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Svabesholms Kungsgård - Österlen

Svabesholms Kungsgård

Svabesholms Kungsgård - Österlen

A living farm with:
Gårdshotell with 50 beds. Café & Country Kitchen. Farm shop. Conference. Party & Wedding. Party hall that takes 110 seated. Horse Facility. The visiting garden The English Garden and the shops Apotekarns Trädgård, Urban Living, Oriental and Vintage and the Prylbyrån.
As a visitor you will find a selection of coffee and go lunch food, home decor, design, fashion, vintage, visit garden with plant shop and garden accessories and garden plants. Accommodation open every day of the year.

Svabesholms Kungsgård has ancient origins right from the beginning of the 1600 century. Until 1834, the farm served as a horse-riding lodge and here several hundred horses were used in the cavalry. Even today, the horses have a prominent place on the farm.

1996 acquired the current owner, the Thuresson family, the farm and has continuously renovated it. In addition to the farm hotel, café and party room, there is now a stable, riding stables and outdoor courtyard with our own riding track base High Tide System,

What distinguishes Svabesholms Kungsgård is that the visitor gets a sense of having found their "own" farm. Here, the animals and nature are in focus and here is a sustainable environment the highest priority.

The farm is self-sufficient on heat through tiling from its own forest and has solar cells that make us self-sufficient on electricity.
Our idea is based on the genuine meeting between the visitor and the farm's genuine environment and its surrounding nature. The range of experiences is multifaceted. To indulge in just enjoying can also be a strong experience.
Our motto is that nothing is impossible and that your stay in the farm becomes a memory for life.
We guide you to is the best experience.

Anders Thuresson with family
A meeting place for celebration, joy and community

Accommodation / Conference open all year round.

Café & Country Kitchen:
10 - 6 june Thurs.-11-17
7 - 8 Sept open every day at 11-XNUM Midsummer Eve closed!
9 Sept - 23 dec torsd-zond at 11-17

Svabesholms Kungsgård
277 35 Kivik
070 638 42 04
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Café & Country Kitchen open 2019 -
10 / 1-6 / 6, Thu-Sun 11: 00 - 17: 00
7 / 6-8 / 9, Mon-Sun 11: 00 - 17: 00 Midsummer Eve
9 / 9-22 / 12, Thu-Sun 11: 00 - 17: 00
26/12-29/12 11:00 - 17:00
EASY 17 / 4-22 / 4, Wed-Mon 11: 00 - 17: 00

Our current events

There are no upcoming events right now.

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