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Stick Warm.

Stick Warm.
Written by Annika Olsson / August 11, 2019


Now I do not know if the word "hot" at all exists, or if it is a word that I only have in my own head. But by hot, I mean in any case when it's so hot and nauseous that it feels like you have a heavy stew on your head. A heat that causes the sweat to leach and you just want to go for a bath. That's when the flies get a little crazy and go to attack and bits worse than attacking combat soldiers. Just such a day was when I was on the shooting field.

2019 08 08 5 ö

Haväng's bathing place was filled with bathed people, which it usually is when the weather is nice on Österlen. Although on the long strip of the shooting field, there was plenty of sun worshipers. Here it goes longer and people are lazy creatures. Nowadays, you should rather buy expensive gym cards to get your exercise, instead of the everyday exercise you get absolutely free of hiking a little further to the beach.

2019 08 08 23 ö

I wandered out over the dry shooting field with the sweat running along the spine.

2019 08 08 3 1 österlen.se2019 08 08 14 ö

I regretted a bit that I chose sandals this day. Millions of small dry flower seeds gathered in my shoes and became like a sticky mourning in my sweaty sandals. Leather boots are unbeatable, in all weathers, I am convinced of that !! That which we Scanians sing in the schnapps song, I do not think that is true. That thing with that man "Sweat less without overpowering, so buy sandal thighs and air your toes" No, wool socks and leather boots always feel the best.

2019 08 08 12 österlen.se2019 08 08 13 ö

In the north a faint murmur was heard and the sky changed character.

2019 08 08 1 österlen.se2019 08 08 4 ö

The first flash appeared far over Åhus. Thunder is nature's beautiful spectacle, and I love it ... only you know that the computer at home is pulled out ...

So beautiful! So indescribably beautiful !!

2019 08 08 8 ö

Quote of the day:

When you are at your absolute best, you will still not be good enough for the wrong person. When you behave the worst, you will still be good enough for the right one.

You simply have to be who you are and strive to be your best version.

Hug on you from me.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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But set for Sunday morning.

17 September 2019
a quiet Sunday morning ö


On a gray cloudy Sunday morning I chose to start my day at the sea.

2019 09 15 59 österlen.se2019 09 15 62 ö

Nothing is as nice as a lone walk on a deserted sandy beach.

2019 09 15 58 österlen.se2019 09 15 66 ö

With the Johnny dog ​​by my side, I enjoyed the humid breeze against my face.

2019 09 15 60 österlen.se2019 09 15 63 österlen.se2019 09 15 64 ö

At the edge of the beach was a beautiful oak set up in the sand. Around, a lot of seabirds had gathered ... to Johnny's great happiness.

2019 09 15 65 österlen.se2019 09 15 68 ö

Considering Johnny's bad legs, he kindly had to walk connected to my side. I knew for sure that Johnny would otherwise have lost all self-control and mastery. He had gone off like a madman straight into the flock of birds. It would not have been particularly good for himself or for the screaming bird-birds, which strangely strutted around the empty boat.

2019 09 15 71 österlen.se2019 09 15 74 ö

We stopped for a while and looked out over the sea. I enjoyed the beautiful view where I could see Bornholm far away on the horizon. Johnny was probably wondering how he could go unnoticed on a hostile gull.

2019 09 15 75 österlen.se2019 09 15 76 ö

Instead of continuing to fool around with stupid pouters, Johnny lay down on his side and rolled happily rounds in the damp sand. His shiny black coat turned yellow-beige like a golden retriever. Then he shook himself pleasantly so it felt as if my whole body was being sandblasted. Of course - if you have been on a sandy beach, it should be visible in the car where you have been…

2019 09 15 78 ö

Quote of the day:

There are friends for the moment and there are friends for life, but it is only time that can show who is who.

Is there really any better friend than a dog ... No matter how angry I can sometimes get on my Johnny dog, his love for me is so total !! If he gets a reprimand, he just rushes on and gets ready to pounce on me with his great love. Although of course, now in the old days we have much more indulgence with all his cheats ...

Do good and hug


1036 59deffc52a6b2294936b72831 ö

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It is probably lucky that the fall is coming.

16 September 2019
it is probably lucky that the cough comes ö


Who had really dared to be dizzy with spring feelings all year long?

2019 09 15 44 ö

Or fulfilled by summer energy all day of the year? After all, they had not been able to do that.

2019 09 15 49 österlen.se2019 09 15 54 ö

It is probably all good luck that autumn is coming and slowing us down a bit.

2019 09 15 23 österlen.se2019 09 15 50 ö

Even the animals seem to take it a little calmer now. The cows out in their yard, instead of their slightly eco-friendly spring looks, have now received a somewhat more harmonious shimmer in their fine cow eyes. Their looks are, like, more adultly veiled.

2019 09 15 47 österlen.se2019 09 15 48 ö

The calves have grown considerably during the summer. As all "gluttons" do when they go green. For sure, you also remember how the pants legs on the kids' jeans had always shrunk a whole decimeter when it was time for the first school day in the fall term. They are always lucky that small calves do not go to school or use jeans for that matter either. Yes, it is probably lucky that the fall is coming.

2019 09 15 56 ö

At home in our garden, all the leaves have fallen off our little rowanberry, and on the roof of the woodshed the flower bulbs bloom as most beautifully.

2019 09 15 45 österlen.se2019 09 15 46 ö

Autumn usually is a quiet time in my family, but this year there is full activity for us. Things to fix and try. It is good that the autumn comes and creates a little calm. Yes, it's probably all good luck there ...

2015 08 29 nr1 017 ö

Quote of the day:

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. // Albert Einstein

Feel good and hug from me.


2016 09 23 nr9 002 ö

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Stop growing.

15 September 2019
stop at ö

Hello Hello

So this growing year, there is no stopping how much it is growing right now.

2019 09 01 51 österlen.se2019 09 01 59 ö

That the sunflowers this year beat all records, I have shown you before. But to my great delight, the difficult-to-flirt angel trumpet has also tightened up.

2019 09 01 40 österlen.se2019 09 01 50 ö

This spring when I put out the big barrel with the bare sticks in, I blurted out on it. No, I didn't think I would be able to enjoy any angel flowers at all this year.

2019 05 30 17 österlen.se2019 05 30 24 ö

But then it became so stately.

2019 09 01 35 ö

2019 09 01 36 ö

That's how these sunflowers are. They are not only extremely tall, no some of them have got huge flowers, twice as big as old-fashioned LPs.

2019 09 01 38 österlen.se2019 09 01 39 ö

Next year I'll take a break from the sunflower cultivation. Although it can of course be sunflowers even without my participation. There is, after all, evidence of being outside the small pond. There, the birds have their own little sunflower cultivation.

2019 09 01 42 österlen.se2019 09 01 47 ö

Quote of the day:

Strength does not come from what you can handle. It comes from what you didn't think you would do.

Big hug from me.


2016 09 22 nr2 001 ö

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Autumn is so beautiful.

14 September 2019
the cough is so beautiful ö


Autumn is so beautiful I think.

2015 09 29 nr2 025 ö

Certainly, the darkness sneaks on and certainly every day becomes a bit colder. But no seasons are as beautiful as autumn.

2016 09 08 nr4 012 ö

Nature is getting ready for a much needed rest. I myself am full of energy and feel summer strong and moody.

2015 09 03 nr2 016 österlen.se2015 09 23 nr2 023 ö

The scents in the forest make me almost high. Slightly drunk, I enjoy every autumnal breath. Yes, almost as if I happened to eat some of the wrong kind of mushrooms.

2015 09 24 007 österlen.se2019 08 28 36 ö

The garden has grown up and become as independent as a teenage child. Little support in life, so that everything does not go overpowered. Yes, that's all that's needed now, before the leaves fall.

2017 09 22 nr1 014 österlen.se2016 08 31 nr3 033 ö

Autumn is so beautiful I think.

2015 9 04 nr2 010 österlen.se2016 09 09 nr3 008 ö

Quote of the day:

Take a day when you decide not to whine or complain about anything? Feel how it feels.

Hug Annika

2015 09 30 nr2 011 ö

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Just plain water.

13 September 2019
just plain water ö


That lovely evening when we were surprised by the rain, it was just fabulously beautiful.

2019 09 03 59 ö

After all, we had only come down to the beach at Knäbäckshusen when we were surprised by a heavy rain.

2019 09 03 32 ö

Away over Stenshuvud, a small streak of the sun gleamed through the clouds. As a result, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the sea.

2019 09 03 35 österlen.se2019 09 03 36 ö

Over the national park it cleared up more and more and the sky turned blue again.

2019 09 03 34 ö

Over the sea, there were now two parallel rainbows that seemed to disappear into the depths.

2019 09 03 37 österlen.se2019 09 03 38 ö

As we approached the National Park, the rain had stopped and I was able to fold down the Kapuschong again. Johnny rushed the water out of the coat and took the opportunity to quench the thirst in the little stream that ran into the sea.

2019 09 03 44 österlen.se2019 09 03 40 österlen.se2019 09 03 45 ö

At the Krivareboden, the rays of the sun had once again started to look ahead and warmed us well.

2019 09 03 55 österlen.se2019 09 03 56 ö

Autumn was reminiscent of a bush's beautiful red-changing color.

2019 09 03 53 österlen.se2019 09 03 51 österlen.se2019 09 03 50 ö

On the way back to Knäbäck, the clouds formed fantastic creations in the sky.

2019 09 03 57 österlen.se2019 09 03 58 ö

Maybe it was one of the more beautiful evenings at this beach on Österlen…

2019 09 03 63 ö

I was so happy that my old fine Johnny dog ​​had a good day with his bad leg, and was able to come with me this evening.

2019 09 03 62 ö

When I turned back towards Gyllebo again, the clouds had begun to adopt a loving pink tone. I felt grateful for life.

2019 09 03 64 ö

Quote of the day:

Clouds and humans mostly consist of water and often represent something they are not.

A wonderful quote that I saw on a friend's Facebook page. So true about plain water. Thank you Tina for conveying this beautiful quote ♥

Hug me Annika

2019 09 03 3 ö

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Our time.

12 September 2019
was time ö


Autumn, it's a wonderful time. It's here now.

2017 10 03 nr1 011 ö

I always enjoy this time of year when the first autumn scent is felt in the air. I really enjoy this year.

2019 09 01 70 ö

My beloved fine Johnny dog ​​has a malignant cancerous tumor in the hind leg. For every morning round he can keep up with, I am overjoyed.

2019 09 01 79 ö

Last week we walked as often as one lap around Lake Gyllebosjön.

2019 09 01 65 österlen.se2019 09 01 66 ö

As usual, I kept a close eye on Johnny and his way of going. For the first time, I could imagine that maybe he was limping a little and went a little stiffer. We paused often.

2019 09 01 72 österlen.se2019 09 01 78 ö

The small dogs were full of their…

2019 09 01 73 österlen.se2019 09 01 75 ö

I enjoyed nature's own artwork.

2019 09 01 67 österlen.se2019 09 01 68 ö

One fall is not the other like, and I am painfully aware that next year may look completely different ...

2019 09 01 69 ö

For the first time Johnny showed clear signs of pain in his leg. As she wrote, my veterinary daughter, Histiocytic sarcoma is no child's play…

2019 09 01 62 ö

But now is now, and we do every day as well as we can.

2019 09 01 60 ö

Quote of the day:

Sometimes someone comes into your life and gives you the feeling that you are HOME, wherever you are.

Have a really nice day.

Hug Annika

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Behind the clouds the sky is always blue.

11 September 2019
behind the clouds the sky is always bla ö

2019 09 03 14 ö


Yes, that phrase "that the sky is always blue behind the clouds", it became so clear that night when Johnny and my dog ​​walked the Knäbäckshusen beach.

2019 09 03 22 ö

When I drove away from home, a happy sun beamed over Gyllebo. But already in Rarar the clouds became sealed.

2019 09 03 7 österlen.se2019 09 03 10 ö

Over Rörum's church and over Mandelmann's small lonely tree, the thick, gray clouds towered menacingly.

2019 09 03 9 österlen.se2019 09 03 8 ö

-we can handle us dry-shod, I thought to myself, as I walked down the hill towards the sea ...

2019 09 03 12 österlen.se2019 09 03 16 ö

But I got…

2019 09 03 19 ö

2019 09 03 23 ö

We had nothing more than to get down on the beach until a heavy rain was upon us. The colors faded and the view over Vik became quite foggy. So beautiful in its own little way. I pulled the hoodie over my head while Johnny seemed to enjoy full mugs.

2019 09 03 21 ö

In the wet sand jumped a small poor injured swallow. For a moment I thought about how I could make its suffering short ... But no, I simply couldn't take the life of the poor animal.

cool ö

Little sadly we walked on in the lukewarm rain. In the sky, a faint rainbow had begun to appear.

2019 09 03 26 ö

Arriving at the mouth of Rörumsbäcken, the rain began to slow down slightly. Johnny panted on by my side, happy to have another little tour.

2019 09 03 28 österlen.se2019 09 03 31 ö

Quote of the day:

All tears are not sad, and all smiles are not happy.

But a smile can never ever hurt.

Hug Annika

2019 09 03 4 ö

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My red hibiscus.

10 September 2019
my red hibiscus ö


I have a red hibiscus that I got from my weird godmother. This year, it is breaking all records.

2019 09 01 30 österlen.se2019 09 01 29 ö

It grows lushly away at my little orange. In a year or so, I might have to google cropping ... if it doesn't get too big.

2019 09 01 49 ö

It is lovely and full of buds!

2019 09 01 32 ö

It is not only in my garden that it grows and thrives. In the past, I was able to take a look at Gyllebo's little horse jump track when I went on my morning walks. It is no longer possible. Now both the bookcase has grown thick and strong and the book hedge inside the fence has become high and dense. Now you can only imagine that there are horses there, when you hear them frozen with delight.

2019 08 18 006 ö

Opposite the bathing place you can also talk about plant power. Imagine how much the small corn barley grows in just one summer.

2019 08 18 008 ö

I wonder if anyone has poured extra nutrition into the water here in Gyllebo… because then it may not be so strange that my own waist size has increased a little over the summer.

2019 08 28 33 ö

No, I do not worry about a kilo up or down. It should be good to live.

2017 09 08 nr4 007 ö

Quote of the day:

I have a perfect body! I just fit in it!

In my youth, I worried too much about what my body looked like. Life has taught me to care about how the body feels.

Well done dear.

Hug Annika

2016 09 13 nr1 001 ö

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The last drops of summer.

9 September 2019
the last drops of summer ö


After supper, I took my bike on a little ride. Down by the lake I stopped for a while. It is clearly visible how the darkness is creeping, earlier and earlier for each evening.

2019 09 01 1 österlen.se2019 09 01 16 ö

The youth of the area took the opportunity to suck the last drops of this year's summer this fine evening.

2019 09 01 7 österlen.se2019 09 01 3 ö

The beautiful girls may have taken the last dip of the summer from the dock. A little away the tame duck family sat and made their feathers beautiful.

2019 09 01 23 ö

2019 09 01 5 ö

It was splashed both by thugs and by ducks in the lukewarm water. The evening felt almost magical.

2019 09 01 9 österlen.se2019 09 01 19 ö

Then they caught sight of me, and came rocking against me ... the ends thus ... eager for biscuits and other sweets.

2019 09 01 21 ö

When I got home, it was inviting in the little guest house. I thought for a while about my daughter far away in Alabama. It always hit my heart ... It takes a long time for her to come home again, but as soon as time goes on, it probably just says "Phåffff" then she is home again.

2019 09 01 27 ö

Her cat, Felix, often sits on the veranda and even looks at the little guesthouse. He probably longs too ... We make sure "her house" is ready whenever she pleases to come home.

2015 09 07 nr1 024 ö

Quote of the day:

Some people want a big classy villa, an expensive nice car and lots of money. Others just want a little cabin in the woods far away from these people.

We are all different. With different goals and dreams. For me, it fits best with a small house in Gyllebo on Österlen.

Hug Annika

2018 09 16 6 ö

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Eastern Lending in the big city.

8 September 2019
osterleningar in the big city ö


Last weekend me and my dear friend waved goodbye to our Österlen and steered the cuddle to our beautiful capital, Stockholm.

2015 09 09 nr1 036 ö

With the bags packed with almost only running clothes, we jumped on the train in Simrishamn. We were ready to take care of our capital and 2019 years edition of the girl mile.

2019 09 02 nr1 006 ö

We checked in at my favorite hotel Frey. A hotel that deserves to get its own little blog post later.

2019 09 02 nr3 057 ö

"Yes, yes ... yes, we are not so inexperienced," Petra said to a slightly snotty man, who kindly showed us how to make the elevator move, as we were going up to our hotel room.

He looked at us a little big-eyed, and probably didn't understand a word of what we, two happy sconces, were really babbling about. But up we came and could install ourselves in our room.

2019 09 02 nr3 052 ö

After walking many kilometers in a lovely Stockholm weather, we were finally ready for this year's girl mile.

2019 09 02 nr3 056 österlen.se69358297 371050257152864 3754616773295472640 n ö

Maybe it was the hottest and sultry day of the year? It was so hot that we had to load for a while in the shade of a tree. There under the tree we met an experienced lady. We chatted with her for a while and could soon understand that she was a used runner for many years. But that day, she had only come to cheer on a friend, she said.

69596405 753765851733501 7243983740848832512 n ö

The starting shot went and it became a heavy mile for me out on Gärdet. Maybe it was the suites after my cold, the "sciatica" in my legs or it was simply the heat that made it somewhat more difficult than usual. Suddenly I heard a voice in the audience ... "Hello number 14568, hello Österlen" .... And think what some peppy words can make a big difference! Thank you unknown woman who gave me some extra strength.

Both me and Petra got to the finish, cruelly satisfied with both of us ourselves.

69359683 365857117663121 8781502563036954624 n ö

The next day we jumped on the train again and rushed back down to Skåne and to our dear Österlen.

2019 09 02 nr1 005 ö

Nothing is as wonderful as "cum heaven" ... "heaven in Österlen again!

2018 09 14 nr1 5 österlen.se2018 09 14 nr1 6 ö

Quote of the day:

Life begins where your safety zone ends.

For us, more running training awaits before the next dreamy goal will be fulfilled ... If you dare not test then you can never succeed.

Have them nice and hug.


69743660 379910556031611 1933385678687567872 n ö

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