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Tranås town was originally called the village and is meant to mean a nose where cranes nest. The name is written in writing as Traanaes as early as 1387, but findings of remnants show that people lived here much earlier, presumably already from the 900 century. The Royal Post Office noted that in Småland there was a place that could be confused with Tranås on Österlen and decided that Skåne Tranås would become Skåne Tranås.

Skåne Tranås consolidates its position as a place where quality of life and food culture are grown. A very good tavern, a chocolate shop with its own production and a hostel with broad course activities in so many different specialties such as arrow braiding and eagle watching makes the resort well visited although today only lives around 300 in the village.
The village youth association, an extremely lively one, nevertheless has 300 members.

In the village there is a carpentry factory, retirement home, well drilling, dog boarding, manufac- ture shop etc. Onslunda or Tomelilla offering schools and other services.
It is 9 kilometers to Tomelilla where the travel center is from where you can go both bus and train. Skånetrafiken's on-train service operates the Malmö-Simrishamn via Ystad daily in both directions.

The Skåne Express, the bus between Kristianstad and Ystad, goes through Skåne Tranås. A regional bus to Tomelilla is also. If you want to take the flight, it is just under six miles to Sturup and 11 miles to Kastrup.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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