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Sköllengården - Bed and Breakfast

Sköllengården | Wine Package

Welcome to Sköllengården B&B. A cozy accommodation in a double room with a sea view. Taxi will pick you up for a comfortable trip to Nordic Sea Winery. The wine package starts at 17: 30. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet the following day.

  • Check-in in double room at Sköllengården incl. breakfast the following day
  • Taxi to Nordic Sea Winery with Taxi Österlen
  • Guided tour of the oak barrel, tank hall, production and vineyard (no prod. Sat-sun)
  • Wine tasting of 5 wines * and well-chosen delicacies (non-alcoholic options available)
  • Main course cooked on ingredients after season
  • Dessert
    Price: fr. 1 695 SEK / person
    The package price is subject to availability. Drinks for main course and dessert are added.

For booking contact us at Sköllengården,

either by phone 0414-411447 el. send us an email.

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