a fair dividend. Andreas Larsson took the ball centrally and saw the door in the away team's goal cage. The FCC then managed a numerical disadvantage before Dennis Hedqvist showed which heavy shot he has from his back position. Hedqvist's canon from half-plan to 2-0 was also the result after period one.

FCC back Dennis Hedqvist made a strong match at home against Teknologkårens IF.

In the beginning of the second period, the FCC increased to 3-0 by clapping-clapping games signed by Andreas Björborn (forwards) and Veton Gashi (scorer). The technology repository replicated immediately by making careful use of a counter-attack. 4-1 came in numerically superior, where Andreas Björborn served Teddy Nander in front of the target. The guests replicated again until 4-2 before Andreas Larsson pressed 5-2 after a nice ball shot behind and over the target. Before the second period, Andreas Björborn presented his specialty - to pellet the ball kitchen path behind the goalkeeper. 6-2 cord for Cimrishamn after two impressive periods.

Before the third period, the question was whether the FCC would be able to keep up the level or if you would be comfortable in the belief that the match was already won. It was both. The guests stepped up, made a strong pick-up and were extremely close to catching up targeting. The FCC, however, held off to an 8-7 outbreak. If the Simrishamn team can hold the same high level in the course of a whole match in the future, it can carry really long in the two initial periods.

Hammenhögs IF part 2 - great longing for the series start

18th April 2020
Hammenhögs IF.
Picture Anders Palmér.

This spring did not come true as we had imagined. But - the show must go on. Time for part 2 of the reporting series about Hammenhögs IF where we took the temp on the team's one coach Anders Palmér who incidentally turns 60 years next week.

Congratulations in advance, how's the situation?
- Good, but you climb a bit on the walls. I work on planning for the season and then there will be some holiday days too, says Anders Palmér.

Anders Palmér, trainer for Hammenhögs IF.

The latest in the series start is that Hammenhög's Division 1 series starts on June 14 and then as a single series with eleven matches. The premiere takes place against the newcomers Laholm FK.
How do you think this arrangement will affect Hammenhögs IF?
- It feels good, it is important to be involved from the beginning and find a top shape immediately. The classic of winning at home and taking points away can be road winning. We were lucky to get six home games and five away.

Eight Skåne teams, two from Blekinge and one from each of Halland and Småland make up Division 1 south Götaland. Here you have the team: Asarum IF FK (Blekinge), Nättraby GoIF (Blekinge), Laholms FK (Halland), Borgeby FK (Skåne), Dösjöbro IF (Skåne), Eskilsminne IF (Skåne), Hittarps IK (Skåne), Hammenhögs IF (Skåne), IF Bromölla IF (Skåne), Trelleborgs FF (Skåne), Åhus IF (Skåne) and Färjestadens GoIF (Småland).

Goal cheer on Hammondavallen from last year.

Angelika Fridh, Sabina Losell Hansen and Helena Sassersson (formerly Palm) are three players to reckon with after they become mothers.
For this trio, maybe the deferred start of the series came timely so that they had more time to get in shape?
- There are players with the right attitude and great experience so I don't think it plays such a big role. They are not pigeons.

You have paused the training now, do you meet the players anyway?
- No, we will not meet during the break. The players have their own responsibility to keep the training going and it seems to work for sometimes when I am out and about driving the car I see someone running.

A total of nine players are new compared to last year's squad. Enna Kurbegovic, sisters Alicia and Irma Thoresen, Disa Hellwig, Hanna Larsson, Frida Kristensson, Matilda Larsson, Emma Andersta and Erika Gunnarsson.
- We have a good team, a younger team compared to last season. The squad consists of 24 players and we feel much more stable and have a better width than last year. The competition is razor-sharp.

With some distance to the three training games you had to play before the involuntary break, what do you have to say about the matches?
- I am pleased with the achievement and morale even though we lost all three. All the players do a great job and take steps forward in development. Several of the new players impress. Two 13-14 year old talents from Pandora practice with us, it's fun. A breakdown, however, for Alexandra Frej who was injured.

How are the thoughts about the summer camp that you organized last year and which became a success last year, will it come to an end?
- We are planning to implement it again this year, but we will move it to August.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to right now?
- To start the series game, I long for the premiere of Laholm, concludes Anders Palmér.

Salmon trolling attracts winning shells to Simrishamn

11th April 2020
Hanna Claesson from Team Sjösjuk.

The salmon fishing off the coast in Simrishamn during the early spring is widely mentioned and attracts both Swedish and foreign trolling fishermen annually. In some years, international matches between Sweden and Denmark are also organized. This special year is not an official competition, but the enthusiasts are still flocking to Simrishamn.

Some 60 trailer trailers, many of which are Danish, are parked on the lawn between the restaurants Röken and Strandpaviljongen.

Boat trailers are neatly lined up next to restaurant Röken in Simrishamn.

It is early Easter eve morning and most have already launched and gone several miles out to sea. Hanna Claesson and Christoffer Rönneberg from Team Sjösjuk have just put the boat in the icy water and are now preparing for a full day on the lake. Radiant sun, blue skies and light breeze make them company. Hopefully some silver-shiny salmon.

- Today there is no competition, only nice weather. It's nice on the lake, ”says Hanna Claesson.

During trolling fishing, several rods are mounted around the boat's rail.

Around the rail on Team Sjösjuk's well-equipped boat, there is room for 14 rods that at different depths should try to catch salmon. After weighing, most of the salmon are released back into the ice-cold sea and although there is no official competition, the fishing team obviously compares with each other. Who got the most and who took the biggest are questions that most who have ever fished have been faced with.

- Yesterday there was a boat that picked up several salmon, one of which weighed over 18 kilos, concludes Hanna Claesson before she and Christoffer paddled east out of the marina in Simrishamn.

If you are interested in fishing in general and trolling fishing in particular, the group is recommended Simrishamns Trolling on Facebook.

Catch fishing on you all trolling fishermen!

Österlen FF part 2 - Österlen glared at Tomelilla

March 31, 2020
Zoran Jovanovic paints after a fine pass from Victor Blixt.

Both Österlen FF and Tomelilla IF got scheduled training matches this weekend. At short notice, the law instead decided that they would meet each other on Skillinges plastic grass on Saturday.

Some 50 spectators had lined up at a safe distance around the sun-drenched sports ground. Almost no wind. Spring is coming!

Initially, the teams knew each other and Tomelilla (Division 3) faced Österlen (Division 2) in a good way. The right-hand side of the Österlen looked right where Victor Blixt's running forward opened up for right-back Oskar Blixt to follow behind and create pressure in the attack. The lightning duo's cooperation and position changes were nice to see.

After just over 20 minutes Österlen rolled the ball in the middle with several one-touch passes leading to a good position for Furkan Motori but Filip Malmqvist, now back between the posts in Tomelilla after a short victory in just Österlen, made a perfect outing. The situation led to a couple of corners and on one of them Motori took revenge on Malmqvist when with his delicate left foot screwed the corner directly into the goal!

Österlen had a firm grip on the ball possession and Tomelilla had to focus on holding positions in the defensive game, which would prove to be a tough task with an Österlen on exuberant playing humor. 2-0 after almost 40 minutes when a Furkan Motori post dived into the penalty area in front of the feet of Hugo Bjurnemark who hit and pushed the ball from close range. Bjurnemark, new from Sjöbo IF where last year he had the role of center back, would also prove to be an effective finisher.

Österlen FF's Hugo Bjurnemark in white stretches out his long right leg and sends in 2-0.

A minute later, Victor Blixt released Zoran Jovanovic who easily put the halftime score 3-0.

"Quite soft, too few transitions from establishment games to attack games," Österlen head coach Jonas Stridsberg said in a pause.

In the second half, Tomelilla decided to put higher pressure on Österlen so that they would not have as much ball on their own half. Tomelilla succeeded in the beginning, but on the other hand it created opportunities for Österlen. Ten minutes into the half, Österlen rolled up a pattern attack that ended with Furkan Motori lifting a high ball against Hugo Bjurnemark who, in the middle of the penalty area, duly knotted 4-0. 5-0 made Furkan Motori himself after a pass from Victor Blixt. Another well-timed post reached Hugo Bjurnemark who knocked in 6-0. Österlen had a 15-minute period here which was really really good and where the game breathed a lot of joy and finesse! The smattering of Österlen's dominance came halfway into the second half when a powerful rib shot from Tomelilla bounced out to Anders Nilsson who routinely rolled in the ribs until the 6-1 reduction.

Jonas Stridsberg and Jonas Mårtensson have a good feeling for the season.

- So damn unnecessary, Jonas Stridsberg thought of that backwards goal.

Victor Blixt ended the goal after turning and turning in Tomelilla's penalty area and then placed the ball along the grass post. Final score 7-1.

Goals for Österlen: Hugo Bjurnemark 3, Furkan Motori 2, Zoran Jovanovic 1 and Victor Blixt 1.
The goal of Tomelilla: Anders Nilsson 1.

Tomelilla's head coach Magnus Högström summarized the match like this.

Tomelilla IF's head coach Magnus Högström.

- Österlen was the number bigger than us today, they do everything much faster and were better at all positions. Their first three goals are three individual mistakes of ours and then it becomes difficult and difficult with motivation. We did not have much to oppose and it was not easier because two of our players had to change due to injuries. In the second half we pushed higher but then there were gaps in the back instead. But at least we work for 90 minutes.

Although it was purposefully gone, the morale remained with Tomelilla.
Is there anyone you want to highlight in your team?
- I think Johannes Persson and Robin Nilsson work well. Anders Nilsson is also trying to bring life to the team and will be raised for it, says Magnus Högström.

We turn the interview microphone to the head coach of Österlen. Win with 7-1 against a good Division 3 team, not much to complain about today huh?
- We are pleased with how we conduct the match. The plan was to try to have patience and solve the game situations that arose from our game idea, says Jonas Stridsberg.

The edge game with Victor and Furkan and hungry outside backs that followed up the attacks looked exciting, is that something you have been training for?
- Well, the edge game is a clear indication of how we build our game idea.

Fun to see Hugo Bjurnemark's smart runs and sharp main play. You start getting plenty of seizure options now, will it be difficult to choose who / whom to play forward?
- Hugo made a strong performance against Tomelilla. He followed the role of forward in the game idea in an excellent way. We have alternatives at all positions in the team, not just in the offensive positions.

Robin Jakobsson started the match as a striker but ended as a center back, how do you want to use him?
- The most important thing is that we achieve the highest possible capacity based on the game idea. But of course it creates more opportunities offensively with Robin as the center back in the play-up phase where he gives us balance in the team. He controls it in an elegant way.

There are also elegans on the eastern midfield where Fredrik Hansson and Zoran Jovanovic, among others, float on light fast feet.

Viktor Ekblom did not play against Tomelilla but made a nice test play for Landskrona Bois. Is he on his way away or is he left in Österlen as the series starts?
- Ekblom made a good impression on Landskrona. According to Landskrona, however, there is a bit more before he is at that level. One step he can take in 2020. We are in contact with Landskrona and we are glad for that. It also opens up to other players, which is positive.

Freddie Brorsson is the latest addition to the Österlen. He has played most in the midfield, is that where you should use him?
- Freddie is a strong offensive player that we can use mainly centrally, but also on one edge. Jonas (Mårtensson - assistant coach) and I are happy with the squad build. We are satisfied with our highest level in the meetings with the div 1 team. The positive is that we have gained competition in all positions and that several players have developed in the game idea in a short time.

In the last interview you said that "the feeling is extremely good", do you have the same feeling today?
"Yes, the feeling is still extremely good," concludes Jonas Stridsberg, who during the Easter week gives the squad free time and then gas up against the postponed series start.

More training matches will be planned for both Österlen FF and Tomelilla IF. Look out for Österlensport's calendar.

Simrishamns Karate Club appointed as Sports Association of the Year by the Karate Association

March 16, 2020
Patrik Arehov, Simrishamns Karate Club, receives the award of the Sports Association of the Year 2019 by the Swedish Karate Association's chairman Urban Andersson. Photo: Swedish Karate Association.

The Swedish Karate Association has awarded Simrishamn's Karate Club the award of the Sports Association of the Year 2019. In addition to the honorable award, the association receives a stipend of SEK 10.

Justification of the Swedish Karate Association:

- This club, which has been around for more than 30 years, through progressive work and conscious structural changes has aimed for the future and shown that it is watching the development. During 2019, among other things, has invested in marketing of karate and has significantly increased the number of members, trained new instructors, started competitions and joined younger generations of elected representatives and leaders to secure the association's organization. Further efforts have been made on gender equality projects, school collaboration and integration. We believe this is a very good example of good business and therefore want to give the award to Simrishamn's Karate Club, says Secretary General Sarah W Cedercrona.

Cimrishamn's chance to qualify away in crazy match

March 8, 2020
FC Cimrishamn in light blue lost the match against Hofterup's IBF 8-9.

The conditions for Saturday's home game against Hofterup's IBF in Jonebergshallen were clear. It required victory for FC Cimrishamn for the chance of Division 3 qualifying to live on.

A tagged FCC got full speed already in the first attack but it took until the fifth minute before the home team's Andreas Björborn's pass ruled on an opponent and sailed in a wide arc into Hofterup's goal. Hofterup came into play with only four substitutes. Would they be able to withstand FCC for 60 minutes? After eleven minutes came the first reply, a shot from far into his own half in numerical sub-position! and flip it was leveled. Three minutes later, the FCC took the lead 2-1 through Albin Hammargren. FCC controlled most of the game in the first period and also created the most positions, but Hofterup adjusted with fast counter-attacks and sharp shooting from a distance. However, it was a powerful solo performance by the best player of the pitch, Linus Persson, who prayed for Hofterup's second receipt up to 2-2. The time taken in period one had then reached 17.46.

The second period barely started before the FCC again took the lead when Albin Hammargren blasted the ball into the net until 3-2. Could the home team be able to move on to a two-goal lead now? Nope, Hofterup replicated only half a minute later by another lightning fast counter up to 3-3. New home lead after over three minutes through Veton Gashi. Undulating games during this period where the team was alternated with unnecessary ball pins and fine striker combinations. Hofterup received another receipt until 4-4 10.29 into the middle period. Three minutes later Andreas Björnborn showed class when he fell 5-4 to the home team with a backhand.

Andreas Björborn, on one leg, and Tobias Ehrnborn were together behind one of the goals.

But this was it with Hofterup's quick counter-attacks. This time it wasn't even a minute before the away team's fifth receipt was a fact. After 15.14 it was time again. So for a new home lead, when Fredrik Jeppsson duly pressed 6-5. At 17.27, Hofterup was awarded a penalty that was well managed until 6-6 and just over a minute later the guests score their second goal in numerical sub position until 6-7 lead! The crazy second period ended with FCC's receipt through Tobias Johansson. 7-7 after two periods, puh!

Two minutes into the third period, Tobias Ehrnborn released Andreas Björborn who, in numerical terms, again gave his FCC the lead. But another penalty laid the foundation for Hofterup's seventh receipt! 8-8 with half the period left in a match that was completely impossible to predict the outcome of. FCC drew on an expulsion that Hofterup took advantage of after 16.42 until 8-9 lead. Another receipt hunt was started but closer than a post hit the FCC did not come this afternoon. Hofterup held off and FCC's opportunities to reach the positive qualifying spot are thus gone. Two meaningless matches remain for FCC - away against Malmhaug IBF and at home against IBF Svedala.

Victor dropped the giant and won gold

March 3, 2020
Victor Pizarro

The juniors in the Austrian start-up kickboxing club Wellnez Weekend Warriors competed this past weekend in All Style the Future # 3 in the Eriksdalshallen in Stockholm. In the weight class minus 72 kg, Victor Pizarro met Destiny Aibueku. No small challenge if you take a look at the picture.

In All Style, participants from muay thai, kickboxing, MMA, kung fu, karate, shootfighting and taekwondo meet under a unique and common rules system. The score count goes like this: kick to the head gives three points, kick to the body gives two points and hits that hit give one point.

Victor Pizarro actually belongs to the weight class minus 64 kg but this time competed in the class minus 72 kg where he in the final was placed against it, in size, superior Destiny Aibueku. But when the match started, Victor showed that size does not matter.

- Victor took a convincing win in both rounds, says coach Martin Andersson of Wellnez Weekend Warriors.

What did you think when you saw your gigantic big opponent?
- I knew he was slim and tall but not that long. I almost got a sore throat when I looked up at him. I met him with many blows to both the body and the head which scored. But he was so tall that it was impossible to try to kick his head, says Victor Pizarro.

What tactics did you have?
- I wanted to go near him so he didn't get as many kicks from a distance. Hard heavy blows to his body and head, concludes Victor Pizarro.

In the finals of the weight class minus 64 kg, the club mates from Wellnez Weekend Warriors met Måns Åkerfeldt and Ali Mosavo in a friendly match that Måns Åkerfeldt won.

Wellnez Weekend Warriors - coach Martin Andersson, Victor Pizarro, Ali Mosavo and Måns Åkerfeldt.

On April 25, Wellnez Weekend Warriors will head to the Eriksdalshallen in Stockholm to compete again. This time in a much larger competition with both junior and senior classes.

Cimrishamn hangs on the top team

11 th February 2020.
Thomas Stålhammar # 8 played his first home game for FC Cimrishamn when IBK Stanstad were defeated by clear 5-1.

Thanks to this weekend's victory over IBK Stanstad at home in Jonebergshallen, FC Cimrishamn hangs in the top of the floor 4 division south. The team is in third place, two points behind Hofterup's IBK which is currently second and meant the positive qualifying spot. Six rounds remain.

It only took 19 seconds for Cimrishamns point king Andreas Björborn to push 1-0 behind Stanstad's goalkeeper. Cimrishamn's large ball possession and clear goal chances should have resulted in more goals during the first period. But that did not happen. Instead, Stanstad stepped up in several quick adjustments and surprisingly created many goal chances given that it was the home team that sat in the driver's seat. The 1-0 score after the first period could as well have been 3-3 if the team's efficiency in the closing had been better.

After four minutes in the second period Fredrik Jeppsson found a gap in the far left corner where he carefully placed the ball up to 2-0. 8.53 into the middle period, the guests were awarded a penalty resulting from a misunderstanding in Cimrishamn's defense game. The penalty was missed and instead the home team increased to 3-0 in the thirteenth minute through Andreas Björborn. Now Cimrishamn showed why it was 25 points between the teams before the match. 4-0 through Simon Hedqvist and 5-0 through Andreas Björborn announced the scoreboard after two periods played. The match felt in practice decisive.

A-team debut for # 68 Johannes Jeppsson.

In the third period the match quality went down and Stanstad was allowed a lot of ball where they created several sharp positions but it took until the fifteenth minute before the 5-1 reduction came. In the final period, the audience in Jonebergshallen also saw an a-team debut when coach Anders Bäckman replaced 19-year-old Johannes Jeppsson. Also 48-year-old Thomas Stålhammar made his first match for the home crowd (debuted in the last away match).
"It was fun to play," said a satisfied Johanne Jeppsson after his a-team debut, which ended with a 5-1 victory.

FC Cimrishamn-IBK Stanstad 5-1 (1-0,4-0,0-1)
Goalkeepers FCC: Andreas Björborn 3, Fredrik Jeppsson and Simon Hedqvist.

Team Ystad won bowling change over Cimbria

10 th February 2020.
Bowling change in Ystad ended with victory for Team Ystad over Cimbria.

Cimbria BK pressed Team Ystad A BK during the opening in Division 2 Southern Derby at O'Learys on Sunday morning but then it was Team Ystad's home team for the whole slant.

Cimbria started the first series completely without respect for the top team Team Ystad and could win the series by 3-2.

In series two, Team Ystad showed why you are a top team. The strikes and latches were tight and the series ended indisputably 4-1 in home favor. Smoother third series but also it won Team Ystad by 3-2 and lead by a total of 9-6 ahead of the fourth and final series. Cimbria could not match Team Ystad in the fourth series, which was also won by the home team by 4-1.

Red-shirted Team Ystad against red-shirted Cimbria.

Heard from the audience during the match:

- Come on red!
- Which ones are red?
- Everyone!

The home victory was written to clear 13-7. With the victory, Team Ystad joined the divisional series together with BS Olymp. Cimbria shares the last place with BK Hammaren. Seven matches remain.

Best points in Team Ystad:
Jonathan Winhagen - 905 points.
Joakim Mårtensson - 796 points.
Filip Mårtensson - 780 points.
Best points in Cimbria:
Josephine Hermansson - 779 points.
Lars-Inge Strutzenblad - 747 points.
Ingman Grenander - 738 points.

Team Ystad A BK-Cimbria BK 13-7 (2-3,4-1,3-2,4-1)
Match facts - see this link from the Swedish Bowling Association >>

Tomelilla's second team without a chance against Bjärred

8 th February 2020.

The fall meeting in handball division 4 south A ended with a clear victory for home team Bjärreds HK over Tomelilla IF 2. During Friday night's hit in Tomelilla's sports hall, it was Tomelilla's turn to have the advantage of home ground. Could the home advantage be able to turn on the steak?

Before the match we found Tomelilla in eighth place in the table with four points scored. Bear table table with ten points.

Tomelilla took the lead 1-0 and then kept steady, after the first quarter the score was 5-6. Much of Tomelilla's attacking play revolved around Gabriel Andersson coming to an end. Bjärred's young players found more variations in their attacks much thanks to faster passing games and when away team Jakob Nilsson started to find the right with the shots from outside Tomelilla had no cure. The away line was wiped out and the half-time result was written to 11-18.

Tomelilla's attack often stopped in Bjärred's defense.

After the break, Bjärred showed that they were the stronger team this time. The goal difference increased further early in the second half and both teams then helped the match out to keep the difference of around ten goals. End result 25-34.

Saturday in a week Tomelilla IF 2 will play away against Trelleborg HBK Elit2, a team that defeated at home with clear numbers in November. Can we ask for a blue-and-white stripe reprint?

In the second division 4 series (Southern B), Tomelilla's a-team, which currently shares the series lead with IFK Malmö HF with 18 recorded points after nine wins and only one loss, is significantly better. On Friday, February 14, Tomelilla IF has a home game against Eslövs HF 1. Match start 2.

All Tomelilla's matches in the Handball Division 4 series can be found in Österlensport's calendar here >>

Martin Andersson's kickboxing gives kicking

2 th February 2020.
Martin Andersson.
Photo: Jake Ski and Pierre Håkansson.

Already in the late 80's Martin Andersson's interest in martial arts started. In 1990 he started coaching kickboxing at Tomelilla Sports Karate Club. 30 years later he is still passionate about martial arts, and especially kickboxing. Martin and his wife Åsa have been running the Wellnez gym in Simrishamn for five years. To help with the business, they have dozens of hourly instructors and apprentices.

Wellnez currently has close to 600 members. Usually, there is full speed in the premises. We find one of the few empty training rooms and sit down on each other's chair opposite each other for a moment's talk about martial arts.

Åsa and Martin Andersson in the middle row run Wellnez in Simrishamn. Christian Roos, at the front, works at the reception. Qader Akbari, on the right and Mahmoud Jarour, are two of the gym's apprentices. The dog Ludde is of course also included.

- It was very hard training in Tomelilla and it became the gateway to my interest in martial arts. Since then, I'm stuck, Martin Andersson begins.

During these thirty years, Martin has been practicing karate, kung fu, aikido and Thai boxing, but it has always been the kickboxing that he came back to. There have been around 25 matches in various martial arts but he has never competed in the favorite discipline of boxing.

- There was not much competition in kickboxing and I never got the opportunity to compete. Only a few people went to individual matches. We trained and sparred against a club in Ystad. It is still common in martial arts that not many people are interested in competing in the sport itself. Many, on the other hand, want to learn self-defense and get a good and versatile training.

There is no doubt that Martin Andersson has trained for most of his 45-year life and taken care of his body.

Kickboxing is about 70% traditional boxing and 30% kicking. The kicks, however, give higher points than beaten in matches. A kick can give up to three points while a successful hit always gives one point. In other words, it is important to practice a lot of kicks.
What is so fun about just kickboxing?

- It is a modern sport that adopts sports science and through it changes both style and rules. Kickboxing is not a static style, it is constantly evolving.

To be part of that development, Martin started the Wellnez Weekend Warriors association. Between 30-40 people kickboxing actively trains in the association. 15 of these are also interested in competing, in the style All style.
Now you have your own association, should you start competing now?

- No, now I'm too old to start competing. From the year you turn 45 you must have an approved health examination in Sweden and I will not fix it. But it is fantastic joy and community when we compete over the styles in All style.

Together with the well-known Danish fighter Michael "Zen-Dragon" Gottlieb Martin and Wellnez Weekend Warriors organized a competition in Denmark this summer.

- It went amazingly well, Robin Ekström won on points over Dragon. It was also Robin's first match. Robin will be our new head coach now that I take a step back. However, I will continue as assistant coach, proud Martin, who also mentions Mahmoud Jarour (belonging to the national team in karate) as a promising athlete in All style.

The match between Robin Ekström and Michael "Zen-Dragon" Gottlieb can be seen below.

[embedded content]

On February 29, Martin, Robin and some of the club's juniors will go to Stockholm where they compete All Style the Future # 3 where participants from muay thai, kickboxing, MMA, kung fu, karate, shootfighting and taekwondo meet under a unique common rules system.

Wellnez Weekend Warriors practice three days a week, not just weekends as the name suggests. Everyone who comes to the training level is divided and Martin and Åsa certainly have room for more who are curious about kickboxing or other training. Wellnez also houses Strength by Martin, his present-day business if you want a personal trainer. Watch the inspirational film below.

[embedded content]

Age: 45
Length: 177 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Family: Married to Åsa, children Amanda and Elinor and dog Ludde
Lives: Simrishamn
Profession: Gym owner, personal trainer, instructor and initiator to develop martial arts at Österlen

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