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Facts about Österlenbyn


Scenic in the Verkeån valley.

Along Verkeån, sometimes called Skepparpsån, just east of Ravlunda, is a collection of houses and farms called Skepparp. The small village is very scenic in the valley's valley with Haväng downstream with beach and heather heaths and Brösarp upstream. The hiking trail Skåneleden runs through Skepparp, as well as the museum railway Brösarp-St. Olof.

Here is an active cultural heritage association, Havängs kulturförening, which manages Haväng's outdoor museum with eg. Lindgren's long and Öradekaren, where you can enjoy large amounts of rising salmon in the autumn. Here is also the hostel Skepparp. Just south of Skepparp is Haväng's summer village and the new archaeological excavation areas at Malestad.

The nearest town with service is Brösarp one kilometer to the northwest. Here you will find shops, pharmacies, schools, inn, health center, dentist, church, petrol station, specialty shops, pizzeria, sports field etc.
From Brösarp goes local bus and Skåneexpress bus Simrishamn-Kristianstad-Ystad.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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