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The success of the September exhibition continues!

Is there any way to extend the season and at the same time highlight the high quality of Österlen's art scene? It was the thoughts that got the destination site Ö and a handful of reputable galleries up and running September exhibition the pandemic year 2020.

On 11-19 September 2021, the second round will be held September exhibition where three of Österlen's foremost galleries highlight about 40 specially selected artists during a late summer week.

Panel discussion

A news is that the week begins with a panel discussion at Gårdens Vedugn in Simrishamn on September 6 at 10-12 with the title "The September exhibition - over a cup of coffee. A conversation about art and Österlen" with Ýrr Jonasdóttir, director of Ystad Art Museum, and artists selected by her.

Featuring galleries 2021

Featuring galleries at September exhibition is Gallery Thomas Wallner and Simris, Rikstolvan in Järrestad and Olseröd Art Gallery. During the week, the three galleries show group exhibitions where they have selected 14 artists each. 

It can be about personal favorites, artists unknown to the general public living on Österlen, or unusually exciting contemporary art. 

Visitors are then welcome to go on to the artists' studios, which will be open throughout the week - an opportunity for interesting conversations and meetings with both art and practitioners.

Last year, Gallery CH in Borrby also participated, but since the founders passed away and the gallery was closed down, its artists will be linked to the other three. Gallery CH's Peter Schrecks and Christina Hörnblad's long-standing work will be highlighted during the week. 

The ambition is to September exhibition will be a recurring event that can be expanded with, for example, seminars, when the pandemic has eased. Another idea is to also create a digital exhibition with the selected artists. 

Photographs by Peter Carlsson

Art is constantly present in Österlen.

It was here that artists began to come in the late 1800th century, attracted by affordable housing, pristine painting environments and the special light - created by the meeting between sea and air when water drops drift in over land, while the sand reflects the sky. Something that gives the same phenomenon as at Skagen. It was also in the area that Sweden's first art round was created on Pentecost in 1968, when a group of artists around Maglehem came together and opened their studios to the audience.

Fact box

High-quality art event at Österlen with a focus on showcasing the best of Österlen's contemporary artists
Arranged for the second year in a row in 2021
Ongoing 11 - 19 September
Open every day from 12:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX
Free entrance
Organizer: ö
3 of Österlen's foremost galleries - Gallery Thomas Wallner, Rikstolvan, Olseröds Konsthall
About 40 artist studios open up for visitors
Maps, addresses, and all necessary information can be found here ö / septemberutställningen

Gallery Thomas Wallner

GALLERY THOMAS WALLNER Founded in Malmö in 1974 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most interesting galleries with a focus on young Scandinavian artists. The gallery moved to Simris in 2010 and today has 350 square meters of exhibition space, including a courtyard. It is one of the country's most significant galleries for contemporary art.

Thomas Wallner was the one who came up with the idea for the concept - to arrange a group exhibition in September based on galleries choosing their favorites. The premiere year, he broke audience records in the gallery in Simris, over a thousand people came the first weekend.

- The September exhibition is made to raise the quality, when galleries choose artists, it becomes a quality assurance. Formulating the selection when it comes to artists is almost impossible. It is based on the fact that they have their own language, that they have something of their own to say and a way of expressing themselves so that you can immediately see that it is that artist. 

Then there are also artists in Österlen who are hidden gems, for example Mats Bergquist who moved to Lövestad in connection with a large solo exhibition at the gallery. 

- Some other names are Håkan Berg in Maglehem and Owe Gustafson in Borrby. There is so much quality here that is not visible, and it's a shame - with the September exhibition we want to highlight it.

This year he will show a wide range of forms of expression, from video art to sculpture, painting, photography, etc.

- We had a lot of visitors who came back and told us that they had exciting conversations out in the studios, the meetings lead to in-depth study. And we had a surprising number of art enthusiasts who drove down here from Stockholm. 

- I hope that the September exhibition can lead to an increase in interest in art. It can also be a good complement to the art round at Easter - that things happen during different parts of the year. This year we are also a little earlier, we clashed with the gallery week in Malmö last year - I think we can attract a large audience from Lund and Malmö. 

Gallery Rikstolvan

NATIONAL Tolvan run by Bea Tigerhielm and Staffan Julén, opened in 2019 and offers a mix of the spearhead of artists in the region and the international art arena. At the old farm in Järrestad, art and conversation cross the fields between genres and disciplines to open and fill the gap between technology, art and science. 

- I thought that the concept of the September exhibition sounded like a good idea. We had been open for a year, it was a way to extend the season, and September is also one of the nicest months in Österlen. Our ambition is to make good exhibitions that as many as possible have the opportunity to see, says Bea Tigerhjelm. 

- The exhibition meant that we had the opportunity to do something big - after the high season. I also liked the idea of ​​doing something together with others, who work in the same way as us, while we are three quite different galleries. 

The criteria when it comes to the selected artists is that they like the art themselves. Since Rikstolvan is new to Österlen, they had to do thorough research when they made the selection - they visited galleries, asked around and created an image of Österlen's art scene. Among the artists they selected are Gabriella Dahlman and Jonas Larsen in Hammenhög and Lotti Bergström in Brantevik. 

- The most fun experience from the first year with the September exhibition was to meet all the visitors - there were an incredible number who came. And the artists in the studios said that they got a lot of genuinely interested visitors, who liked to discuss and talk about art. It was fun with so many exciting meetings. 

Rikstolvan will have a partly different selection of artists, some were at Österlen last year due to the pandemic but are doing other things this year. One thing the September exhibition will press this year is that it is not only the galleries that are open but also the artists' studios - it was some visitors who missed it last year. 

- I hope that the event can give even more weight to the entire art scene at Österlen, that it can give another dimension - there is such a long tradition of art and artists here. 

Olseröd Art Gallery

OLSERÖDS KONSTHALL is a meeting place for Swedish and international contemporary art in Österlen. It opened in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading exhibition venues in Skåne. Here, above all, relevant art and design come together, but also arts and crafts in fruitful meetings. Axel and Anette Mörner run the business in the beautiful enclosed yard at Olserödsvägen 52.

- The September exhibition is a good opportunity to show the audience outside our gallery how much good art there is in Österlen, with surroundings. It is a favor to be able to highlight them, it feels as if the event can be a way to restart the art scene at Österlen - a vitamin injection and something we can add, says Axel Mörner.

- It is always sensitive to talk about quality and it is tough to only select a certain number per gallery. Our selection for the September exhibition is about artists who are educated, their life task is to be artists - to perform artistic work - and almost all are university educated.

The experiences from the first year are very good, both in terms of visitors and sales, and the expectations for this year's exhibition are high. Many of the visitors also appreciated that the event was just in September when the pace at Österlen calmed down. 

- You notice that there is a need for quality at a higher level, there were many seriously interested visitors who stopped and talked to the artists and had long, nice conversations. It is always incredibly fun to come home to an interesting artist - then the experience will be one hundred percent. 

The selection of artists on display at Olseröd's Art Gallery during the September exhibition includes a wide range with everything from painting, film and sculpture to activism and performance.   

- Our ambition is to show the audience how varied contemporary art can be. We will spread quite a lot, both geographically and in terms of art orientations. The gallery is located up by the Åla coast and we will also have some artists from the north, for example Jens Lundberg in Knislinge and Jonas and Teresa Rooth in Maglehem, but also all over Österlen and away to Ystad. 

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