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I was asked by a friend who is an architect if I wanted to make a pop-up Christmas shop in her gallery together with her. We gathered everything that we liked in all its forms and sold on a commission during a December month 2008. We worked intensively. Had a lot of fun.

I discovered then that I had some sort of hidden talent for selling and finding unique, fun, nice things that people wanted to buy. So a year later I was ready to open Skillinge Diversehandel at home in my own home. It started on a rather modest scale. When you got into the store you got right into our kitchen and living room. The boundary between the shop and the private home was not so clear. It became a cozy "home to" feeling.

Now many years later, the store 150 sqm is large and open all year. During the winter Saturdays and Sundays. Great festivals like Christmas and Easter open much more. During the summer seven days a week. Always between 11 - XNUM.

Here you will find carpets, jewelry, reading glasses, ancient things, English handmade men's shoes, bags, dentures, books, shawls, French velvet cloaks, birdbath, cashmerebyxor, electric guitars, vases, olive oils, sweaters, sunglasses, butterflies, Spanish hats paljettklänningar, water barrels and much much more…

Clothes from: Hollington, Camilla Thulin, Harry's Hardware, Joseph Ribkoff, Mousqueton, Two Danes, Mansted, Simola & Tidman, Docksta, Barker ... Crafts: Sam Stigsson, Glass: Kristine Lynum Bjerkem

Warm welcome!

Skillinge Diversehandel
Seymours Road 3
276 60 Skillinge
070 932 69 46
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