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Forging food and accommodation - Österlen

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Forging food and accommodation - Österlen

At Smedjan, we work as close to production as we can only, seasonally adapt as much as possible and stick to high quality raw materials.
During the daytime in the autumn / spring (Thursday - Saturday) you can come and have a coffee, buy bread, order cakes or have a light lunch, (such as soup, pie, waffle, sandwich)
You can also take a look at our little '' shop part '' where we sell nice plates, saucers and bowls.

If you want to come and enjoy a high-quality meal at Smedjan, Goose Dinner or Christmas dinner, there are occasions for that too. Check out and follow our website, Facebook or Instagram to see what dates we offer dinners and other events.
Forging Food and Lodging

Should you have a party, celebrate something, or just have a nice day or evening with family and friends?
Contact us and we will help with catering!

In addition to food and bakery, we also offer lodging.
In one of our three nice double rooms you can sleep well among newly-defunct sheets and after a good night's sleep have a nice breakfast up in the forge.

If you have any questions, reservations or more information, please reach us on our email or phone.
We look forward to meeting you.
Regards Emelie & Linus

Smedjans Mat & Logi
East Ingelstad 2604
273 94 Tomelilla
070 865 50 95
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Thursday 09: 00 - 16: X
Friday 09: 00 - 16: 00
Saturday 08: 30 - 15

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There are no upcoming events right now.

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