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Facts about Österlenbyn


Stiby church village consists of a number of farms, a handful of small residential buildings and a number of larger villas along national road 11 and along the road towards Ö. Vemmerlöv. High above the hilly farmland is Stiby church. Stiby is clustered with the station society Gärsnäs.

Gärsnäs AB set Gärsnäs on the map and without exaggeration, we can say that the cultural association Maddam, which is responsible for the three old farms Nils Nils and Ragnar Pers in Stiby and Jolasgården a stone's throw east of Stiby, gives Stiby-Gärsnäs a name mentioned throughout the cultural world.

The architecture of the three farms also raises legitimate looks and has received attention with cultural prize. There is also Gallery Blue. The surroundings are an intensive cultivation landscape, undulating fertile farming.

In the twin village Gärsnäs There is a grocery store, school, retirement home, kiosk, café, bakery, grocery store and other specialty shops. The distance to Simrishamn is 12 kilometers.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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