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Charming urban atmosphere. Östra Tommarp was once called Tumathorp and was a well-known town with its own mint and monastery in the Middle Ages. In Tommarp there is an antique shop, dog race track, gallery, shop for retro furniture and a large construction product market. The train stops in the neighboring village, Gärsnäs, where it is about two kilometers.

More than twice as far to the city center Simrishamn. In both Gärsnäs that Simrishamn There is a good service offering with schools, elderly care and business. The buildings, mainly consisting of single-family houses, are located along the passageway and along the roads towards Gladsax, Karlaby and Bolshög. Just south of Tommarp runs Tommarpsån, which is allegedly once sailed up to Tumathorp. All services are reachable within a mile of Simrishamn.

Tommarp's museums: Old school house with school, parish and monastery museum. Esbjörnshuset, Klosterplatsen and Kalkugnen. A village worth a visit with a 1000-year history! The monastery square is an open space about 40 x 40 m. It partly hides the ruins of the large Premonstratensian monastery. In the summer of 1999, the church portal was excavated and can be seen. Esbjörnshuset is a typical "street house" from the 1700th century, located on the village's "street" (land) next to the cemetery.

Österlens school museum. The old school was built 1727. During the 1950 century, a school room was restored from about 1900. Lime kiln: In its present form, it is built around NUMBER. In the furnace that is fired from below, limestone has been burned. It happened at the latest about XNUM.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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