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Stenshuvud National Park

Stenshuvud National Park boasts a lush avenue forest, magical alpine forest, dry moors, rich meadows, sandy beach and views of Hanö Bay.

Naturum Stenshuvud is our visitor center. Here you can see an exhibition about the national park, meet knowledgeable staff, join a guided tour, browse a book in our reading corner and buy a cup of coffee in the summer.

When should you visit the park?
Here you will find out what happens in Stenshuvud National Park during the different seasons.

In mid-April, the white sips begin to bloom and color the entire forest white. At the same time, the backsides bloom on the meadows and the air is filled with birds chirping. From mid-May to midsummer, the nightingale sings and the orchids color the meadow below the natural purple.

The time of year when most visitors come. Now the dry meadows bloom and the cows are out on pasture in large parts of the national park.

Now the forest shines in all the colors of autumn. The squirrel collects hazelnuts in the strings before winter. In the old fruit crops the apples ripen.

It is now clear that the forest has emerged in recent years. The big old crowned oaks and books stand out in the smaller avenue forest. In snow you can see traces of hare, fox and badger. Single moose also pass.

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