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Facts about Österlenbyn


The area west of Tommarp called Tågarp consists of a number of really large farms and a number of cut-off smaller farms, but also low single-family homes. Talking about a cohesive village feels like we are stretching a little extra on the concept.

In Tågarp we can talk about Sextorp, about Norråkra and another cluster about a couple of three houses and farms, but we choose to call it all Tågarp. Some of the properties with the designation Tågarp are adjacent to the gravel road leading from national road 11 to Ö Herrestad, while the majority of Tågarp is located north of the national road 11 and extends all the way up to Virre City just south of the road between Ö. Vemmerlöv and Rörum.

railway Simrishamn-Malmö goes through Tågarp, but the nearest station is in Gärsnäs, about two kilometers west of Tågarp. Here is service in the form of school, retirement home, health center, shops, sports field, restaurant and cafe etc. The person who rather goes by bus can step on Tommarp, one kilometer east or in Gärsnäs.

For many garden friends, Tågarp is a familiar address. Tågarps Trädgård is a professional nursery.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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