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The sisters Lindskogs Trädgård & Design

The Lindskog sisters
Garden & Design

The sisters Lindskogs Trädgård & Design

The sisters Lindskogs Trädgård & Design

is a company in Österlen started by the sisters Freja and Julia.
After several years of working in the commercial garden, we both fell in love with the garden profession and dreamed of continuing to educate ourselves and then start our own. That said, in 2015 we were ready with our own garden company!

The Lindskog Garden & Design sisters are divided into three branches:

  • Garden service, where we do everything within weeding, hedge trimming, pruning, etc. We usually stay in Simrishamn, Tomelilla and Ystad areas.
  • Garden design, everything from large whole conversions to small discount proposals. We draw and plant, while our partner takes care of the soil work and the paving.
  • The commercial garden, to which we opened the gates during spring 2018! Here we sell summer flowers, perennials, shrubs and trees on a smaller scale, soil, pots and decorations. The store is located on our farm outside Löderup.

Welcome to Systrarna Lindskog's Garden & Design

The Lindskog sisters
Garden & Design
Österlenvägen 615
271 78 Löderup
076-101 92 21
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Weekdays 10am - 00pm
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Garden & Design

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