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Facts about Österlenbyn


The village's name may sound slightly busty, but the fact is that it is about a genuine quiet and safe village, beautifully situated high above the valley Tångdala where the national road 9 between Ahus and Simrishamn drawn up. On the other side of the valley lies S. Mellby with the impressive big church.

The nature of the valley and up towards Stenshuvud is dominated by old noble woods, aldercars and bushy pastures. Otherwise, the landscape is characterized by orchards and farmland at Svabesholm, the village's dominant farm, through which the road to the national park Stenshuvud goes. On Svabesholm's royal estate you can rent for accommodation in an apartment and at the same time have access to a banquet hall that can accommodate approximately 10 people seated.

South of the village on the old road to Ahus is the restaurant parkway where the beautiful gathering room can accommodate over 100 seated guests. In the northern part of Svinaberg lies Blow Hastings Castle which offers restaurant and hotel rooms. Down in the valley at South Mellby, in the old school, there is a third restaurant, More or Less. Nor is it far off The peace, the pizza paradise at Prästavägen.

If one can settle for coffee, it is famous Coffeehouse Different at Stenshuvud. The fact that the national idol and the Eastern Ambassador Ulf Lundell live in the neighborhood around Stenshuvud has put Svinaberga a little extra on the map. The settlement in the village, older low houses mixed with a number of farms, lies along the old country road towards Ahus and on the slope up along the road from S. Mellby.

I S. Mellby there are bus connections to both Simrishamn and north towards Brösarp. The nearest major city with service such as school, retirement homes, shops, more restaurants and hotels is Ahus where it is two kilometers.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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