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Facts about Österlenbyn


Nestled in beautiful deciduous forest, little Snapparp lies in hilly landscape just south of St. Olof, east of the road between S: t Olof and Smedstorp. The village is sparsely populated with older farms and individual houses along the narrow gravel road. Idyll is almost a weak expression.

The nature is powerful with dry heaths, single bushes, damp meadows, mosses and marshes. The forest is very different in age. The elements of the book are many, but even avenbok is sometimes common. Pasture land with stone garden yards is common. Here, long-legged frog, smaller woodpecker and hazelnut thrive, the environment is perfect for mosses and lichens.

The nearest major town with school, retirement home, outdoor swimming pool, bus connections, shops etc. is St. Olof two kilometers north. Popular moss fields for birdwatchers are Geding's bog and the dead of the dead.

Close to Snapparp lies a large block of stones which has long been considered to constitute a boundary stone between Gyllebo, Älmhult and Snapparp. It is supposed to resemble a high butter and is called the butterstick cheese.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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