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Skillinge Theater - Café and Restaurant

Skillinge Theater Garden Cafe

Skillinge Theater has existed as a central cultural meeting place in Österlen since 1995 and is known for its own produced and praised performing arts, its concerts & events with literature, dance, design ... the goal is to offer people in the country as good culture as you can get in the big cities. The theater has a total of three stages as well as a well-reputed restaurant with 7 meters in ceiling height and a charming and sparkling courtyard where the roses grow in a row.

Regular year, there are about 8000 visitors to the various events. Also Skillinge Theater's restaurant has received many ratings and high ratings by the visitors. The restaurant is inspired by lush Mediterranean family dinners and the wine list with only organic, specially selected wines is greatly appreciated.
Skillinge Teater started 2020 with big plans for the summer with a completely unique version of Hamlet and many great artists booked, ranging from Timo Räisänen, Movits, Jill Jonsson to Malmö Fire Choir Orchestra and others. But when everyone's reality changed during the spring, we realized that we would have to think about the whole, says Karin Johansson-Mex, one of Skillinge Theatre's two operations managers.
Infectious culture thus became our theme word for a whole new programming of the summer at Skillinge Theater. It stimulated us to a completely new thought so this summer the theater can now proudly offer the following programs:

· 30.000 days - life a hike A unique 3 dimensional sound hike that leads us through Skillinge fishing camps and where visitors one goes individually without the risk of infection.

· The Forgotten Garden Our critically acclaimed children's and family show, which has a new premiere in July. An adventure for all ages where you have to be helped to find the world.

· Greenhouse Dinner - This year, Skillinge Theater's restaurant offers a new concept of Corona-insured dinners in small intimate greenhouses that can be booked individually (max. 4 people per greenhouse) - in short, a Chambre Separee for Coronatids.

Restaurant opening hours:
From Midsummer Day June 20 to August 9:
Tuesday - Sunday from 16.00 to 21.00
For info and tickets see our website
Skillinge Theater's premises are handicapped accessible.

The rest of the year, café and restaurant are open at specific events and the venue is available for booking for eg larger dinners, weddings, birthdays or corporate events.
Welcome to Skillinge Theater!

Skillinge Theater - Café and Restaurant
Möllevångsgatan 9
276 60 Skillinge
076 164 08 64
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