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Wonderful gardens in Österlen.

The gardens of Österlen - with a desire and a lot of fun.

The gardens at Östelren are all a bit special. Our mild climate, our sandy soils and an extremely calcareous water have given us fantastic conditions to adorn Österlen with wonderful gardens and cultivations. Sometimes typically Skåne. Sometimes a little more homosexual.

The crown jewel among gardens, and undoubtedly the most well-known, is located at Rörum's slopes, right between Kivik and Simrishamn, Mandelmann's Gardens!

One mile or two away from Mandelmanns you will find the most English of gardens, the English Garden, which on its 3000 sqm offers the delightful feeling of a romantic flowering controlled abundance.

The fact that Österlen is often called Sweden's Provence is also not so difficult to understand. Few places in the country are so intensely associated with the Mediterranean as Österlen. The number of vineyards in Österlen is growing every year. Some of the more renowned are Skepparps Vineyard, Köpingsbergs Vineyard, and Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn. But, there are more. Many more.

And when it comes to Mediterranean gardens, they are also denser and more beautiful here than anywhere else in the country. The debt to this must undoubtedly be attributed to Mr Medelhav himself - Peter Englander - whom 2003 created Sweden's most described Mediterranean garden opposite the church in Simrishamn. Hidden behind plank and walls. With Andalusian fountains, wisteria pergola and divine Italian wood-fired pizzas.

With desire and attachment great.

Gardens in Österlen

Away on Österlen

Away on Österlen

Österlens museum

Österlens museum

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