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Karl Aspelin has sometimes been called the first painter on Österlen, the Smålander who formed the so-called Kivik collective in the villa with the nice view over the Baltic Sea from the location on the slopes in Skogsdala. Even today, art plays a major role in the small "suburb" Ahus.

In the terrain on the way up to the fantastic viewpoint Lilla Sten above the farm Bergdala is the Kivik Art Center. In addition to KAC, a large number of artists live in and around Skogsdala, which includes: means lots of visitors in connection with the artistic round in Easter. Many also want to visit Ulriksdal's garden in Skogsdala and Esperöd's mansion with the famous arboretum and the shops at Kivikås.

From Skogsdala you can also take off towards the national park Stenshuvud either via Karakas or Svinaberga. The buildings in Skogsdala consist of farms with strikingly clear elements of fruit orchards and quite large houses up in the steep slope towards the farm Bergåsa with excellent views of the Hanö Bay.

Bus connections are located to the south Simrishamn as north towards Brösarp/ Kristianstad. Services such as schools, stores, retirement homes, etc. are available Ahus in easy walking distance north of the village.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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