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After a half-life in sales, I have now taken the step and the 10 April 2017 I opened my very own home furnishing shop! My vision is to create an environment (both physically and on the web) that is homely, rural and quite wonderful.

In charming Simrishamn, on Österlen, we have created a small o n nd nice life style store. During a family council, I was asked what I would sell? things and seaweed I answered, a Norwegian concept for "things". Hey, there I had the name!
That way, I link my Norwegian background with my lifestyle store.

Here are decorated with news and inspirations every day. Every weekday and every feast, we will help you decorate, every breakfast table and dinner party will receive The Little Extra. And of course, we have the details that make fragrant bathrooms ... it must, of course, be the night's dreams wrapped in lovely bedding and preferably in a sea of ​​wonderful pillows.

Do you like clothes? With us you will find the garments that make you a little unique, the garments that do not hang on everyone. Female, elegant, clothing with good quality and comfort.

The shop in Simrishamn is almost like a mini home, where we hope to inspire you. For example, would you rather want the table setting in green, instead of the pink that was shown in the store.
No problem! Then there is the webshop with a wider range, like our very own Flagship Store!

stuff & pliers
Storgatan 13
272 31 Simrishamn
073 360 86 40
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Mon-Fri 11: 00 - 17: 00
Sat 10:00 - 14:00
Sun. closed

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