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Facts about Österlenbyn

South Björstorp

A stone's throw south of Brösarp goes an exit road from highway 19 towards Södra Björstorp which is actually a village with two faces, the newer leisure village and the old cultivation landscape with the unique eight-story farm Södra Björstorp's estate.

The name suggests that this is a place where a man named Björn built something new and finds point to people living here since the Viking Age. The fossil agriculture with the cairn and terraced fields is unique. At the manor house, both Danish and Swedish nobility have lived. The current farm was built with inspiration from eg. Amalienborg in Copenhagen the years 1771-1775 and is very well preserved. Exhibitions of art and handicrafts are attracted to many visitors in a gray stone trail that once functioned as one of the country's first professional breeding lines.

Surrounding terrain is hilly with solid elements of both deciduous and coniferous forest. In the leisure village of Brunsvik, the active orientation club, etc. has Andrarum his clubhouse.
The distance to Brösarp with service such as school, retirement homes, bus connections, health center, inn, pharmacies, shops etc. are less than a kilometer. To Simrishamn and Tomelilla If you take a car in the quarter.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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