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With lots of love, commitment and personal service, we have created a restful Bed and Breakfast.
Here you will have the chance to relax in a fantastic environment in the heart of Österlen. Enjoy breakfast in our courtyard or out in the garden with sea views. Here you experience a calm and total relaxation in a family atmosphere.

Sweden's most beautiful place is Österlen and to Sköllen you can come both spring, summer, autumn and winter. All seasons at Österlen have their own charm and we are therefore open all year round. We also have an interior design shop Fröken Alfridas that you are welcome to visit.
We are happy to share with you our favorite places and tips on activities in Österlen.

We who run Sköllen are Kristin and Gustaf and you will also meet our children, Elicia and little Klara, our cats Simba and Kissen and our dog Bamse. We are a family that runs this with love and have a great interest in you getting the best experience.

Welcome to us!

Became 2210
272 91 Simrishamn
0704 71 82 82
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Mon-Sun 08:00 - 22:00

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