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Southern Company

Southern Company

Southern Company

Hi. We are some sausage-loving chefs who decided to offer good handmade sausages and smoked meats of the highest quality, all made from the best ingredients we can find. We have settled on Österlen, because this is where the best raw materials are - and it is so infinitely beautiful here.

Sausages and chark found in grocery stores are full of incomprehensible additives. Not with us, here it is just pure meat and spices.

We grind, season, stop, smoke, dry and cook everything ourselves in place in our small smokehouse.

Pigs that go out all year round and are stress-free are slaughtered, happier, less medicated and produce a much tastier and juicier meat. Sure, they grow slower and cost 3 times as much as industrial pig, but for us it is obvious that it is we consumers - not the pigs - who are paying that price.

Sausage course and hunting team

sausage Course
Take the company or the poles with you and get on the SURFACE COURSE!
Maybe make your own company basket? Guaranteed better and more educational than most.
Half day: 895: - / p, full day: 1350: - / p

Now we receive hunting teams that want to refine the meat and learn to make sausages.
Half day: 550: - / p, full day: 995: - / p

Contact Jonas on 070-453 22 43 or hej@sodrakompaniet.se and we will tell you more!

Always in the store (except for all the surprises):

Bratwurst, cumin and marjoram, 22: - / hg
Big strong, onion, bell pepper, chili, 22: - / hg
Chorizo, pepper, garlic, chili, 22: - / hg
Vienna sausage, light smoked, 24: - / hg
Pizza basket, tomato, cheese, oregano, 24: - / hg
Cheese sausage, cheese, black pepper, 25: - / hg
Lamb sausage, garlic and pepper, 29: - / hg

Beer sausage, 39: - / hg
Pancetta, 46: - / hg
Dried chorizo, 54: - / hg
Hot smoked side pork, 17: - / hg
Sauna ham, 29: - / hg
Sauna jerky, 37: - / hg
Rillette, pig (200 g can), 65: - / piece
Coppa, 58: - / hg

Southern Company
Hagestadborgsv. 243
276 Löderup
+073 922 33 23
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Fri-Sun 11: 00 - 16: 00

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