Two brilliant periods lasted for FCC »Österlen

Two bright periods lasted for the FCC

Two bright periods lasted for the FCC
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 14 October, 2018

A very tagged FC Cimrishamn made two really strong periods against Lundalaget Teknologkårens IF on Saturday. This was enough to take the season's first victory with 8-7 at home in Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn.

After the series premiere last weekend, we were many who wondered how the team should get into a game of attack that can loosen up the opposition defense, who will help the last season's shooting winner Andreas Björborn with goal shooter and how the defense game will become more aggressive without it entailing expulsion minutes?

The answers came immediately in Saturday's home premiere in the Joneberg Hall and it was a hearty excuse for coach Fredrik Hennigor who founded the victory.

- After the away premiere, the players of the week have got a real leveling off, says Fredrik Hennigor.

The match against Teknologkårens IF started at a very high pace where FC Cimrishamn pushed back the guests with a loud and aggressive press play. The home team was drummed by the dedicated and strong home finish but it took 14.23 in the first period before the home team got a fair dividend. Andreas Larsson took the ball centrally and saw the door in the away team's goal cage. The FCC then managed a numerical disadvantage before Dennis Hedqvist showed which heavy shot he has from his back position. Hedqvist's canon from half-plan to 2-0 was also the result after period one.

FCC back Dennis Hedqvist made a strong match at home against Teknologkårens IF.

In the beginning of the second period, the FCC increased to 3-0 by clapping-clapping games signed by Andreas Björborn (forwards) and Veton Gashi (scorer). The technology repository replicated immediately by making careful use of a counter-attack. 4-1 came in numerically superior, where Andreas Björborn served Teddy Nander in front of the target. The guests replicated again until 4-2 before Andreas Larsson pressed 5-2 after a nice ball shot behind and over the target. Before the second period, Andreas Björborn presented his specialty - to pellet the ball kitchen path behind the goalkeeper. 6-2 cord for Cimrishamn after two impressive periods.

Before the third period, the question was whether the FCC would be able to keep up the level or if you would be comfortable in the belief that the match was already won. It was both. The guests stepped up, made a strong pick-up and were extremely close to catching up targeting. The FCC, however, held off to an 8-7 outbreak. If the Simrishamn team can hold the same high level in the course of a whole match in the future, it can carry really long in the two initial periods.

Österlen's youth at home in the sand at Åhus Beach Soccer

July 2, 2019

Österlen's beaches are world famous and do not need any further presentations. The fact that they also educate talented beach football players is evidenced by the results in Åhus Beach Fotboll, which is currently underway at Täppetstranden in Åhus.

Several local teams from southeastern Skåne participate in this year's beach football days in Åhus. The best way to date has been for the newly composed and self-coached friend gang FC Stolpskott (the team consisted of 14-year-old boys from Gärsnäs, Tomelilla and Simrishamn and who because of the regulations could not officially be called FC Stolpskott but were forced to a couple of temporary player transfers and instead played during the name IFK Simrishamn where most of them play football everyday, which impressed big in the class for 14-year-old boys. Five wins and the goal difference 11-4 took the team to a superior team victory and quarter-finals in the A-finals where they took the sixth straight victory by defeating Mörrum with 2-1.

Albin Lindén sacrifices herself and tries to angle a nick during this year's Åhus Beach Soccer.

The semi-final against Kristianstad became a thrilling event where FC Stolpskott pressed for a major part of the match for a decision and which, during regular time and in the decisive penalty shoot-out (1-1 after full time), was just post-hits from the A-finals. FC Stolpskott's first participation in Åhus Beach Soccer (all winnings during regular match time) ended with well-deserved bronze medals. Victory in the A class did Wä.

Harry Esbjörnsson, Jonathan Haraldsson, Albin Lindén, Jesper Björklund, Axel Orrenius, Benjamin Blomqvist, Wilmer Andersson and Albin Nilsson - a colorful gang who were also strong in the sand on Täppetstranden in Åhus.

- We are happy and have had two very happy cup days. Next year we will probably come back, then we are 15 years and can hopefully be called Stolpskott also in the results lists, says Axel Orrenius, FC Stolpskotts team captain.

In the F14 class, Gärsnäs girls also waged their way to a quarter-finals in the A-finals where, however, there was a loss of defeat against Vinslöv.

Gärsnäs F14 team is loading for match.

Åhus Beach Soccer for children and young people holds until the 5 of July and southeastern Skåne is represented by several teams from Gärsnäs, Brösarp, Tomelilla, Sankt Olof, Öja, Ystad and Simrishamn. If you do not follow the law in place, you will find the entire game schedule and all the results here >>

This is the fifth year that Åhus Beach Soccer is arranged. Over 450 teams are registered for this year's tournament which is a record and close to the set goal that is 480 teams. The biggest increase is the Youth Act. One of many popular race classes during Åhus Beach Soccer is Football For Everyone where people with different types of disabilities play. Here you really go all into the sand and war for his team.

Match in the soccer class for everyone under Åhus Beach Soccer 2019

Österlen shadows the top in the second

July 1, 2019

In the spring season's last home match, Österlen FF cleaned up on Saturday by the last Råslätts SK with 4-2-. But there were no easily cleaned points that were salvaged at Skillinge IP.

The first half of the marked game acquisition resulted in a stable 2-0 lead. In the second half, guests were speeded up and were able to reduce to 2-XNUM Abdulahi Hussein and then had a good period in the match. But the minute after the 2-1 reduction, Robin Jacobsson appeared on a corner and could encounter 3-1. However, raw plains did not give up Abdulahi Hussein could reduce once more before Robin Jakobsson set the final score to 4-2 in the 84 minute.

Adam Barchan, Robin Jacobsson and ?? entertained

Robin Söderling to Löderup

July 1, 2019

The former world fire in tennis, Robin Söderling, is visiting today's tennis camp in Löderup. The project "More tennis on Österlen" is a collaboration between Skåneidrott, Sparbanken Syd and the villages / towns / tennis courts in Österlen.

Last year's premiere was a mix of campers, village championships and local competitions. Tennis playing increased in southeastern Scania. This year, the camps and the test-on activities will continue, and to boost the project, Robin Söderling will visit today's camp in Löderup. Start 11.00 on the tennis court.

This year's City Championships will be played at Saltsjöbadens Tenniscenter on the 23-XNUM August.

See the project's activities here >>

Shared victory in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Kalkon

June 17th, 2019

It is not often a golf competition stops pending. But then the fall of Österlens Golfklubb's track Djupadal after three days of games in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Kalkon. Even the three hole specialties could distinguish the players in the lead and when a thunderbolt pulled in over southeastern Skåne, the competition management decided to share the profit between Christian Bach Christiansen from Denmark and Gudmunder Kristjansen from Iceland.

Shared victory for the first time

Both players finished nine holes under par and when it came time for special play on the 18 hole, Christiansen and Kristjansen showed class. The audience was invited to both fantastic rashes, unparalleled recordings and long birdie pits. During the fourth special hole, the lightning storm broke loose over Vik and the competition broke. The victory was shared, which never happened before during the Swedish Golf Tour. However, it has happened once before during a golf instructor championship where Krister Kinell and Österlens Golfklub's instructor Gunnar Mueller shared the victory. Charlie Lindh finished third in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Turkey, a blow behind the victory duo.

Gudmundur Kristjansson ended up in a difficult position on sixth hole. From a hill with high grass right next to the green, he solved the problem with a fantastic undercarriage lobe where the ball stopped about two meters from the hole.

XNUMBER players passed the cuts

Over 150 players came to the start of the competition, which is part of the Swedish Golf Tour. 61 of these passed the cut and got to play the third round. The prize money for the competition was a total of 425 000. Österlen's contribution to the competition Philip Lindström, Tomelilla GK and William Wistrand, Österlens GK, both missed a good competition but missed the cutt this time.

The course at Djupadal was in superb condition and got the club got much praise for this.

Pictures from the competition can be found here on the Österlens Golf Club's Facebook page

You can find the results from the competition here >>

Golfbox Nordic Golf League Ranking is led by Fredrik Nilehn with Gudmundur Kristjansson in second place. Norwegian Elias Valås Falkenér Bertheussen is third.
You can find the ranking table here >>

The Swedish tour continues to Norway

Now the Swedish Golf Tour moves on to Norway and Gamle Fredrikstad Golf Club where the next Old Fredrikstad Open starts tomorrow tomorrow 18-20 June.

IFK Simrishamn broke Näsby IF

June 9th, 2019

In Saturday's away match against Näsby IF, IFK Simrishamn took the initiative directly. The team performed an amazingly moving assault football the first ten minutes that were already resulting in the first attack when Jatto Camara finished on the runaway Näsbykeepern. But the goals would come for the Österlen team, which after the clear 6-1 victory against Näsby now has nine points margin down to the second in the division 4 table.

21 with the final kick of the half

Simrishamn was forced early to a break when a Näsbys player went hard to Tibor Cica who lingered and leave room for Oskar Persson. Persson did not need many minutes before he in the 10: one minute shot a high shot that Näby's goalkeeper could not steer clear of. Simrishamn still had a large ball possession but ten minutes later, the home team used a conversion and rolled in the receipt until 1-1 which stood until the half-time rest. Most thought, but not Jatto Camara, who, with the final kick of the half, poked the ball between the legs of Näsby's goalkeeper. Half-time 1-2.

It was sometimes crowded on the plan at Grönevi IP. Somewhere in the middle there is actually a football.

Kim's energy spreads to his teammates

The psychologically important management goal from the first half was followed by another cold shower for Näsby when Oskar Persson already in the minute 48 routinely finished a fine attack along the grass to the left of Näsbys Målis. The remaining part of the match controlled Simrishamn through continued large ball possession where the ball holder usually had several matching options thanks to runaway teammates. One of many Simrishamners with a lot of jumping in the legs this afternoon was Kim Madsen, who with his riveting and sacrificial game style spread energy to his teammates.

You ran so much today so it was hard to see what position you were on.

- Haha, really I'm an outer midfielder but I just run. We'll move a lot and after our 2-1 they start folding down. We have the peace and dare to play our game and show that we can do it too, ”says Kim Madsen, who with his distinctive 4-1 goal removed Kristianstad team's hopes of being able to rise.

You made a cruel goal too, congratulations!

- Yes, it was really nice. It doesn't happen that often, ”concludes Kim Madsen, who then walked towards the locker room at Grönevi IP to take a well-deserved shower.

The last half hour the game went down in pace. Näsby had scalded with a substitute and Simrishamn rolled around the ball without overworking. At the end of the match, Jacob Nilsson and Mehmed Deperlo Trnacevic were also goalkeepers after fine attacks up to the final score of 1-6. On Wednesday night, the new away match for IFK Simrishamn is when Sjöbo IF receives the series leaders.

New victory for Österlen - approaching the table top in division 2

25 May 2019
Captain André Lidholm made his Österlen FF a new victory.

Attacks are best defense is a tried and tested expression, but last Saturday it was instead defense is the best attack that applied when Österlen FF took the third straight three-pointer. FK Älmeboda / Linneryd had to leave a hazy Skillinge IP with an 0-1 loss after Jacob Blixt's victory goal in the 53 minutes.

The ball-proof guests have so far had a scant payout but took the command initially and pressed back the home team. Österlen's line of defense, driven by André Lidholm, looked stable through the match.

- It was partly our tactic to let them have a lot of ball and make use of our quick adjustments. Älmeboda / Linneryd is a good team that changes a lot of positions and makes good values. But they did have a lot of ball today, says Österlen FF's coach Jonas Stridsberg who gave extra herring pads to André Lidholm, Robin Jacobsson and Jacob Blixt.

Three flash on the plane at the same time

Oscar and Jacob Blixt started the match and when Victor Blixt was replaced at the end of the match, Österlen had a brother's trio on the plan.

- It was the first time I had three flash on the plane at the same time. It's unique. They did all three well, Jonas Stridsberg concluded.

Captain André Lidholm made his Österlen FF a new victory.

The next task for Österlen is today's away match against Nosaby IF at Nya Vallbjörka's A-plan. Kick off 16.00.

Österlen FF - FK Älmeboda / Linneryd 1 - 0 (0 - 0)
Goal: 1-XNOK Jacob Flash (0).

Simrishamn punished Gärsnäs in the YA Cup

9 May 2019
Simrishamn won over Gärsnäs in the YA Cup.

YA Cup Cups between Gärsnäs AIS and IFK Simrishamn were settled during the final stages of the match when two penalties played the lead roles.

The guests started strongest and also received early dividends in the fifth minute when Dennis Lundbladh met a low-pitched corner which he encountered in the crowds in front of goal. The home team worked their way into the match and when Axel Andersson kept his head on a left-hand side, the home crowd in the swanky May evening on well-managed Gärsvalla. 11 stood half.

Penalty in 88 turned the match picture total

In the second half, Gärsnäs closed better in the middle of the track so that Simrishamn's advances, usually signed by Mikael Lindström, were stopped. But it was still a Lindström action that became match-fixing in the 88 minute. Gärsnäs' strong defense game kept going back and forth for Simrishamns advances. The audience around the sports ground just waited for Gärsnäs to use his disability penalty which could have meant 2-1 management and minimal playing time left for a away receipt. But instead, Lindstrom set full speed in a dribble tree which was stopped just outside the penalty area by a home player. Lindström fell into the penalty area and the referee pointed to the penalty point. Jonathan Karlsen stepped forward and pressed the elm meter. When Simrishamn's goalkeeper then saved Gärsnäs's handicap penalty, the home team failed to turn the match. Simrishamn kept the few minutes left and won with 2-1.

IFK Simrishamn will meet the winner between Gröstorp and Liga 06 in the quarter-finals of the YA Cup.

Simrishamn in the top after the third straight win

21th April 2019
Kim Madsen sprints past an opponent.

The early comic finals in the division 4 east of Korsavad's IP between IFK Simrishamn and VMA IK he barely blown up before the guests pulled on a freestyle show when a defender did not deal with Jatto Camara's running.

The home team took advantage of the numerically superior gameplay and had a large ball possession in the first half. Mid-level general Jonathan Karlsén distributed a whole range of well-balanced cross fittings, primarily on the left-hand side, but VMA's strong defense steered away from the really hot home opportunities. But when Mikael Lindström started a magical dribble tree with the ball glued to her feet, he did not take away the defense team. Four five northeasters wondered what happened when Lindström went downhill to the goal. Lindström's closing, however, had more to be desired and 0-0 stood the half out. In the middle of the half, VMA had a sharp changeover position that should have paid dividends.

In the second half, the home team took greater collective responsibility for running without ball. Jatto Camara worried about the away defense with his willingness to play and in the 53 minute the reward came when he ran free and lobbed over the away team's outrageous goalkeeper.

Jatto Camara made 1-0 for his IFK Simrishamn.

Shortly after the quarter, the audience was invited to a beautiful work of art. If it is artificial then it is. Jonathan Karlsén caressed a perfect right outside towards the right edge where Oskar Persson rushed forward into the open space, took the ball into the penalty area and pushed the bullet high to the left of the VMA goalkeeper.

- Fun that Oskar gets his first senior goal, he has taken big steps this year and hopes for continued development for him, says Marcus Svensson.

Would it go away purposefully now? No, instead of 3-0 to Simrishamn, it was VMA that took over the match with ten players on the plane. Simrishamn was pushed back and, quite logically, the VMA reduction also came up to 2-1 through hard-stop Oscar Hall. The receipt was also in the air, but in the middle of the away, Simrishamn countered in time and in free position in the penalty area, Masood Jalali was demolished. The punishment took Tibor Cica in the best possible way by pressing the final result 31.

- It will be a strange match after their expulsion, a little unnatural. Was very dissatisfied with the ball pace, races and character for most of the match. In half, we talked about which surfaces we would overload, get in more of them which we do well until 2-0. Internally within the squad, we have talked about the fact that we have good width, we have had players who have been able to go in and "close" matches. Yesterday was not the case, some good heaps and some that unfortunately did not get the desired effect where we instead were scattered and for the ladies. In the end I am satisfied with three points but internally we expect more of each other on the plan, says IFK Simrishamn's coach Marcus Svensson.

Simrishamn won the serial without impressing which is impressive in itself. Simrishamn leads the series after three matches and in the next round meets the bottom team Hörby FF at home on Korsavad on the 27X April 14.00. Suspects that coach Marcus Svensson will take up the subject of "underestimation" the coming training week.

VMA IK is the merger of the villages Vånga, Mjönäs and Arkelstorp in Kristianstad municipality. The association was formed 2002 and the senior matches are played at Ädlavallen in Vånga in the spring and at Arkelstorps IP in Arkelstorp during the fall.

IFK Simrishamn – VMA 3-X

Goal scorer IFK Simrishamn: Jatto Camara, Oskar Persson and Tibor Cica.

Österlen and Bromölla shared the score

20th April 2019

Brilliant spring sun over Skillinge IP's artificial turf. The Good Friday division 2 battalion between white-dressed Österlen FF and IFÖ Bromölla IF ended 1-1.

After a speechless first half where the home team dominated the ball possession, Viktor Ekblom pushed the lead ball into the 50 minute after a fine recording signed Jacob Blixt. The defense of the Österlen team did not allow Bromla's attack, with André Leandersson at the head, coming in many positions. But in the 61 minute, Bromölla was awarded a free kick that was lifted into Österlen's penalty area and all of a sudden Bromella's Filip Tomas had placed the ball in goal. The three home items had been turned into one. At the end of the match, Bromölla focused mainly on a decision, but the audience did not see any paintings or more artworks. The match ended fairly 1-1.

After three rounds in Division 2 eastern Svealand, Österlen FF has scored four points, one victory, one draw and one loss, which right now represents an eighth place. In the next round of the 27 April 14.00, Österlen FF meets IFK Hässleholm on the away plane.

The artificial turf at Skillinge IP lacks both bulletin board and audible speaker so hopefully the nature grass is playable at the next home match on the 4 May 14.00 when IFK Berga comes to visit.

FC Cimrishamn took the opportunity in the first qualifying game

March 31nd, 2019

The match against Engelholm looked like match matches often do. Nervous and violent play and Cimrishamn's goal lead in the third period was so close to being eaten by the home team. However, Cimrishamn kept away and eventually won with 8-7.

How come you suddenly got a qualifying spot?

- Since the pocket h2 team is involved in the qualification to remain in h2, Lommas h3 team must not qualify, because one must not have two teams from the same association in the same series. The wild could potentially happen if Lommas h2 falls down and Lommas h3 has stayed through qualifiers, explains FC Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor.

Win against Engelholm in the first qualifying match, why did you win?

- Today we won because we played better floorball aggressively in the track and put there the ball, then we still had bids for more and was not at all particularly good today. We ran more than we played floorball and then we end up at their low pace. Defensively, we are still releasing a bit of cheap tickets from the castle and we have had that problem all season. Although we sometimes play pretty bad today, I shit in which. There are three points and victories that apply so it will look almost as it wants as long as we fight.

The team's scoring king Andreas Björborn was missing in the latest home game against Lomma, he played today?

- Björborn was present today but for the sake of unusualness he did not end up in the target protocol, which can be positive that more players are starting to put the balls offensive so all the weight does not have to lie on his shoulders. He puts high demands on himself and sometimes unreasonably high, so having him the game week and target week in the next match will be positive.

Now, first, Burlöv is waiting and then Båstad, have you met them before?

- We have met Burlöv in the Skåne Championship before the season and then we performed under all criticism and it was at a stage of the season when we had some remodeling within the team so it will be a completely different type of match on Saturday. All I know about Båstad is that they have their own Andreas Björborn who makes a large part of their points.

Is there a team victory in the qualifier for it to be division 3 floorball in Simrishamn next season?

- To ensure that we stay in the third group, team victory is required, but it depends a little on how the h1 and h2 qualifiers are. It may be that there will be more than two teams playing the 3 division. But we go for the group victory and do not think of anything else, Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor concluded.

On Saturday, April 22, Cimrishamn plays the second qualifying match. Burlöv HOGS stands for resistance at home in Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn. The qualification ends for Cimrishamn's part with away match against Båstads GIF on the 6 April. Then we get an answer on whether Cimrishamn plays in division 14 or division 3 next season.

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