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Facts about Österlenbyn


A number of farms north of Smedstorp and west of Tunbyholmssjön the address is Tunby. There are active larger agricultural properties, but also separate farms and single-family homes.
The surroundings are hilly agricultural land with continuous deciduous forest in the north.

The best known is probably Tunbyholm Castle, which was built 1634. Originally, the castle was an example of the Christian IV renaissance. The castle has a variegated history. Linnaeus visited Tunbyholm during his Skåne trip. The castle was ravaged by fire. Today's building is from 1834.
1918 was cut off the buildings and owners became the Akrell family who still inhabit the castle. Many fishermen like to challenge the lake's eel and pike stocks.

Here, parts of Hans Alfredson's The Silly Assassin were recorded. Just west of the lake are the ruins of the old parish church. North of the lake lies the so-called Iron Source, which once attracted many with their alleged health-promoting water.

The nearest towns with school and other services are Smedstorp about half a mile south, St. Olof and Onslunda, both about half mile north and west respectively.
Distance to the city center Tomelilla are about one and a half miles.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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