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the Swedish Academy of Realist Art

the Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)

the Swedish Academy of Realist Art

May we present the Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)

The alternatives can be many when you want to study art and we offer an education that is not available at the Art College or the Art College and is a complement to these colleges.

At SARA you learn how to draw and paint in order to be able to reproduce objects, nature and people as it looks in reality. Realistic art, simply.

Why should one be able to do that? Maybe because you simply have the love for this kind of art and want to work as an artist. Or you want to establish yourself in the gaming or film industry, work with scenes, become the best tattoo artist, keep up with concept art ... Regardless, this is an art style that is increasingly in demand.

All of our 35 sites are CSN-eligible and we have students from all over the world. The training is therefore conducted in English.

We also offer summer courses and every Thursday evening during the semester we have an open croc for anyone who wants to.

Our little school has a wonderful, family atmosphere and is located in one of Sweden's most beautiful areas namely in the heart of Österlen. In the middle of Simrishamn.

Welcome to visit!

the Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)
Little Norregatan 17
272 31 Simrishamn
+0414 68 44 71
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Our current events

Still Life Painting - SARA

29 June - 3 july
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday with one hour… Still Life Painting - ...

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