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To feel like a personal guest when you go away is well what we little to man's wishes and just to achieve it, the farm's accommodation has been created to get the feel of a home rather than a hotel.

Svabesholm has 9 rooms and 2 apartments with a total of 33 beds. The rooms are inspired and colored according to our nature around us. Here you will find Ljungheden, Blomsterängen, Fruktskogen, Sandstranden and Hästhagen. We have double rooms and family rooms and you can rent the entire farmhouse XNUMX hours a day or weekly for a whole company.

As a guest in one of the courtyard's room options, you have access to the kitchen's fridge, freezer and microwave as well as the living room of the manor building.

Guest house Stenshuvud, located 150 meters from the farm, offers 23 beds spread over 8 rooms.

Food & Drink - HEART OF THE FARM

In the old carriage house on the farm we have set up a cafe and country kitchen where we cook and serve the farm's food. Here we serve breakfast, scones, sweet pastries for the coffee. We have tasty sandwiches, hot lunches and during parts of the season we serve Sunday dinner. The farm's kitchen offers fresh, clean produce from the area. Most of the vegetables, eggs and meat we get from the farm and nearby farms. Homemade and cooked from scratch as far as possible.

We have an Italian coffee machine with the best coffee Fogarolli that serves you everything from Caffe Latte and Cappuccino to Chai Latte and hot Italian Chocolate.

We also arrange food for the farm's pre-ordered arrangements. The food is rustic and rustic. Everything from Swedish home cooking to Mediterranean-inspired dishes. For our party events and conferences we can now also offer multi-course dinners, buffets and barbecue evenings which are advantageously enjoyed in our café garden.

Serving permits are available.


In our party room which is housed in the courtyard's eastern wing, there is room for 110 sitting guests. We have tables and comfortable chairs for many long speeches. After dinner, some of the tables are usually dived away to dance.

The food at the party is important and there are several good pubs in the countryside that cater to party meals. They also rent fine china and tablecloths for the party. You can bring your own drink to the food.

Our country kitchen can show up brunch the day after or a barbecue the day before. Book the room well in advance. And the church!


You can rent the whole yard with the manor house and other rooms in our west wing as well as apartments in the east wing. Then you have room for accommodation for 33 of your guests.
Access to newly renovated kitchen in the manor house when you rent the whole yard or the whole manor house.

If you add accommodation in our guesthouse you have accommodation for a total of 50 guests.

If you are interested in seeing a wedding film from the farm email


At Svabesholm you confer quietly and undisturbed, in small groups such as large groups. We have meeting rooms for 4 people up to 100 people.

Svabesholms Kungsgård, surrounded by beautiful agricultural landscapes, apple orchards and with the nearest neighbor Stenshuvud's National Park makes it easy to let nature into the conference room, to relax and enjoy. The demanding and beautiful environment makes it easy for participants to become more open, creative and harmonious.

The surroundings with their nature create a close and multifaceted range of energy-creating activities. Here you will enjoy scenic coastline with beautiful beaches, coastal mountains with view points, lush noble deciduous forests, a magnificent heath and a rich wildlife and plant life. Take a quick walk, ride a bike, take a guided tour, sit down and enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful place. Our yard is also a nice place to just be, enjoying the stillness of focus and new energy.

For the personal feeling and a relaxed environment, the farm's accommodation has been created for the feeling of a home rather than a hotel.

Confer quietly and undisturbed, small or large groups.

Svabesholms Kungsgård
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Tors-Sun - Café & Country Kitchen 11:00 - 17:00 The kitchen closes at 16:30

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