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Facts about Österlenbyn


A quiet and prosperous residential neighborhood with proximity to service and sea. Simrislund is a quiet and green residential neighborhood surrounded by meadow and land. Parts of the area are on hills and the beach here is rocky. The meadows have always served as pasture.

Next to the sea lies the old part of Simrislund and, on the other side, Branteviksvägen villas mainly built on the 60 and 70 numbers. Many of the houses in Simrislund have magnificent sea views.

In Simrislund there are childcare, compulsory school and elderly care. The distance to Simrishamn less than one kilometer. From the station, Pågatåg goes every hour in both directions Simrishamn-Malmö.

Buses to Lund and Kristianstad as well as local buses also depart from the station. At the residential area Bruket just south of the railway there are construction markets and handicraft businesses. Grocery stores are in the center. The city bus stops a short walk from Vetegatan. In short walking distance you can also reach the scenic bike and walkway along the sea between Simrishamn and Brantevik continue south.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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