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Simrishamn in the top after the third straight win

Simrishamn in the top after the third straight win
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 21 April, 2019

Kim Madsen sprints past an opponent.

The early comic finals in the division 4 east of Korsavad's IP between IFK Simrishamn and VMA IK he barely blown up before the guests pulled on a freestyle show when a defender did not deal with Jatto Camara's running.

The home team took advantage of the numerically superior gameplay and had a large ball possession in the first half. Mid-level general Jonathan Karlsén distributed a whole range of well-balanced cross fittings, primarily on the left-hand side, but VMA's strong defense steered away from the really hot home opportunities. But when Mikael Lindström started a magical dribble tree with the ball glued to her feet, he did not take away the defense team. Four five northeasters wondered what happened when Lindström went downhill to the goal. Lindström's closing, however, had more to be desired and 0-0 stood the half out. In the middle of the half, VMA had a sharp changeover position that should have paid dividends.

In the second half, the home team took greater collective responsibility for running without ball. Jatto Camara worried about the away defense with his willingness to play and in the 53 minute the reward came when he ran free and lobbed over the away team's outrageous goalkeeper.

Jatto Camara made 1-0 for his IFK Simrishamn.

Shortly after the quarter, the audience was invited to a beautiful work of art. If it is artificial then it is. Jonathan Karlsén caressed a perfect right outside towards the right edge where Oskar Persson rushed forward into the open space, took the ball into the penalty area and pushed the bullet high to the left of the VMA goalkeeper.

- Fun that Oskar gets his first senior goal, he has taken big steps this year and hopes for continued development for him, says Marcus Svensson.

Would it go away purposefully now? No, instead of 3-0 to Simrishamn, it was VMA that took over the match with ten players on the plane. Simrishamn was pushed back and, quite logically, the VMA reduction also came up to 2-1 through hard-stop Oscar Hall. The receipt was also in the air, but in the middle of the away, Simrishamn countered in time and in free position in the penalty area, Masood Jalali was demolished. The punishment took Tibor Cica in the best possible way by pressing the final result 31.

- It will be a strange match after their expulsion, a little unnatural. Was very dissatisfied with the ball pace, races and character for most of the match. In half, we talked about which surfaces we would overload, get in more of them which we do well until 2-0. Internally within the squad, we have talked about the fact that we have good width, we have had players who have been able to go in and "close" matches. Yesterday was not the case, some good heaps and some that unfortunately did not get the desired effect where we instead were scattered and for the ladies. In the end I am satisfied with three points but internally we expect more of each other on the plan, says IFK Simrishamn's coach Marcus Svensson.

Simrishamn won the serial without impressing which is impressive in itself. Simrishamn leads the series after three matches and in the next round meets the bottom team Hörby FF at home on Korsavad on the 27X April 14.00. Suspects that coach Marcus Svensson will take up the subject of "underestimation" the coming training week.

VMA IK is the merger of the villages Vånga, Mjönäs and Arkelstorp in Kristianstad municipality. The association was formed 2002 and the senior matches are played at Ädlavallen in Vånga in the spring and at Arkelstorps IP in Arkelstorp during the fall.

IFK Simrishamn – VMA 3-X

Goal scorer IFK Simrishamn: Jatto Camara, Oskar Persson and Tibor Cica.

Heavy series premiere for FC Cimrishamn

8 October 2018

FC Cimrishamn's premiere in the floor dance division 3 southern Skåne away against IBK Genarp became a real bottom button. And it didn't get any better that three goals were made by the FCC's former coach, Anders Bäckman, now in Genarp, who then caught a hat trick on his former teammates in Cimrishamn.

Genarp only needed 37 seconds to make the season's first series goal on Cimrishamn. After just over half the first period, the home team also made 2-0 but the FCC replicated quickly twice within 13 seconds! and equalized to 2-2. FCC's premiere shooter was Andreas Björborn and the receipt bombed Carl Ackerlén nicely from his back position.

In the second period, it sometimes heated to on the plane with several expulsions as a result. Genarp was allowed to take the lead again before Cimrishamn's Andreas Larsson proved that it was worth working hard in the press game - Larsson sent in the receipt until 3-3 after 8.42. Only 17 seconds later Anders Bäckman Genarp gave new management.

Cimrishamn created many positions during the second half of the match, but the margins were against the Simrishamn team this time.

Cimrishamns got up and played with a really good period in the middle of the final period, with a couple of numerical superiors, but more balls did not want to enter the opponent goal this afternoon. Instead, Genarp was able to run away and eventually won fairly with the whole 8-3.

Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor has a lot to think about for the upcoming home premiere on Saturday when Teknologkårens IF from Lund comes to visit Jonbebergshallen. For example, how does the team get to an attack game that can more often loosen up the opponent's defense? Who will help last season's shooter Andreas Björborn with goal scorer? How does the defense game become more aggressive without causing expulsion minutes? On Saturday at 13.00 we will see if Fredrik Hennigor has found the answers.

New SM medal for William Nilsson - finished second in Supercar Lites

8 October 2018
William Nilsson.
Photo: JakubNitka

During the rallycross in Tierp not only did William Nilsson quit four in RallyX Nordic. He also came second in the Swedish championship.

- After this season, which has been a bit like a mountain and valley course, I am very happy with it, says the 18-year-old.

This weekend the rally cross was settled on the Nordic ground. At Tierp Arena, the sixth and final race in RallyX Nordic took place, while the Swedish championship would crown their medalists. Before the weekend, William Nilsson was third in RallyX Nordic, and second in SM. Despite a tough competition, he manages to pinch both an SM silver and a fourth place in RallyX Nordic.

- I bring an SM silver from here. After this season, which has been a bit like a mountain and valley path, I am really happy with it. It shows that I still had a level and low level, which made me pick many points. Of course, I aimed higher in both SM and RallyX Nordic. So now I will delete a line and forget about this year's RallyX Nordic season, to come back strong next year. What happens then I do not know, except that I will be strong as satan, says Nilsson with a smile.

It was the first time ever that rallycross was running on the newly built track at Tierp Arena and in the class Supercar Lites, the whole 24 driver came to the start. Nilsson started the weekend strongly on the training, with a fourth and a sixth time. He later took a heat victory, but with mediocre times. He qualified for a semi-final and there the competition got a sad ending.

- It was a tough competition, both in terms of terms and results. The course changed through all the heats and it was mostly about surviving. I was second in the semi-finals when I got double points, and the competition ended there unfortunately.

Really, the show doesn't pack away the rally crossing for this year. November 24 November runs the last race of the RX25 International Series in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gärsnäs against qualifying for the four

8 October 2018

Gärsnäs AIS season as newcomers in division 5 ended with a successful second place, which means qualifying for division 4. In the last match of the series, IFK Ystad was defeated on Saturday afternoon with 2-1 in an entertaining match at home on Gärsvalla.

This became an attack-friendly match in the fantastic late summer weather that might as well have ended 3-3. Already in the fourth minute Niklas Bernhoff did 1-0 for Gärsnäs. After just over half an hour, IFK Ystad's Robin Nevelin drove the ball into the home team penalty area and ended with a cool lift until 1-1.

Robin Nevelin made a good match for IFK Ystad, who lost to Gärsnäs AIS. Here, Nevelin loads with the right.

Before the half-time rest, Gärsnäs had an 2-1 ball in goal, but was sentenced for offside. Backwards, Gärsnäs 19-year-old goalkeeper Sebastian Petersson directed his backline with clarity and active play. 11 stood half.

A goalkeeper who is active and communicates clearly is the basis for a stable defense game. This has Gärsnäs in the goalkeeper talent Sebastian Petersson.

The redirection made up for late victory goals

Gärsnäs centerback Robin Eriksson made a strong effort and cleared away many of Ystad's assault attempts with powerful breaks and certainly the main game. Both teams went for the victory and with the quarter left, Ystad's constant momentum Robin Nevelin again made a nice run that ended with shots against goal but Gärsnäs custodian Sebastian Petersson managed to save. When less than ten minutes remained, Gärsnäs coach Ola Nilsson directed his men. Up to the top, the center-back Robin Eriksson was sent, which only a few minutes later served Axel Andersson who was able to roll in 2-1, which also became the end result.

Qualities for the four are waiting - "we are not happy here"

Now there will be two qualifying matches against Skabersjö IF, which ended third in the southwestern division 5 series. Gärsnäs starts away on Wednesday this week and then home now on Saturday.

- We have worked hard all season with owning ball and when we got started our game in the second half of the second half we pressed on and did well. We qualified up to five in last year so we like anguish and are not satisfied here, says Gärsnäs coach Ola Nilsson who hopes for big public on Saturday at Gärsvalla.

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