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Tosterup in Tomelilla municipality is, for many, synonymous with Tosterup's castle, erected in various stages during the 1400-1700, just over a mile south of Tomelilla and 12 kilometers northeast of Ystad. The castle complex is well located on the crest of the slope towards the south.

Around the castle with its moat, the economy buildings are of changing age. Particularly interesting is the gray stone sledge, the Barnekowska lodge, west of the castle, but the old school, the smithy and the garden master's house in the half-timber are also important. The new school and the work housing are situated below the slope in the south and the housing houses smell unmistakably the real estate ideal from the 1940 century.

South of the castle lies the castle church and further south a newer cemetery. The oldest parts of the church are from the 1100 century, but got their current appearance in the 1500 century.

The castle's oldest known owner was Axel Eskilssen and lived around 1330. The castle's high tower was erected by Jörgen Tygesen Brahe at the middle of the 1500 century. The farm was inherited in his family until 1640, when the property was sold to the so-called Skåne king, Tage Thott. Eventually, the castle ended up in the Ehrensvärd family and this is the case today.
A Sunday in the late summer, the sports association in the neighboring village Svenstorp organizes a very crowd-drawing harvest festival, where the wing's history bites lots of families.

The nearest major town with service of various kinds such as school, retirement homes, shops etc. is, in Ystad municipality Glemmingebro and Köpingebro, about two kilometers from Tosterup or in the central town Tomelilla, one mile north.
Bus connections are available from Glemmingebro, Bollerup and Svenstorp.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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