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The beach company at Löderup's beach bath

beach Company

The beach company at Löderup's beach bath

We only have one land and we want to support local players. It is therefore our ambition that most raw materials should be within cycling distance. Everything is cooked and prepared at the restaurant and at the Southern Company's smokehouse.

The menu combines Austrian small dishes, which are varied according to the season's ingredients together with our own recipes for burgers plus some good for the kids.

The bar offers about twenty different beers, several good and reasonably priced wines as well as a lot of yummy drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives. As often as we can, we have live music. And then we have coffee.


Why are you guaranteed to remember this particular conference?
- The food is locally produced, without additives and guaranteed good taste.
- We are with you all day with service and care.
- You get the whole of Österlen's hottest bar / restaurant for yourself in a cozy and creative environment.
- It is a few meters down to the wild, beautiful sea for refreshing walks and dives (!)
- Our activities are simply a bit baller.
- After completing the work shift, you can have a full evening with food and bar.

- Bookable days: Monday-Thursday
- Appropriate number of participants: 8-30
- Food: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, bar as desired
- Equipment: Projector, whiteboard
- Accommodation: We can help with that if you want
Activities: Sausage course at Södra Kompaniet, stand-up paddle surfing, tandem paragliding, live music etc.
- Contact us for questions and quotes:
073-922 33 23

beach Company
Östanvägen 4
271 77 Löderup
073-922 33 23
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Our current events

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30 Jul at 20:00 - PM22:00
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Cicci Landén Band @ Strandkompaniet

31 Jul at 20:00 - PM22:30
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Apolonia @ Strandkompaniet

1 Aug at 20:00 - PM22:30
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Kingdom Days @ Strankompaniet

5 Aug at 20:00 - PM23:00
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Prince Black - Strandkompaniet

21 Aug at 20:00 - PM22:30
Live music at Strandkompaniet Click here to buy your tickets!

Nicke Borg - Strandkompaniet

27 Aug at 20:00 - PM22:30
Live music at Strandkompaniet Click here to buy your tickets!

Ledfoot - Strandkompaniet

25 Sep at 20:00 - PM22:30
Live music at Strandkompaniet Click here to buy your tickets!

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