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Organic, locally produced, free of poison and stress - good food is not good enough until it is good for everyone.
Maybe it's the proximity to rolling landscapes and foamy seas, maybe it's the burgeoning family trees of farmers. We don't know what the cause is, but where we come from is the food and everyone affected by it.
Our food philosophy is a patchwork of the best of our country of residence, in short: the good of Österlen. Here's a bit of it:


Root fruits from Kåseberga, colorful and vitamin rich from Ekogården in Kabusa, asparagus from Ingelstorp or musty mushrooms from Torna Hällestad, to give some examples. With us you will always find fresh primers by season.


At Farmor's happiness the hens are well; happy chickens produce good eggs. Grandma's happiness is the chicken's happiness, you could say.


Loafers, french fries, rolls, baguettes and crunch. We have lovely fragrant bread for morning, dinner and evening, directly from the baker.


Free and healthy green grass, in flock and in harmony, without stress and preventative medication. All our meat comes from farmers who care. It will be best that way. For everyone, in every way

East & Chark

Grafmans Goda, Per i Viken, Farmer's best, Soldatorpet's dairy and Möllan's cheese. So are some of our heroes in the counter.

Oil & Vinegar

We have both golden yellow and emerald green delights from local producers, but what would an oil collection be without any Italian? In Sicily there are ancient handicraft traditions in combo with a solid sustainability approach. We have taken part of it here.


Chocolate from acclaimed manufacturers, such as Österlen's chocolate factory, or freshly baked cookies baked by our own pastry chef, well-proven favorites from Olof Viktors, and much more. Come in for a coffee! Or pick the basket full ...


We have Friday Mice by and for all types: ice cream, kale chips, fruit chips, potato chips, popcorn (in varying color and taste), burnt almonds, fudge, greens, cheese, shark, chocolate (in cake or praline), nuts ...


On the shelves there is something for everyone, or everything for those who like to botanize!


"I eat, that's why I am"
So it might have sounded if we were allowed to write philosophy history. Our passion is food, and everything that has to do with it. So, what would we be without our own restaurant?
Our popular chefs prepare tasty lunches where all the ingredients are of course given our quality stamp. Everything is cooked from the ground up, with no additives as far as possible, locally produced and organic in the main. For those who are the fig sucker there are fresh cakes, pastries and chocolates in the café. Everything good, all the way from grip to fork.
Do you want catering, call or come in and talk directly with our chefs!

taste mill
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