Tomelilla IF looks after its house for the new Division 3 season

Tomelilla IF looks after its house for the new Division 3 season
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 1 October, 2019

Magnus Högström has taken over as head coach at IFK Simrishamn as head coach of the parent club Tomelilla IF. The result was a new division 3 contract and now TIF looks at its house for next year's season.

In this weekend's home match against Södra Sandby, Tomelilla IF secured a new contract in division 3 thanks to a stable 2-0 victory. Already, the association is aiming for next year's season. Hall-dressing Simon Rosén (former assistant coach at Sjöbo IF) is accepted as assistant coach to TIF's head coach Magnus Högström.

- Simon is an ambitious and determined trainer and man who has good solutions for how we will come to an end in the final third. He wants to work with details in front of the opponents' penalty area, which he will have room to further develop during 2020, says Magnus Högström.

How will you divide the assignment between you?
- We will use each other's strengths and I am convinced that we complement each other really well.

Status in the squad, who extends, new players in, who leaves?
- Since we have no contracted players, we will be "hit" by the free month so I do not yet know exactly how the squad looks next season. However, many players have already said that they will stay 2020. In the next two weeks, we will take stock of our existing squad. When it comes to new players we have contacted some interesting players before 2020. There are more players to contact but with respect for other clubs that qualify, we will wait to contact until they have qualified.

How do you want to summarize the season and what do you want to develop for the next season?
- I think we have become a more attacking team during my first year in Tomelilla. We have worked a lot with the build-up of games and the direct recovery when we lose the ball. Next year's goal is to continue working with our ball possession and become even clearer with our press game, and to spice this up with Simon's skills the last third to succeed in scoring more goals ahead, concludes Magnus Högström.

NM gold and SM gold - Nelly's best year to date

January 12, 2020
Nelly Hörberger is one of Sweden's elite in gymnastics.

Not many athletes from Österlen can boast of gold. Even fewer have NM gold in the price cabinet. Österlensport met 20-year-old Simrishamnstjee Nelly Hörberger, who is one of the Swedish elite in squad gymnastics and has had her most successful sporting year so far this year.

Nelly was 6 years old when she started gymnastics in the Ystad club GK Split. After a few years commuting to Helsingborg and Teamgym Helsingborg she now trains and competes for the Malmö club Motus Salto.

During the Helsingborg era, there were many car journeys for Nelly's parents and, above all, the trainer from Skurup, whom she often took a car with to the trainings in Helsingborg.
- Then I went to school in Ystad so after school I took the train to Skurup where the coach picked me up by car. Then we went to Helsingborg for training and home again via Skurup to Simrishamn to sleep for a couple of hours. Then back up. Four times a week.

Talk about wanting to develop in their sport!

Congratulations to last year's both gold by the way, how have you and your teammates celebrated?
- Not very much actually. It was of course banquet after the NM that went in Norway and then we have celebrated a little at home in Malmö on a workout.

Check out the movie clip below when Nelly and her friends in Motus Salto take the SM gold at home in Malmö.

[embedded content]

In addition to the successes in 2019 with gold at NM and SM, Nelly has five more championship medals in the prize cabinet.

What are the team's success factors, why are you doing so well?
- Our cohesion, that we know each other so well and that we have so much fun together. We trust each other. It is a very vulnerable sport, you know you know that the whole team is pulled down but no one would get angry or take it badly for it.

If someone falls during a lap, how is it received by the teammates?
- We take care of each other and do not make such a big deal when someone makes mistakes. When we won the gold medal, one of our girls tripped but we bet and managed it anyway. If you roll on one step, think about it and focus on the next step instead. It has to be strong.

What's so much fun with squad gymnastics?
- It's the variation with three different branches. There is always something you can get better at and it becomes very clear when you can do something.

In the Hörberger family there is otherwise a lot of football that applies and also Nelly has played football right up to the age of 10. There was also some dance before the investment in gymnastics took over.

In squad gymnastics you compete in ladies, men and mixed and the parts are mat, trumpet and freestanding. Troop gymnastics is not the most well-known sport in Sweden, but the fact is that it is Sweden's largest gymnastics form. In Sweden there are 20 gymnasts competing in squad gymnastics!

In the Motus Salto team, around 20 girls practice gymnastics, but not everyone is allowed to participate in competitions.
- You can have a maximum of twelve people at competitions. We usually have ten plus two reserves. Then when we compete at the "yards" you are six people and then four are next to it. We select the six best ones for each lap. And in the standalone, all ten of the team must join. But since there are only one to two competitions a year, there is fierce competition for the places. Some may not compete at all, but everyone knows the conditions that apply and we are a team where we cheer for each other.

Which is your strongest branch?
- In trumpet we drive three laps and on the third lap you have a table to help with the volts and that is perhaps my best branch.

Individual gymnastics then, has it never attracted you?
- No, when I started in GK Split there were only squad gymnastics so it fell naturally. It's almost like two different sports and I have never tested on individual gymnastics. I think more people should try out for gymnastics. You get strength, fitness and agility.

More film from Motos Salto's NM gold below.

[embedded content]

You and your team belong to the elite in Sweden, what does it take to reach where you have reached?
- It's that you choose the gymnastics before anything else. I've always thought it's so fun. I've always been to all the workouts and never felt like I wanted to skip. On the other hand, I have many times skipped to be with my friends at home in Simrishamn.

It is enough to see Nelly and her friends for a few seconds to understand that squad gymnastics is not something for cowards.
What tips can you give to all young gymnasts doing squad gymnastics?
- Listening to your body is important. Set clear goals for what you want to accomplish, such as a new volt or a jump, and fight the goals, then it will be much more fun. Then you should think that there will always be new opportunities and new opportunities and always try to do better next time.

Good and positive tips that can be applied to all sports, or in the professional world, or really anywhere in life.

When you were a kid, did you see yourself as a racing gymnast or was it just fun to hang out?
- When I saw the older girls and the guys working out, I thought "how can they do that" and then I thought that someday I want to be able to do it too.

Do you have any individual goals for the coming season?
- To compete on a harder lap during the Championship and to raise me one more level.

Team goals with Motus Salto?
- Defending our SM gold would have been great fun.

Age: 20 years
Family: mother Ulrika, father Johan and brother Hannes
Lives: raised in Simrishamn but recently moved to Malmö
Occupation / studies: economist who is currently working full time at a middle school in Malmö
Exercises: four times a week (three hours each)
Length: XNUM
Merit: 2 NM gold (one in women and one in mix), 1 SM gold, 3 SM bronze and 1 JSM ​​silver.
Parent club: GK Split in Ystad
Current club: Motus Salto in Malmö

Simrishamns 05: or took silver in Kristianstad Arena Cup

January 12, 2020
Team photo immediately after the final loss is not the most fun, but the success of the Kristianstad Arena Cup was rewarded with a stately trophy for the association's prize cabinet.
IFK Simrishamn's team in Kristianstad Arena Cup: Ludwig Olsson, Ville Persson, Albin Nilsson, Selman Abdirahman, Axel Orrenius, Benjamin Blomqvist, Ossian Stoltz, Alfons Silverberg and Jesper Björklund.

Kristianstad Arena Cup is Sweden's largest football club for children and youth teams. On Saturday, the cup was decided for girls and boys born in 2005 and the best Österlen team became IFK Simrishamn's 05, which went all the way to the final.

In class P05 participated over 50 teams and by first going undefeated through the group play Simrishamn then beat Älmhults IF (sixth final), Onsala BK (eighth final), BK Landora (quarterfinal) and Wä IF 1 (semifinal). In the final, Simrishamn was pitted against Wä IF 2 and it became a close event with two very defensive teams. 0-0 after full time and an extension was required to separate the final team. In the second extension, a Wäspelare managed to tear the ball in front of Simrishamn's goal and roll in the victory goal, but probably the referees (who were presented as "Skåne's best futsal umpire") in the situation that led to the decision? Small margins but Wä won the finals fairly and impressed by also playing home the bronze through the association's other teams.

There were twelve hours of Saturday hangings in the arena and no less than eight matches for IFK Simrishamn who during the regular match time only allowed two goals! The more ahead where Axel Orrenius, along with IS Halmias Andrej Rajovic, won the cup's shuttling on seven goals scored. Also in the cup were the Österlenlagen Liga IF (P05) and Borrby IF (F05) as well as Sankt Olofs IF / Kiviks AIF (F05) who reached the eighth final.

For IFK Simrishamn and coaches Martin Wrahme and Kalle Blomqvist second place was obviously a big success. This was the first competition appearance for the team with newly-entered Wrahme as head coach.
Congratulations to the coach debut!
- Thanks, it feels great and I'm happy, says Martin Wrahme a short while after the final.
The recipe for success that you took so far?
- I have to pay tribute to our collective. The guys go in with the same attitude in every match. In the final, both teams were really tired and it was small margins that decided. I'm a little upset about the final loss right now but tomorrow we will be happy.
Will there be more futsal cups for the team going forward?
- No, not this season. Now we are refocusing and we will start the pre-season in football in a week. During the spring season we play in Skåneserier A and it will be a good challenge for us, concludes Martin Wrahme.

Sankt Olofs IF won the Kamrat Cup in futsal

January 6, 2020
Sankt Olofs IF's heroes who played the Kamrat Cup for the first time.

Tomelilla IF in the quarterfinals, Österlen FF in the semi-finals and IFK Simrishamn in the finals. Sankt Olofs IF's yellow jerseys erased the advance favorites on running bands and won this year's Kamrat Cup in an impressive way. Read here briefly about all the playoffs.

Qualifying match 1 Borrby IF - Torna Hällestad IF 0-2
Torna Hällestad acquired a 2-0 lead after half the match which was then watched without any major problems. Borrby found it difficult to create hazards, except for the last minute when they repeatedly offered a reduction. Torna Hällstad to the quarterfinals.

Qualifying match 2 Gärsnäs AIS 1 - Sövestads IF 3-1
Precise long balls for mobile strikers were Gärsnäs' recipe in this match. Sövestad's defense had a hard time getting hold of the long balls. Gärsnäs won fairly with 3-1 and was thus also ready for the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals 1 Tomelilla IF - Sankt Olofs IF 1-3
Sankt Olof surprised Tomelilla with aggressive and disciplined play all over the course. Tomelilla's fast and skillful players were not able to unlock Sankt Olof's stable defense until the final seconds of the match, but it was obviously too late.

Albin Önneflod in yellow advances in the track with strength, technique and speed.

Quarterfinals 2 Österlen FF - FC Plisat 3-0
Here was the game against a goal during almost the entire match. Futsal specialists Plisat had barely an organized attack during the 16 minutes of play and Österlen played out the entire register in a very impressive way.

Quarterfinals 3 Gärsnäs AIS 2 - Torna Hällestad IF 0-1
Position war with few target chances. With five minutes left of the match, Torna Hällestad found the right and could then keep away for GAIS receipt hunt.

Quarterfinals 4 IFK Simrishamn - Gärsnäs AIS 1 2-1
Simrishamn put crossovers for Gärsnäs long balls that were so effective in the qualifying match against Sövestad. In a rather poor match, Simrishamn was able to win 2-1.

Semifinal 1 Sankt Olofs IF - Österlen FF 2-1
The final match day's best match! Energy and struggle. Österlen had the most ball, but Sankt Olof effectively disrupted the Division 2 team's moving attack game and was lead-heavy forward with Edin Cakovic as the ball receiver.

Semi-final 2 Torna Hällestad IF - IFK Simrishamn 0-2
Stable game from Simrishamn who played confidently on an early management goal. Torna Hällestad had some hazards, but efficiency was lacking in the closing. Instead, Simrishamn was able to increase to 0-2 which was also the final result.

Match for 3rd prize - Österlen FF - Torna Hällestad IF 5-1
Two disappointed teams who would have much rather wanted to play the final. Österlen had the most motivation left and easily won 5-1.

Final Sankt Olofs IF - IFK Simrishamn 2-1 (after extension)
Two teams that really wanted to win. Albin Önneflod gave Sankt Olof the lead on a distinct shot in front of goal. Sankt Olof's physical play early led to five notes in the free kick protocol. Each additional free kick would now entail a so-called free kick penalty of ten meters, but the players of Sankt Olof kept their heads cold the rest of the match and the only 1 meters that Simrishamn got burned. However, the receipt would come. Jonathan Karlsén fought for a return position and pressed the receipt ball. 1-XNUMX stood out the match time. In the end, Sankt Olof utilized a changeover where Edin Cakovic and Albin Önneflod came two against one and where Albin Önneflod could easily roll in his second final goal (Önneflod who plays football in the just IFK Simrishamns A-team organizers club but played for the parent club Sankt Olof this year ) on Cakovic's free play. Sankt Olof's first victory in the Kamrat Cup was a fact - congratulations to an impressive team effort!

Shortly after the final signal, we had a snack with Sankt Olof's playing coach Rasmus Nygren who unselfishly made this cup for himself. But it could not be mistaken how good he was to coach his yellow-headed heroes this afternoon. Not many "experts" had before the Cup Sankt Olof as the winner. Calling themselves "underdogs" is really not something that Nygren thinks fits today's Sankt Olof. He has since a few years built a team with a strong attitude and is not really surprised at all. And anyone who saw how Sankt Olof played futsal in today's playoffs is probably not surprised by the success either.

Why did you win the Kamrat Cup in 2020?
- We believe in it and work hard. The winning mentality we have in Sankt Olof is something out of the ordinary. It sits in the walls, says a victorious Nygren.

Two of Sankt Olof's players, Edin Cakovic and Albin Önneflod, were also selected in the Cup All Star Team, which looks like this:

Goalkeeper - Christoffer Delin, Torna Hällestad IF
Defensive Player - Jacob Nilsson, IFK Simrishamn
Defender - Fredrik Hansson, Österlen FF
Attackers - Edin Cakovic, Sankt Olofs IF
Attackers - Albin Önneflod, Sankt Olofs IF

When we are still working on the tributes to Sankt Olofs IF, here is a link to the association's fight song which will certainly be warm in the village for the next few days. Click here for a link to Spotify >>

The playoffs clear in the Kamrat Cup

January 5, 2020
Comrade Cup. Match between Österlen FF in white and Futsal Deluxe.

After two days of group play, ten teams have qualified for tomorrow's playoffs in the Kamrat Cup's Futsal Tournament in the Korsavadshallen in Simrishamn.

Group 1 was won by a youthful Tomelilla IF who impressed in two 4-1 wins over Wollsjö AIF and Blentarps BK 1 as well as 2-2 against group two Gärsnäs AIS 1.

In Group 2, Gärsnäs AIS 2 started strongly by defeating the series colleague in Division 4 Rydsgårds AIF. Niklas Bernhoff scored three of the GAIS goals. After 1-4 against FC Plisat, GAIS had to win against Simrishamn U to be sure of the playoffs. Following an early GAIS lead, the 0-year-olds struggled! in Simrishamn received in an impressive way and also created a few receipt modes but 0-14 stood out. FC Plisat also reached the playoffs on the same score as Gärsnäs AIS.

FC Plisats Joel Mårtensson relieves the left in the group play against Gärsnäs AIS 2.

In Group 3, Österlen FF cleaned houses with other teams. Before the final group game match, it would be decided whether Torna Hällstad IF or Futsal Deluxe would make Österlen company the playoffs. Futsal Deluxe needed to win the match but instead Torna Hällestad was the stronger team and won by 2-1.

In group 4, the organizers club IFK Simrishamn went ahead via three wins over Borrby IF Blentarps BK 2 and Baskemölla IF. Borrby IF clinched the second playoff spot by two 1-0 wins over Baskemölla and Blentarp.

Group 5 was won by Sankt Olofs IF through two head goal wins and a draw. Who would take the second playoff spot would stand between Sjöbo IF and Sövestads IF in the last match of the group. Sjöbo had a 2-0 lead long into the match which looked stable but Sövestad came again and managed to reduce and acknowledge in the final stage of the match which instead took Sövestad to the playoffs.

Tomorrow Monday, the Final Cup final will be decided. Division 3 colleagues IFK Simrishamn and Tomelilla IF and Division 2 team Österlen FF may be held as favorites for the final victory. Or can one of the Gärsnäs teams (strong to get with two teams for the playoffs) or the FC Plisat futsal specialists? The first playoff match starts at 11.00, the final at 14.30.

Football friends in Skåne celebrated Nacka's 90th birthday

December 26nd, 2019
The players in Bajen 2 and Borrby.

On Christmas Eve, Lennart Nacka Skoglund should have turned 90 years old. The football icon's birthday was celebrated partly at Södermalm in Stockholm where Nacka has been a statue since 1984. About 60 football friends joined the country's second Nacka statue, the one since 2010 found at Borrby sports ground in Österlen.

This year's Christmas Eve event started with morning football in the sports hall in Borrby where Borrby IF's oldboys met two teams Bajensupportrar with connection to south-eastern Skåne. Probably the only football matches to be played on Christmas Eve in Sweden?

In the first match, Borrby defeated Bajen 1 by 4-1. In game 2, Bajen 2 won over Bajen 1 by 3-2 and in the third and final match of Christmas Eve, Bajen 2 won over Borrby by 3-1 after hat trick by Axel Orrenius. Earlier this year, Borrby won the Christmas Eve matches, so this year's 3-1 victory was longed for the green and white.

Goalkeeper Malcolm Bergsten, in borrowed Borrby jersey, who had not coached football in eight years impressed in Bajen team 1.

Team lineup Borrby: Björn Månsson (team captain), Christer Andersson (1 goal), Jonas Månsson, Martin Åkesson (2 goals), Tobias Ekdahl (1 goal), Fredrik Bengtsson, Fredrik Olsson, Jakob Mårtensson, Robin Olofsson (1 goal) and Mujtaba Sayeed.

Team lineup Bajen 1: Jonas Sipola (team captain), Sebastian Sipola (1 goal), Stefan Johansson, Malcolm Bergsten, Robban Bergsten, Noah Bergsten (1 goal), Sam Qvarnström, Hugo Ulfsson (1 goal), Roland Wiklund and Björn Englund.

Team lineup Bajen 2: David Nordling (team captain, 1 goal), Bruno Nordling, Einar Nordling, Olle Nordling, Olle Dahl (1 goal), Ivar Nordling, Petter Håkansson (1 goal), Axel Orrenius (3 goals) and Lawrence Reyes (not playing).

Borrby IF's chairman Björn Månsson, closest, catches his breath. But soon it is time again, in indoor football it is fast changes that apply.

When referee Ingemar Jönsson was blown by the Christmas evening football and the players showered, there was a gathering in Borrby IF's clubhouse where mulled wine, Christmas mustard, saffron buns and gingerbread were served. Legendary goalkeeper Ronnie Hellström was on the scene and told about when he played with Lennart Nacka Skoglund in Hammarby. And on one wall of the clubhouse rolled a short film from the show that Nacka played in Borrby in 1960, which is the main reason why there is a statue of him in Skåne as well.

Christmas Eve party in Borrby IF's clubhouse. Ronnie Hellström, at the back in the middle, tells old football memories.

At noon, there was such a gathering at Nacka's statue next to the clubhouse where Joachim Orrenius first thanked a number of people who made the Christmas Eve tradition in Borrby possible; culture worker Ulf Andersson and the statue's artist Richard Andersson who together are the initiators of the statue's rise, Borrby IF and its chairman Björn Månsson, pwhile Anders Lönnborn, who manufactured the statue of shipboard, Kjelle Bergsten who together with Joachim Orrenius copied the Stockholm tradition to Borrby, Ronnie Hellström who is the event's official ambassador, football dOmmar Ingemar Jönsson who kept the winning skulls in the sports hall in check, Stefan Magnusson (Bajen Fans first chairman) who annually gives the speech at the statue in Stockholm and finally all football friends who have come to Borrby to play ball and hang out for a while on Christmas Eve and thus honor the memory of Nacka.

Below you can read this year's Nackatal, which is held every year at the statues at Söder in Stockholm and in Borrby.

“Hammarbyare, Nackavanden, Söderbor!
It is today 90 years since Sweden's greatest footballer of all time Lennart Nacka Skoglund was born. That Nacka is not forgotten is you who is a living proof of this. At the same time, this tribute is also in progress at Borrby IP in Skåne, where Nacka also stands statue. What other footballer in Sweden do you think will receive a tribute on the same day sixty miles apart thirty years after his death?

The season that ended ended with a third place in the Allsvenskan for Hammarby and 75 goals scored and I think Nacka smiles in his sky when he saw this offensive organ from perhaps the best Hammarby edition ever. For Nacka being offensive, working home wasn't really his thing. When a journalist asked him about a match in division two Svealand after returning from Italy why he did not take a more defensive responsibility, he said: "you know I have a pretty bad local sense so I do not find home for my own half".

There are always people who compare football players before and now. Of course, this is an unfair comparison, but I sometimes wonder how good Nacka has been with today's training methods. And I promise to start comparing the fantastic from Rosengård with Nacka on the day he shows up a World Cup bronze and a World Cup silver. By the way, the second best, Zlatan, has moved the business to Södermalm and become a hammerbyer so now Sweden's two biggest players of all time have Hammarby in common.

A few years ago I saw a submitter in a local newspaper here at Södermalm. It was a lady who questioned why Nacka Skoglund should stand statue on Söder. Statues only get kings, geniuses and heroes the lady argues. If she knew what she was right about, Nacka was all of that.

When Nacka came home from professional life in Italy in 1964, he was on the decline but still a magnificent football player. Twice he helped Hammarby in the Allsvenskan which at that time was a lindans team. He made his last really big appearance in 1966 in the all-Swedish qualifier against SAAB at Råsunda. I was there myself but unfortunately have no memories except that it was cold and that my dad constantly talking about Nacka. Over 25000 people saw Hammarby win 5-0 after two goals by Nacka's heir to only 17-year-old Kenta Ohlsson. The chain consisted of Kenta, Nacka's brother Ya Skoglund, Berndt Lif, Tom Turesson and Nacka himself. It was an offensive called duga and of course Nacka was brilliant. The following season Hammarby was in the Allsvenskan but Nacka was most injured and after half the season he made his last match for Hammarby. Via Kärrtorps BK and the Länkarnas choir team, the story got a tragic end. Or as the journalist at Kvällsposten Björn Fremer once so aptly wrote:
“Nacka lived on applause, just as the comedian lives on laughter. Nacka could make a lot of people happy. When laughter dies, the comedian dies. When the cheer died, Nacka died. "

Then maybe it was. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Next year it is ten years since Nacka's statue in Borrby was inaugurated. Then the football friends learn to gather again to pay tribute to one of Swedish football's greatest footballers.

Nerds in Borrby keep the Naked tradition alive

December 18nd, 2019
Stock Photography. The audience was invited to several technical dribbles that surely "Nacka" Skoglund had liked.

Every Christmas evening at 12.00 noon, Söderbor, hammerbyers and Nackavänder meet at the Nackastatyn on Söder in Stockholm to honor Lennart Nacka Skoglund and to wish each other Merry Christmas before Kalle Anka and other Christmas celebrations take place. Christmas Eve is Nacka's birthday and this year he would have turned 90. Since 2010, the tradition has been copied to the country's second Nack statue, the one outside Borrby on Österlen, where Stefan Magnusson's traditional Christmas Eve speech about one of Swedish football's greatest teachers is read while Magnusson himself gives the speech at the statue in Stockholm.

And just like in Stockholm, visitors are also offered in Borrby for mulled wine and gingerbread, and in fact also a short film from the showcase that Nacka leased at Borrby IP 1960 and which is the main reason why there is a statue of him in Skåne as well.

The statue of Lennart Nacka Skoglund was inaugurated in 2010. Bajen legends Ronnie Hellström, Kenta Ohlsson and Ya Skoglund (Nacka's brother) were in place at the inauguration.

The Christmas Eve celebration at Nacka's statue in Österlen is a collaboration between Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF and is supported by Ronnie Hellström - the official ambassador of the event.

- Skåningen and Malmö FF's boys team players came to Stockholm and Hammarby as a teenager. In the Bajen, Ronnie developed into a world goalkeeper and for many years was a professional in the Bundesliga league Kaiserslautern and given in the Swedish national team. Ronnie was in Borrby in 2010 when the statue was inaugurated so it feels like a perfect ambassador for this fine Christmas tradition. I met Ronnie recently and he said he would show up this year. Has also invited Zlatan Ibrahimović, who realized that he also likes Bajen, but has not yet received an answer, says Joachim Orrenius, one of the initiators.

As a tribute to football and the good cooperation between Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF, this year there is also playing ball in Borrby's sports hall. Two teams of Hammarby supporters with a connection to southeastern Skåne meet Borrby IF's oldboys. If you want to watch football live on Christmas Eve, then it is to Borrby you should go.

Full speed in Borrby sports hall on Christmas Eve.

09:30 - The sports hall in Borrby opens.
10:00 - match 1 - Bajen Fans Österlen team 1 meets Borrby IF's oldboys.
10:25 - match 2 - Bajen Fans Österlen team 1 meets Bajen Fans Österlen team 2.
10:50 - match 3 - Borrby IF's oldboys meet Bajen Fans Österlen team 2.
11:30 am - Mulled wine, gingerbread and Christmas cake in Borrby IF's clubhouse. Film screening.
12:00 - collection at Nacka Skoglund's statue next to the clubhouse on Borrby IP. Tribute to Lennart Nacka Skoglund.

- Fantastic that the interest is so great that this year we have two teams. I joked with Björn Månsson, Borrby IF's chairman, that this may grow into a whole cup in the future. In that case, the cup can be called Nackas Minne, after the previously so popular indoor tournament at Hovet and Globe, says Joachim Orrenius.

The judge Ingemar Jönsson usually has full control over the events between Borrby IF's oldboys and Bajen Fans Österlen.

Time for the Kamrat Cup in Simrishamn

December 18nd, 2019

The draw for the 2020 Comrades Cup in Futsal is ready. 20 teams make up five groups in the Korsavadshallen in Simrishamn. Arranging IFK Simrishamn sets up with two teams in the men's class, a senior team and a youth team consisting of a bunch of 14-year-olds. Kthe women and youth lasses are canceled due to the few notified teams.

Grupp games on January 3 and 4 and final games on January 6. The two best teams in each group go to the playoffs. The best 2nd in each group goes straight to the quarterfinals. The other four 4s meet in two qualifying matches, where the victories also go to the quarterfinals.

FC Plisat, Gärsnäs AIS 1, Gärsnäs AIS 2, Lövestads IF, Wollsjö AIF, Sankt Olofs IF, IFK Simrishamn, Österlen FF, Baskemölla IF, Futsal Deluxe, Torna Hällestad IF, Rydsgårds AIF, Blentarps BK 1, Blentarps BK 2 , Borrby IF, Tomelilla IF, Sjöbo IF, Liga 06 IF and IFK Simrishamn U.

Eastern Lenders followed Rosenberg's final

December 14nd, 2019
Hopeful supporters for the Europa League match between FC Copenhagen and Malmö FF at Parken Stadium.

Markus Rosenberg's last European adventure with Malmö FF was a short trip across the Öresund Bridge to the Park where FC Copenhagen was defeated by 1-0. Österlensport took a back seat to some sailors who did not want to miss Rosenberg's very last match.

Early in the afternoon the journey to the Danish capital began. This time by car. The risk of a train being delayed or canceled was not worth taking. Some meetings just have to be on time. The meeting with the Danish arch rival FCK and Rosenberg's final match was one. Together with a dozen other Skåne football fans, the collection was decided on the pub PA Bar a few long throws from the arena. By the way, the pub's outdoor seating sat FCK's star player Nicklas Bendtner (injured and this time outside the match squad) and enjoyed the big city pulse.

Between the burger bites, the talk was about which minute the match would be decided, not who would decide. That it was Markus Rosenberg who would do it was one such oblivion of course. And given Rosenberg's magical decision at home against Dynamo Kiev a perfectly reasonable discussion.

- It will be 1-0 for us, Mackan decides in the 86, says Martin Andersson!
- No, it takes until the 90 minute, says Gustav Andersson!

After dinner, the gang walked to the Park where they found places far out on one long side surrounded by Copenhageners.

FC Copenhagen supporters offered a blue and white flag sea covering the entire one short side.

The capital city residents started with a well-directed typhoon and a strong match start for the first 20 minutes. But as so many times before in this European game, Malmö gradually grew into the match and in the second half MFF grabbed the clock stick. The frustration of the Copenhagen supporters grew and the fierce atmosphere towards Swedish-speaking supporters also increased. Swedes were pointed out, guards lifted them away from their stands with the motivation that "it is best for your own sake". The pacifier hung in the air and the gang from Simrishamn did not dare to cheer loudly at their MFF with the risk of being forced to leave the arena, or end up in a crowd of Danes.

With less than a quarter of the match remaining, Rosenberg was close to scoring the goal that all Malmöfans dreamed of. Instead, it was Traustasson who in the 77 minute via a FCK defender nodded Malmö's lead goal. 0-1 stood out the match and the buoyant joy of the seafarers gradually released the closer the return journey to Malmö they came. Rosenberg went on to win from his last match and both Malmö FF and FC Copenhagen were ready for the 16 semi-finals in the Europa League.

The MFF heels fought bravely and heard more and more as the match went on.

Nowadays, not many cultural carriers remain in Swedish elite football. Players who are loyal to their associations and who continue the tradition and colors. Kalmar's Rasmus Elm is one, Hammarby's Kennedy Bakircioglu another, Mjällby's David Löfquist a third. And so Markus Rosenberg of course, as now at the age of 37 puts football shoes on the shoe shelf.

- He has a magical aura that spreads to his teammates. I am ready to give up friendship with a friend and instead become friends with Markus, says John Johnsson, one of the guys from Simrishamn.

The question is which of the friends should he choose?

Although Mackan's official termination has now been made, there are players, leaders and MFF supporters who want to see an extension. The future gives us the answer to that desire. Christmas present from Markus Rosenberg to Malmö's supporters on Christmas Eve?

The match is over and MFF has defeated FCK. Markus Rosenberg ties the victory fist for the very last time. FCK's Swedish national team back Pierre Bengtsson on the right does not have to face Mackan in the future, something he is probably happy about.

Jesper Modig to Allsvenskan with Varberg

24th November 2019
Jesper Brave.
Photo: Varbergs BoIS -

It has now been a few weeks since the boys in Varberg's BoIS for the first time took the step up to the finals of Swedish football. Via 1-1 at home against Mjällby in the last round of the Superettan, Varberg became the 66 team to reach all Swedish status. We had a chat with Jesper Modig, Varberg's team captain, about the success season and the future.

We settle down in a pair of comfortable armchairs at one of Simrishamn's central avenues. Coffee in the cups. The interview can start.

Have you finished celebrating at home in Varberg now?
- Yes, it has become some celebration and we were well worth it. After the last match, we were at our sponsor place down town with all the sponsors and fans, says Jesper Modig, who at his home in Simrishamn this time has girlfriend Johanna Persson by her side.

Jesper Modig and Johanna Persson.

- I was at the banquet the day after the event together with the players' loved ones. I think we were 170 people at the banquet, says Johanna Persson.

Easter Mountain Valley was sold out in the last match, near the 4500 spectators paid tribute to the heroes, did you stand in the Varbergsklacken?
- Haha, no, but I was standing in some kind of heel, a private variant. We were quite many indeed, Johanna continues.

Jesper, it must have been a fantastic feeling when the advancement was a fact?
- Yes. Between minute 86 to 90 it felt like two days, it did not want to end. Then when the judge blew it was completely empty, an incredible relief. You did not understand what had happened and I do not really remember. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, or how to behave. Dad told me I had reached my boy's dream, and what do you say.

Yes, now that the boy's dream is fulfilled maybe new dreams will be created for you?
- Of course, this is just a small step on the road. Now we set new goals.

Jesper is currently negotiating with Varberg's BoIS for a new contract. Nothing is clear, but since Jesper is doing very well in Varberg, where his girlfriend also comes from, it is no wild guess that Modig will be smack in the middle of Varberg's BoIS next season.

You were the team captain this year, do you like responsibility?
- Yes, I am a team player myself and it is fun to help the slightly younger players get into the team. Then, of course, it is also an honor to be the team captain.

Jesper scored a goal in this year's Superettan. A strange match against GAIS where he was first substituted after a short period of injury, then goal scorer and then expelled and where Varberg still managed to win despite having only nine men on the plane the last 20 minutes.

Do you enjoy your life as an elite athlete?
- Yes, it has become my life and I love football. It is a lifestyle where I have to think about what I put in my breakfast every day to be able to exercise. But there are some days that you do not want to do with football. I am often forced to say no to parties in Simrishamn because I have a match in front of me in a few days

Johanna fills in:
- We talk and watch a lot of football here at home too. For me, football is also a huge interest, I come from a football family and spend a lot of time on my football interest, says Johanna, who also has played football, in Tvååkers IF, but who is now drawn with knee problems so the continued football career is unclear.

Jesper do you have a nickname at home in Varberg?
- In Varberg I am sometimes called the "horse". They think I shoot hard but maybe not so well aimed at all times, Jesper laughs.

Your friend Alex Blomqvist from adolescence unfortunately left the Allsvenskan with Gif Sundsvall.
Do you have contact with each other?
- We have contact almost every day. We have the same affiliate company and there is a lot of talk about football, of course, but also about life in general. Alex has recently become a dad which is great fun. I joked with him that he would come to us in Varberg. It would have been fun but there is a lot to do with family and everything.

Otherwise, you can form a center back pair IFK Simrishamn?
- Yes, Alex and I have said that we will try to play some years together in Simrishamn later in our careers. We'll see how it goes, a lot will happen along the way.

Do you have any individual goals for the coming season?
- I want to stay healthy so that I can play as much as possible. Health is a priority.

What does the schedule look like in the future - training camps, cups, matches?
- We are doing freezing tests now. Almost half of those who have done the tests have vomited and tomorrow it is my turn, haha. We work out a week to late, we have a break until the beginning of January. Then there will probably be training camp. And later this winter we play the Swedish Cup where we were drawn in the same group as Hammarby, BP and Gif Sundsvall.

Will you run with the same game system in Allsvenskan that was so successful in the Superetta?
- I hope so, but of course we have to adapt to the resistance. I think we should stick to our hard-working 3-5-2 system that we did so well this year.

What are you good at, what are Varberg's strengths?
- We work hard and want a lot. We are ready to take the fight. During the training camp earlier this year we got into a fight when we played against a bunch of Belarusians. The match degenerated and every now and then we showed each other that we stand up for each other and want to help each other. It became clear to us that we have a good team cohesion. Then we have good players who have scored many points and others who are good at covering shots.

Who is the best midfielder you have ever met?
- Technically it's Bajens Maumer Tankovic. He has the ball near his feet, goes both ways and is a sick smart player - a terribly capable football player simply. Then I also have to mention Edward Ofere who was in Malmö FF before. He had muscles I didn't know existed. It was totally insane what physique he had, a monster, then maybe he wasn't a very good football player.

We are now broadening the interview by weaving in comments and questions from Kalle Blomqvist who, together with Jesper's father, trained Jesper, and Alex Blomqvist, during childhood and adolescence in IFK Simrishamn.

Kalle, how was Jesper a youth player?
- I trained Jesper from the age of 6 up to thirteen fourteen years. He was one that I call the winning skull, he always gave everything on matches, cups and workouts. Jeppe never lost a match, or cup without always doing his best, says Kalle Blomqvist.

Any particular memory or event you would like to share?
- There are an incredible number of memories from that time, all cups, to always find Jeppe and my son Alex down on the green when it was time to go in for the evening. And his Barcelona shirt with Stoichkov's name on his back, which he always wore as a kid, continues Kalle.

Kalle, what would you like to ask Jesper for next year's season?
Ask him what game he thinks will be the most fun to play.
- Malmö gone. Sweden's best supporters and a great arena. It is such a winning culture in Malmö among players, leaders and fans. So trying to silence them would have been fun, Jesper answers.

Then I would like to know which match he thinks will be toughest sporting next year?
- Djurgården away will be a challenge. They have quality players and play fast soccer on the artificial turf, Jesper answers.

Is the next question called about Varberg's goals for next year?
- It is to stay in Allsvenskan. It will be tough next year, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize. We were tipped last in this year's superetta and there may not be many people who believe in us next year but we are happy to tip last and we will see what happens. Leave us at the bottom and we'll get to the top, Jesper answers.

Kalle also wonders when he will be invited to Varberg?
- Hahaha, yes it is actually a bit bad that he has not been to Varberg yet. He knows that both he and his family are welcome whenever they want. I get to sleep on the couch and he gets the bed.

Finally, Kalle Jesper gives a tip for next year's season.
- Just enjoy, Kalle Blomqvist concludes.

Age: 25 years
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 78 kg
Position: center back
Foot: right
Shirt number: 4
Mother club: IFK Simrishamn
Current club: Varberg's BoIS
Former clubs: LB07, Valdres FK (Norway), Lunds BK, Kristianstads FC

High drama series finale ended 7-7

24th November 2019
Simon Hedqvist #21 scored three goals and also contributed a sacrificial defense game.

The big and loud crowd in Jonebergshallen was invited during Saturday afternoon for fantastic floor entertainment when the top teams in division 4 FC Cimrishamn and IBK Genarp came together. When the nosebleeds stopped, the adrenaline dropped and the pulses went down a bit we could read seven equally on the scoreboard.

FC Cimrishamn and IBK Genarp shared the points ahead of Jonebergshallen's well-stocked stands.

In the pot was a series lead and three points lead down to today's competitor. This was noticed immediately when the match was started. The guests began with something more similar to a final run on an 400 meter race and forced an early FCC deportation. In the sixth minute came logical 0-1. Cimrishamn also stepped on his feet and was able to accept both Dennis Hedqvist and take the lead through Simon Hedqvist and Anton Blohmé in a first period characterized by will, very high tempo and sometimes hot play. Pause 3-1.

Six minutes into the second period, Genarp reduced to 3-2 and the match now stood and weighed. Continued pace strong and many goal chances in both directions but it was late in the match minute sixteen before the next goal came through the home team's Andreas Björborn dotted 4-2 in front of a cheering home crowd. When Cimrishamn then utilized a power play to 5-2, Simon Hedqvist, barely a minute later, it looked reassuring for the home team. But Genarp did not give in, a backside shot in behind talented home-keeper Henrik Dahlström and gave the guests a hang for the final period.

Just over seven minutes into the final period, Cimrishamn again acquired a three-goal over when Simon Hedqvist reached the right from his back position and elegantly served the home team's goalie Albin Hammargren who pressed 6-3. Homecoming was short. Guest team captain Jesper Björkquist, who along with Genarp's trollgirl Ebbe Nordbäck was Genarp's best, took captain responsibility by bombing the ball in the home cage's right cross - what a hit! The goal ignited the jump for Genarp, who again launched a race where 400-meters sprinted. And now Genarp received a dividend. 6-4 became 6-5, 6-6 and 6-7 in just four minutes and Cimrishamn was rocking. During another power play for the home team, Simon Hedqvist scored his third goal until 7-7.

Back Simon Hedqvist, #21 to the left in blue jersey, scored three goals and also contributed a sacrificial defense game.

The game with extra everything - nosebleeds, class goals, nerves, a lot of expulsions and great entertainment - would get another ingredient. When only 26 seconds remained, the referee inflicted a penalty for Genarp. However, the shooter was hit by a rubber arm and shot off Dahlström's right post. Final result 7-7, a fair result that the third top team of the series, Hofteruds IBF, is certainly pleased.

FC Cimrishamns, Simrishamn's public team all categories, the next home game has rejection 14.00 Sunday, 8 December when Malmhaug IBF comes to visit.

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