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Tjörnedala hiking area.

Tjörnedala hiking area.
Written by Annika Olsson / 17 November, 2018

Here at Österlen, there are so many small pieces of gold to enjoy. Tjörnedala is such a fantastic jewel
For many, Tjörnedala is probably most associated with Midsummer celebration, or perhaps the thoughts go to art during the Easter week.

But it's so much more than that !!
Here in Tjörnedala hiking area, it is beautiful all year round. Although it was a gray and slightly rainy day that I walked here, so nature was so beautiful.

The cows still went out on the bait, so I had to pay a little attention to where I put my feet. The soft, fresh cucumbers testified that it was still a lot of nutrients in the lush grass. Probably much better than it was earlier this summer.

In the cute little bay were two white swans and looked to look for food continuously at the bottom of the sea. Like two white balls, I saw them bobbing on the gray water surface.

Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

Smooth and unique.

August 18


In Tomelilla there is something very unique. It is a charming little movie museum. In fact, the world's smallest.

Hasse & Thage Museum. A small museum that shows the incredible film treasure with which we all grew up.

When I was in Tomelilla in a completely different matter I got some time over and then took the opportunity to finally make a visit here. Because it's really pretty bad that I haven't been to this museum before, even though I pass the site every week. Said and done.

I passed Reimans Bakery which sadly closed the gates again this summer. Then I passed the beautiful flower-filled square and then first arrived at the charming little Celtic Bar.

I crossed the railroad track, and there it was! The little cute museum, with its own guard post and everything!

Tickets were bought in the little cute cafe side by side and the entrance was once every half hour.

-you may have been in one of the films recorded here, the lady in the cafe wondered at sounding Stockholm…

My broad dialect revealed that I was not a long-distance tourist, but more or less a true native.

It was really a very small museum, but with so much content. A content that brought a thousand memories. So wonderfully these gentlemen created and invited us. We got extra memories from the neighborhood when the films were created out in Sälshög and around Österlen.

Wonderful old man they both, Hasse & Thage. But also Gösta Ekman, Monica Zetterlund, Stellan Skarsgård, Povel Ramel and many more of course. What a movie treasure, song tax and vocabulary.

So many laughs, so much seriousness and so much craziness.

Yes, it's actually no wonder that Tomelilla's slogan reads "Happy Tomelilla" .... (although it is said that those words come from the project where they saved the bird of prey Gladan) No, I definitely think that you are generally a little happier in Tomelilla, and therefore it says "Welcome to Happy Tomelilla on the signs at the municipal borders".

Quote of the day:

If you refuse to look back and do not dare to look forward, then you have to watch out. // Thage Danielsson

The world's smallest film museum, the world's largest Hasse & Thage museum. Visit it, it's actually worth it.

Hug Annika

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Alone runner.

August 17

Good morning.

I love to start my day with a lonely walk in the woods. A quiet walk on the paths around the old lake.

Before, I always had my black Johnny dog ​​with me. Now in the autumn of the age he has let me understand that he should with us we will do more fun things than and just run. When my jogging shoes are laced on, he just turns around calmly and cures himself in his basket instead.

Finding the joy of movement and challenging yourself is a nice feeling. Most people can handle some kind of movement. If it is just a ride with the rollator, then make it a habit and come up with a challenge that is possible to overcome.

After the little one triathlon here in Gyllebo, a thought was born in my brain. A small plan to attend next year. How hard would it be to actually ride those two miles on my aunt's bike?

Said and done ... I jumped up on the old bike to test. I stepped out into the woods with a simple map in the pinch. With a bicycle basket that rattled on, I rushed down the first washboard-like hill. The two single switches were a bit rattling, but going forward.

Yes, cycling those two miles wasn't really that difficult. The hard thing comes when you mix in swimming and running too…

The best thing is still a quiet lap, alone in the forest.

In two weeks it's time for the girl mile again. My sciatica still bothers me, but once the number tag is stuck on the sweater, the brow bone thickens. It's just that! Hope you find the challenge that fits in your life and for you and your circumstances.

Quote of the day:

I would rather try to do something fantastic and fail than do nothing and succeed.

I focus on everything that I can actually do, instead of what doesn't. It is not that difficult to get started with the training, it is more about never ending when there are setbacks.

Hug Annika

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The blue elephant.

August 16


No no ... it's not me who is the blue elephant not .... although you might think it sometimes ... No, it's Maria's little cafe that moved out to Hagestad.

A stone's throw from Karl-Fredrik on Eklaholm, she has now turned down her residence and we are of course many who miss her in Gärsnäs.

But there, along the Österlenvägen, she is now. There she has moved her wonderful interior design shop Reunionen home & friends.

In addition to blue elephants, café and interior items, she has the most beautiful clothes you can imagine. Cool linen garments and warm cozy autumn shirts are just a few examples of what you can find upstairs in the beautiful Skåne yard.

For many years I have been delighted by her own scented candles. Best scented candles available I think.

One day when I had the roads past and wanted to take the opportunity to find the clothes, I was enjoying a good cup of coffee and a luxurious shrimp sandwich from the Blue Elephant.

For a long time I sat and enjoyed my coffee in the warm Österlen wind.

In a paper bag by my side, was a real bargain. Half the price of a beautiful shirt no one can say no to. My receipt, of course, flew all the way across the yellow field. Although in genuine Österlenvis, a gentleman immediately ran away in search of it for me. Gentlemen, there is really plenty here in our little nook of Skåne. Thank you unknown sir.

No, this post is not sponsored or paid for in any other way. None of my posts are something I make money from. They are simply just Easter tips from my own beating heart. So stay tuned, maybe these are tips that are right for you…

Quote of the day:

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Hug Annika

(Wearing lovely linen shirt from Reunionen Home.)

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The involuntary guide.

August 15


One evening the phone rang at my house, and a friend was at the other end of the line. She wondered if I didn't want to guide them one evening here in Österlen.

Of course I wanted it!

When arranging guided tours, it is good to have a "go apple pie" in your garden afterwards. So I went out to hunt the first Swedish apples. The green store at Orelinds was my first place to look.

Unfortunately, there were no apples yet ... but so check out ... such wonderful agapanthus.

The snoop I thought of my own pride at home. A slightly smaller African blue lily. Although we have all been small ... Wonderful they are in any case.

My daughter laughed a little at me as I got ready to go on the sightseeing tour.

-it will be fun, I proclaimed, I've never been there myself ...

What my friends wanted to see was the relocated village of Knäbäck. The 19 small houses as builder Liljedahl in the 50 century demolished and moved 2 miles south to its present location.

Of course, I know both builder Liljedahl and the history of Knäbäck very well. The small villages that had to be demolished because the military needed a larger firing range. Despite this, I have never walked among these small houses myself and have seen them with my own eyes from this direction.

As the price of the relocated houses became too high, people could not move, but had to settle elsewhere. Instead, this small village, Österlen's first summer village, became.

We ended with a visit to the little chapel and of course for a while by the sea.

Then it was time for a sip of coffee at home in our garden.

And of course I had gotten hold of Swedish apples.

A guided tour, this year's first apple cake in the company of lovely friends, well it can't be that much better than that.

Quote of the day:

A person who is successful, knowledgeable and appreciated can easily be appointed scapegoat. It is spelled jealousy.

About the move of the old houses I have heard both negative and positive voices. Of course it is, because nothing is either black or white. Evil things will always bring something little good with them. I myself choose to see the positive throughout the story. Now there is the unique nature of the shooting field, which otherwise would have been forests and houses instead.

Have a good time and hug


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The thunder hung in the air.

August 14

Hello Hello

One evening on our holiday we had a case in Skillinge. On our way there, I just had to stop and photograph the fun little cloud that looked to watch over the Danish island of Bornholm. In favorable weather you can overlook the Danes on the small island. When it is “Österlen Lyser” in the autumn, you usually gather on both sides of the sea and blink with light towards each other. A fun tradition that gilds in the autumn darkness.

When our case was finished in Skillinge, we took the opportunity to visit Skillinge Hamnkrog. After falling asleep a little last summer, this year the tavern had opened its doors again.

Imagine so much it does for a small village that there is a tavern to go to. As we sat and ate and drank well, there were lots of happy Skilling residents that I recognized from my time in the construction trade.

For a long time we sat there on the outdoor terrace enjoying our good food. Me of my fish and Stefan of his hearty ox bite. Far away in the north I could see how the little sweet "Bornholm cloud" as well as had begun to grow and darken.

When we then steered back to our dear Gyllebo home, the little cloud was gone. Instead, it was a little more crumbly over the sea. Across Komstad, a thunderstorm pulled in and created as the most beautiful painting.

Nature's colors went in deep velvet blue and gold, pure royal colors. Again, I just had to stop the car and perish Mother Earth's artwork. Surprisingly beautiful!

Quote of the day:

No matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change. It's the only thing you can be sure of.

Thank you for checking in here on my blog. I no longer have the faintest idea of ​​how many of you readers, but that is really immaterial. You who are here, you are so welcome.

Have a nice day and hug.


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The calm before the storm.

August 13


I love those hot days when the thunder hangs in the air.

It was that day when I was at the shooting range and had the sandals filled with dry flower seeds. The air was quite warm and oppressive, like an invisible tension in the air.

Away from the little eel booths I heard how a father and a little boy were frantic about something, probably a trifle. Then I saw how the little boy in a fit of anger took the flight out of the field. Everything then became quiet and I could feel the calm before the storm. The beautiful colors of the sky gossiped about an upcoming discharge. It was not just the tourists' family troubles, but the whole Mother Earth that was preparing for a discharge.

In the distance I could hear a faint murmur. I really felt how something was built up in the air. The little boy probably felt the same, too, because I could see how he turned back and slowly went back to the angry but confident father.

From having been completely calm and calm, almost as if everything had been paused, suddenly a single small blade of grass began to swing a little lightly. Then it went fast and the wind force increased like an accelerating formula car.

In awe, I sat on the slope and enjoyed the spectacle. I saw the rain pouring down over the sea and the grumbling increased in intensity. The flashes came denser and more powerful. The weather was a fact.

I thought I would run the 500 meters to my car without getting wet. I couldn't. Everything went so fast and the rain was so heavy. The sky had opened and the storm was over me in an instant. I ran, I got wet and I felt completely alive.

When I, wet like a cat, started my car, the weather was almost over again. The sun was about to penetrate behind the black clouds. The thunder was over and the tranquility had settled again. The air was cleared for this time.

I love thunder! No, I'm never afraid. The forces of nature have always fascinated me. What really scares me is the kind of human race itself creates. War, terrorism, hatred and oppression, things really scare me. I give nature to nature, it's so cool.

Quote of the day:

In order to become a flash, you have to be a cloud for a long time.

Hug on you from me.

Annika ("before you got wet as a crow")

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Late summer and daily routines.

August 12


Here's a bit into August, as usual, life lurks again, with everyday management and routines for us.

But actually we have had it "as usual" just all summer long. Because there were only a few days that became completely free for us this year.

The thing about having "what is usual" is maybe just what is the big thing in life ... Maybe it is there in everyday times that the big happiness lives. In what we call everyday life.

After those three accident-hit years, when Stefan was so ill, I realize, to a small extent, that everything is about taking care of life as it is. We slowed down when needed and took advantage of everything we had after all.

Now I enjoy the late summer that is here. I am grateful to have a job and to live the life that I do here in Österlen.

I enjoy my three dogs which are my daily companionship. I enjoy my garden and the nature I live in. If you can feel joy and gratitude for all that you actually have, then you have come a long way on the road to happiness. I think that definitely.

Quote of the day:

It's not how we feel, it's how we take it.

Have a good time and a big hug.


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Stick Warm.

August 11


Now I do not know if the word "hot" at all exists, or if it is a word that I only have in my own head. But by hot, I mean in any case when it's so hot and nauseous that it feels like you have a heavy stew on your head. A heat that causes the sweat to leach and you just want to go for a bath. That's when the flies get a little crazy and go to attack and bits worse than attacking combat soldiers. Just such a day was when I was on the shooting field.

Haväng's bathing place was filled with bathed people, which it usually is when the weather is nice on Österlen. Although on the long strip of the shooting field, there was plenty of sun worshipers. Here it goes longer and people are lazy creatures. Nowadays, you should rather buy expensive gym cards to get your exercise, instead of the everyday exercise you get absolutely free of hiking a little further to the beach.

I wandered out over the dry shooting field with the sweat running along the spine.

I regretted a bit that I chose sandals that day. In the shoes, millions of small dry flower seeds gathered and became like a sticky mourning in my sweaty sandals. Leather boots are unbeatable, in all weathers, I am convinced !! The thing that we Scans sing in the snapshot, I don't think that's right. The thing about it "Sweat less without overpowering, so buy sandal thighs and air your toes" No, wool socks and leather boots always feel the best.

In the north a faint murmur was heard and the sky changed character.

The first flash appeared far over Åhus. Thunder is nature's beautiful spectacle, and I love it ... only you know that the computer at home is pulled out ...

So beautiful! So indescribably beautiful !!

Quote of the day:

When you are at your absolute best, you will still not be good enough for the wrong person. When you behave the worst, you will still be good enough for the right one.

You simply have to be who you are and strive to be your best version.

Hug on you from me.


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Room for two.

August 10


Stefan and I were in Simrishamn to eat out at a restaurant one evening a week ago. I was craving fish and Stefan wanted a hearty piece of meat.

Finding a good restaurant in Simrishamn with just that offering is not at all difficult ... the problem could be finding a place now in the tourist season that actually has room for hungry people who have not booked a table in advance.

We strolled up Storgatan. After looking through various menus, we finally chose one of my favorite places, Hickory's Bistro. They had room for two! There we sat for a long time and enjoyed our food.

Saturated, we then strolled on the cobbled streets and enjoyed the summer evening. We stopped and looked at the storefronts of all the houses for sale. If there is something there is plenty in Simrishamn, then it is just brokers. Then we took a look at Gunilla Mann's little crazy paintings of Österlen. Real "happy boards" I think it is.

At Café Kagan there was closed for the day. Still, in my saturated stomach, there was no room for any sweet, not even the only little crumb.

We walked in the charming alleys and admired all the little colorful houses.

Dandelions gilded the beautiful little summer town. On the harbor floor, Friskis and Svettis were on an evening pass for happy exercisers. To never work out in the evening I never understood. No, I must kindly stick to the morning exercise, as my brain has not yet woken up and been able to understand what it is the body is actually doing ...

A very ordinary summer evening in Österlen, yet so special, wonderfully fantastic.

Quote of the day:

If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hatred and negative things, imagine what a wonderful world we could have lived in.

Hug Annika

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Lovely flowers.

August 9


Here at Österlen there are lots of fantastic gardens. Small private rugs with wonderful flowers. There are Mediterranean gardens, and then there are gardens that look like grandma's time. There are wild gardens and well-planned plots with matching color scales on the flowers. In short, most of these are "pleasure gardens, pedant gardens and utility gardens".

At my house there is a little "hip hop" in the garden. Although I sometimes try to get colors that I think will fit together, the flowers move around a little as they like.

My garden has grown little by little, and is probably more wild and bushy than accurate, well-kept and matching.

I love flowers and especially sunflowers. Of course, I have planted some this year as well, and the first bud has now popped out.

The big angel trumpet, which early in the spring looked like a bunch of canes straight up in the air, has also begun to bloom now. Of course they are wonderfully beautiful those "angels" !!

In the spring I sowed pea. It is so wonderful to pick up a bouquet and put it on the bench in the kitchen.

To wander around any small village in Österlen and take a peek at the gardens, it is a completely free and fantastic pleasure for the garden enthusiast. Right now it's the pure color bomb I can promise.

Quote of the day:

In the dream you are rich without the cost of a penny.

You do not have to have green fingers to succeed with a garden, it is enough to be stubborn and have indulgence with cherries and "piggy bank".

(piggy bank = dandelions)

Hug on you from me.


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