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Tranes Trading Company

Tranes Trading Company

Tranes Trading Company

Tranes is the store that has everything for someone and something for everyone. Our range revolves around the house in the country but also the apartment in town.

Building care and interior design, sustainable with tradition. With that we say we have materials that provide a healthy house with anchoring in time. It can be paint to the wall, insulation to the ceiling, pressures to the door or linen in linen.

We strongly adhere to our key words and have selected products that you as a customer can feel safe with. When we can, we choose a product without additives, made in Sweden and preferably craftsmanship. Our world starts in Skåne where we find many of our suppliers.

We are proud of our product range, tell us about the suppliers and where the items are manufactured. The choice has been to work with the best suppliers and highlight their expertise. No one can be good at everything.

We are open Tuesday to Friday 10-17 and Saturday 10-14.
Between the thirteenth weekend and the 12th of February we are closed for rebuilding and inventory.

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Tranes Trading Company
Gisel leaves 2012
272 92 Simrishamn
+0414 - 251
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Tue-Fri 10: 00 - 17
Sat 10:00 - 14:00
Mon-Sun - Closed

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