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Facts about Österlenbyn


On the road between Rörum and Ö. Vemmerlöv We find just south-south west about Forsemölla an exit road to the east towards Skräddaröds village. Quite a few properties, mainly farms with the name Skräddaröd, are located on both sides of the main road towards Rörum, but the village Skräddaröd is a fairly newly built village consisting of villas.

The surroundings are a mixture of pastures, orchards, small fields and forests. The village's great strength is the magnificent nature experiences that are close by, eg. the waterfalls Forse och Strænte. Here are premises for eg. deciduous frog, smaller woodpecker and larger salamanders. Three kilometers away is the wonderful lake and fishing lake Gyllebosjön, the municipality's largest lake.

It is barely five kilometers to the morning beach at Knäbäckshusen. Stockeboda farm with restaurant and own beer brewery etc. is within cycling distance, as is Rörum's southern river with the waterfalls at Forse and Stränte, Rörums village, Vik with harbor and two 18 hole golf courses, Kulla amusement park, Stenshuvuds national park and Mandelmann's gardens.

There are many artists, craftsmen and other cultural workers in Skräddaröd and the surrounding area. The nearest major city with services such as schools, hospitals, shops is Simrishamn 14 kilometers to the southeast. Schools are also available Gärsnäs and Ahus. Bus connections to Simrishamn and Ahus found from the main road between Rörum and Ö. Vemmerlöv.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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