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Facts about Österlenbyn

crofters Bridge

Near Verkeån's winding lane, on the border of heathland and woodland, a stone's throw north of Brösarp, the small house collection Torparebron, is an exquisite example of the kind of buildings that were added in the 1800 century where backstusitters, service houses, villagers and housemen got their place of residence in simple houses.

The environment of Torparebron is still genuinely charming. The proximity to the new bus stop and the hiking trail Skåneleden and Brösarps station for the museum railway Brösarp-St. Olof makes accessibility very good. Skåneleden, Verkeån downstream leads to the outlet at Haväng where the possibility of lovely baths exists.

In Brösarp there are many kinds of service, such as school, retirement home, inn, grocery stores, café, sports field, pizzeria, gas station, pharmacy, health center and dentist.
Bus connections to Simrishamn, Ystad and Kristianstad are from the stop at Brinkehem.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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