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Almost in the middle of Tomelilla municipality, about six kilometers northeast of the central town, at the road towards Onslunda, located Spjutstorp. The surroundings are open, hilly cultivation landscape. Once upon a time, the railway tracks near the old church village with its well-preserved archaic character, where street houses and farms, every other time, along with station houses and newer residential buildings, make up today's active village.

In Spjutstorp, 1936 Sweden's first open-air swimming pool was built with a swimming school, a facility that still attracts many exercisers, bath lovers and brand-owners during the summer. The bath is next to the sports ground where the very successful association Spjutstorps IF has become something of a nursery for soccer talents, girls as well as boys.

In Spjutstorp there is much that revolves around music and dance. Bäckavallen's dance rotunda offers up to dance during a number of summer evenings. Engine enthusiasts, not least motorcyclists, are also gathered here during the year. In the village there are also tradition-heavy Spjutstorps Badorkester, which travels around Österlen and maintains. Almost every year, the local spjutstorpsrevyn finds great crowds laughing at their performances in the spring.
There is evidence to assume that people have lived in Spjutstorp ever since the Viking Age.

Like so many other villages, Spjutstorp lost in size and importance when the one-off was carried out, but with the railway, Spjutstorp developed into station society with expanded service. At the church, as before. Inaugurated 1869, there are hostels and popular camping. In the village there are recreation centers, car sales, kennel, dog pension, construction market etc.

Today the village has around 200 residents. The closest primary school year is F-6 Onslunda.
The nearest travel center from where you can go by bus and train is in Tomelilla. It takes 27 minutes with the train to Ystad and 19 minutes to Simrishamn.

The Skåne Express between Ystad and Kristianstad stops at national road 19 two kilometers northwest of Spjutstorp, 35 minutes to Ystad and about one hour to Kristianstad. The Skåne Express between Lund and Malmö stays in Lunnarp, five kilometers south of Spjutstorp. With regional bus you can get to in five minutes o or in ten minutes more Tomelilla.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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