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Tomelilla Art Hall

Tomelilla Art Hall was built 1965 and housed in Tomelilla cultural center. The art hall consists of a large hall and three smaller exhibition rooms, where exhibitions with wide variety are displayed all year round. The ambition is that visitors will be met by different art styles, styles, techniques and expressions. Both contemporary and traditional art are exhibited. Since 2017, there is also an Artist in residence attached to the Art Hall.

Parallel to the exhibitions, an educational activity is conducted to reach children and young people, with both school screenings and workshops. It is also possible to book private shows of an ongoing exhibition.

There is free admission to all exhibitions at Tomelilla Art Hall, which is based on a desire to disseminate and increase the knowledge of contemporary art.

Tomelilla Konsthall
Central street 13
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Mon - Closed
Tue- Sun 12: 00 - 16: 00
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